FOOD TRUCK Hunting in LA: @TapaBoyLA, @GrlldCheeseTruk & @WhiteRabbitTruk

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It was harder to hunt food trucks in LA since it has a wider geographic area unlike SanFo where it is concentrated in the downtown area.

Thanks to Emilie (@Nuts4Pilinuts), a Filipino Food Blogger of Food Truck Adventure ,who is passionate about hunting food trucks in the LA area. 

Here’s a photo essay of our food-truck hunting experience and my favorite food trucks in LA:

Food Truck Hunting Series:

Food Truck Market @ Gasoline Station

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Gasoline Stations are popular food-truck market location at night.

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The food trucks surround the gas stations and owners place tables and chairs in the area where there’s just enough space for customers. 



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One of the most popular foods in the food-truck market is the yummy Grilled Cheese Sandwich.

The Grilled Cheese Truck
Facebook: The Grilled Cheese Truck
Twitter: @grlldcheesetruk

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It is a simple grilled sandwich sliced into triangles with choices of French or Wheat Bread with the following:

  • American ($3.00)
  • Sharp Cheddar ($4.25)
  • Gruyere ($4.50)
  • Brie ($5.50)
  • Habanero Jack ($5.50)
  • Fresh Mozzarella ($5.50) 

Check out The Grilled Cheese Truck Melty Menu | Specials, and Dessert Tots

Food Trucks in LA!-22.jpgFood Trucks in LA!-24.jpg
This is the favorite of Emilie @Nuts4Pilinuts of Food Truck Adventure. It looks simple but it is malinamnam and I wonder what is the secret behind the addicting taste of their grilled cheese.

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It was a privilege to see the Grill ‘Em All with a Metallica album “Kill ‘Em All” inspired truck design that won the first Great Food Truck Race (Season One).

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Grill ‘Em All  serves  gourmet burgers. Take a closer look at the menu.

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There are other food-truck concepts  like the Sushi Burrito. See Menu | Picture Menu

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For some reasons or the other, the Carinderia Filipino food trucks don’t click. 🙁 Most Americans would go for the Filipino Fusion food.

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Another popular food truck treat is the Sloppy Joe.

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Here’s an interesting Artisan Gelato & Sorbetto truck. 

Food Trucks in LA!-28.jpg
Most of the flavors are unique and interesting.

Food Trucks in LA!-30.jpg
Here’s my favorite flavor: Mascarpone Caramel Pistachio Gelato.


Food Truck Market @ Parking Lot


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Open Parking lot is also a favorite spot for a Food-Truck Market.

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Here are some of the food truck concepts in LA.

Food Trucks in LA!-45.jpg
A closer look at the Rebel’s menu

Food Trucks in LA!-44.jpg
Georges Greek Truck Menu

Food Trucks in LA!-49.jpg
Take note of  TV onboard the food truck 🙂

Food Trucks in LA!-51.jpg
Groovy Pnut Butter Sandwiches Menu

Food Trucks in LA!-55.jpg
Brazilian Taste Menu

Food Trucks in LA!-58.jpg
Don Chow Menu



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TAPA BOY is a popular Filipino food truck with a comical jeepney-inspired design.

Filipino Food on Filipino Time!
Twitter: @TapaBoyLA
Facebook: Tapa Boy Truck

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They are known for their Tapsilog. Check out TababoyLA Menu

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Beef Tapa ($8). Thinly sliced beef tenderloin with vividly authentic citrus flavors. The kickin’ vinegar sauce brings it all together. It comes with an egg over garlic fried rice and tomato/cucumber salad.

If you are homesick and hanker for Filipino food in LA,  Tapa Boy can satisfy your craving for this Filipino food staple.

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New School Turon ($2.50 – 3 pcs.). A twist on the old school with a hazelnut and macapuno surprise!

Their turon version turns interesting with hazelnut and macapuno. A bit too sweet though.

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For dessert, you can go for the Ice Cream Sandwich. See the Coolhaus Menu.

Food Trucks in LA!-53.jpg
Regular Teas ($3.50), Regular Milk Teas ($3.75) | Premium Teas ($3.75), Premium Milk teas ($4.00)

Another popular truck is what they call The Boba Truck which sells Taiwanese Milk Tea with Pearls/Sago.

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This is the only specialized drink truck I’ve seen in our Food -Truck Hunting in California.



White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-2.jpg
The White Rabbit Truck and the Bobba Truck joined forces to form a brick-and-mortar cafe version.

White Rabbit Truck
Original Filipino Fusion
Twitter: @WhiteRabbitTruk
Facebook: White Rabbit Truck

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-10.jpg
They serve Filipino Food favorites – (Pork Adobo, Pork Tocino, Pork Sisig, Adobo Chicken, and Beef Steak) in Mexican Food style (Tacos, Burrito, Rice Bowl, Carne Fries, Quesadilla).

Check out Menu: Entrees, The Meats, Combos | Party Packs, Catering, Sides, Extras, Desserts, Drinks

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-28.jpg
They were featured in Man vs Food (July 15, 2011) where Adam Richman was challenged to eat a 6- pound Burrito.

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-19.jpg
Their burrito is a favorite of my brother Lorenz in LA.

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-26.jpg
Chicken Adobo Burrito ($6.5). specially seasoned & slowly braised with savory sweetness to tantalize

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-18.jpg
White Chocolate Champorado ($4).

I was pleasantly surprised to see this version of the white chocolate champorado, a really sweet treat with strawberry.

White Rabbit Fusion Cafe-24.jpg
Regular Teas ($3.50),  Milk Teas ($3.75) Menu | Premium Teas $3.75Premium Milk Teas ($4.00)

You can also have your Taiwanese milk tea with sago afterwards 🙂

Any tips on your favorite food truck, or food truck market in LA? 

Food Truck Hunting Series:


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