SWIZZLE’s Rainbow Shot & Caramel Beer :)

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UTT X: Rockwell Winner #11


  67 foodies rated 5- Awesome! I would recommend it!
  58 foodies rated 4- I love it!
  49 foodies rated 3- We had a good time.
  21 foodies rated 2- It is OK.
  5 foodies rated 1- Thanks, but it could be better.

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Swizzle Mobile Bar is the “First Round Mobile Bar in Manila” that provides innovative alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for any occasion.

During the Ultimate Taste Test X, the Rainbow Shot concoction was very fun to drink because of its playful colors; plus, it was not too strong. The Caramel Beer with San Mig Light was like a sweet beer that’s good to pair with food or to drink for dessert. 🙂 

If you are looking for a Mobile Bar provider for your events this Christmas Season,  check out Swizzle!

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The Story behind SWIZZLE:

In 2008, after graduating Business Management Major in Entrepreneurship from DLSU-Manila, I decided to take a course in Professional Events Management at DLS-CSB. That same year, I was working for the family catering busness and managing event for family and family friends on the side. The first event I did was a Rock Concert Themed Debut where I concocted drinks based on the debutante’s favorite band using their song titles. The next event was a Candy Land theme debut with Alcoholic candy flavored drinks like bubblegum flavored shots, peppermint swirl, etc. Towards the end of the year, I was casted in Atlantis Productions’ Hairspray Manila as the understudy of the lead, Tracy Turnblad. And soon after, early 2009, I organized a Grammy Awards Themed Debut for my cousin, Bea Guingona. Her mom, tita Dorcie gave me the idea of having a round bar made and so I used the money from Hairspray to build the bar. My mom’s only contribution was the name SWIZZLE which are actually those small sticks that come in our drinks that we commonly call stirrers. 

After my cousin’s successful debut, I realized that I could really pull it off if I continued it as a business. I already had the bar and I had the family’s catering business to back me up. But since I went to New York that year to take up Culinary, plans of further strengthening the business was put on hold. By early 2010, Swizzle Mobile Bar was a fully legitimate business. After 2 months of operations, I reached my ROI and the business just kept growing from then on. I differentiated Swizzle from other mobile bars because of my event management and catering industry background. We have the ability to concoct drinks according to the theme of the event. The bar design is also very flexible in terms of theme and corporate branding which is perfect for launches.SW Illusion

I started providing drinks for college parties, debuts, weddings and the like until Swizzle’s market expanded. Soon, I started to introduce Kiddie Drinks for kiddie parties and Swizzle’s Drinks To Go our line of pre-mixed cocktail drinks in 2L bottles. Each bottle is good for 13 cocktails or 45 shots for only Php500 each.

The newest addition this year to our products and services are our Tween Packages which are non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails targeting 12-17 year olds and Swizzle on Wheels, which is Swizzle’s Party Bus that will take you on a 6 hour trip and party all around the metro. Php16,500 for unlimited drinks and the bus ride with a seating capacity for 20 people.

SW Caramel Beer

About Swizzle Mobile Bar

Swizzle is a Mobile Bar, a service also called as Beverage Catering founded in 2009. Swizzle
aims to provide and create unique concoctions, personalize drinks and to work coinciding
with your event’s theme. Tailor-made drinks, drink requests, and themed drinks
conceptualization are very much welcome.

From cocktails to mocktails, Swizzle Mobile Bar also presents a new addition to its services,
The Kiddie Shot Bar Package. It targets the younger generation serving candy-flavored, colorful,
innovative drinks, without alcohol of course. It also comes free with a back-lit graffiti bar
for the kids to doodle on during the party.

  • Caters all sorts of events, especially Social and Corporate Events
  • Accredited at the SMX Convention Center, ETON Centris, Pan Pacific Hotel-Manila & Ayala Museum
  • Specializes in Thematic Drink Concoction
  • Has catered to a minimum of 30 pax – 4,000 pax 

What Foodies Say About Swizzle Drinks:

SW Hurricane copy

  • Rainbow shot was interesting
  • Quite good
  • Caramel beer wasn’t that different
  • Rainbow drink was good!
  • Awesome
  • Delicious! Innovative alcoholic flavors
  • I actually liked the caramel beer, and i’m not a beer drinker
  • Pretty rainbow shot!
  • Needs more alcohol
  • Tastes like maple syrup but better
  • I like the mix of beer & Caramel
  • Very good!
  • Creative
  • love the rainbow shot
  • like the nuts
  • awesome
  • love the rainbow 
  • caramel beer a little to  sweet for me
  • rainbow shot is good
  • caramel beer love in a glass
  • great cocktail
  • red syrup in rainbow shot tastes like tempura
  • five star to the rainbow shot
  • caramel beer easy to drink
  • great 
  • best shot rainbow
  • cute drink, it tastes good
  • creative
  • funky color flavored
  • cocktail w/ a twist
  • i’ll get them on my next party
  • so colorful
  • Great beer
  •  Rainbow Shot!
  •  Nice Color, Sweet Taste
  •  Should be better cold
  •  I love the caramel

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Congratulations Karla Reyes of Swizzle for winning the Ultimate Taste Test X at Rockwell!

Swizzle Mobile Bar
Office hours: Mondays-Fridays. 9:00am – 5:00pm
Email: info@swizzlemobilebar.com
Mobile: +63 906.4200280
Telephone: +632 725.6205
Website: http://www.swizzlemobilebar.com/
FacebookSWIZZLE Mobile Bar
Twitter: @SwizzleBar

SW Coco-Lychee Martini copy
Checkout the Swizzle on Wheels Packages.

SW Rainbow Shots copy
Here’s the Swizzle Kids Drinks Packages and Swizzle Tween Drinks Packages.

Ultimate Taste Test X: 2nd Rockwell UTT Winners:

  1. NEW ZEALAND ICE CREAM’s Hokey Pokey and Macadamia Supreme
  2. BAYANI BREW’s Purple Leaf Tea! A Proud Product of Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm 🙂
  3. VILLA DEL CONTE’s Milk Chocolate with Hazelnut Chips & Dark Chocolate with Coffee Cream
  4. SKEW U’s USDA Angus Tapa 🙂
  5. BLUE TOQUE’s Nutella Mousse Cake!
  6. CARLO’S KITCHEN’s Crunchy Belly!
  7. EVERYDAY MOM. Healthy and Yummy. Naturally!
  8. CHOW FUN’s Chicken Fry & Dark Chocolate Buchi
  9. MASATAMI SHAVE ICE’s Swiss Cheese & Peanut & Black Sesame Duo
  10. SAINT’S ALP Blueberry Double Chocolate
  11. SWIZZLE’s Rainbow Shot & Caramel Beer 🙂
  12. THE FRUIT GARDEN’s Berry Dream & Tropical Paradise Jam

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San Miguel Premium All Malt , always perfect to pair with any savory food :)



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