MT. BROMO Sacred Mountain Sunrise Experience (Part 1 of 2) #Travel2Indonesia

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-57.jpg
Smoking Mt. Bromo Volcano on the left

Mt. Bromo is one of the most active volcanoes in Indonesia (last eruption was January 2011) and also one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia. This volcano is considered sacred and named after Brahma, the Creator God in Hindu.

Early morning is the best time to be there so as to witness the sunrise spread its dramatic light on Mt. Bromo and group of volcanoes in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.  People also got to experience hiking through the sea of sand to reach the smoking Mt. Bromo crater.

Here is a photo essay of our Mt. Bromo Sacred Mountain Sunrise Experience:

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If you are coming from Jakarta, there are Garuda flights to Malang 14 times a week. If you are coming from Yogyakarta, you can fly to Surabaya which is in the North Coast of East Java.


Enroute from Surabaya to Probollingo Village

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-9.jpg
After our Yogyakarta trip, we flew from Adisutjipto Airport in Yogyakarta to Bandara International Juanda Airport in Surabaya.  

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-10.jpg
Mt. Bromo is a four -hour drive, more or less,  by bus from Surabaya. Surabaya comes from two words: Sura means Shark and Baya means crocodile. 

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-4-2.jpgWe arrived at the Sukapura Terminal which is the farthest that the bus can go and you have to transfer to a  4×4 to drive up to the village of Probollingo.

The 4×4 ride costs about Rp 250,000 two-way and can accommodate 6 people.

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-10-2.jpg
It’s a long and scenic drive to the Probollingo village where we stayed  overnight.

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-11.jpg
The 4×4 can fit 4 at the back and 2 up front.

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-16.jpg
The 4×4 ride is about 30 minutes of zigzag roads with changing terrain and temperatures.


Java Banana Bromo Lodge, Café and Gallery.

Enroute to Mt. Bromo-17.jpg
We arrived at the best boutique hotel in the Mt. Bromo area called Java Banana Bromo Lodge.

Had a lovely stay at Java Banana @ Mt Bromo. It was like a mountain log cabin cum Art Gallery with an awesome Resto :) #travel2indonesia

Java Banana is a tropical lodge made of the best wood interiors with an art & photo gallery that showcases the awesome Mt. Bromo photos of fotog and hotel owner, Sigit Pramono.

Java Banana-37.jpg
Java Banana also has a natural amphitheater which is the location of one of the best outdoor Jazz Music Festivals in Indonesia usually held in July.

Java Banana-24.jpg
I stayed in a beautiful deluxe lodge  cabin (Rp 1,490,000/night) with a nice veranda view of the woods.

Java Banana-22.jpg
The restroom is clean and decent with hot showers for the cold weather.

Java Banana-51.jpg
You have to have a hearty Indonesian meal for dinner to give you energy for the early morning hike. The Indonesian food was really good 🙂

Java Banana-45.jpg
Java Banana is beautifully lighted at night which is conducive for late night drinking conversations but we had to sleep early at around 9pm to wake up early for the Mt. Bromo Sunrise.

Jl. Raya Bromo , Wonotoro, Sukapura, Probolinggo, East Java, Indonesia
Telephone: +62  335  541-193 or +62 852 3033-5003 or +62 21 751-0338 
Mobile: +62 819 3211-5688 or


Hike to Mount Pananjakan Sunrise Viewpoint of Mt. Bromo

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-2.jpg
4:19 am | Wake up time and all pumped up for the sunrise experience.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-5.jpg
4:40 am | Mt. Bromo is one of the coldest places in Indonesia. The Asians  were in complete multi-layered winter clothes with head gear and gloves while the westerners  were wearing just warm jackets and scarfs.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-6.jpg
4:57 am | It takes about 20 minutes for the  4×4 drive to reach  Mount Pananjakan

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-12.jpg
5:10 am | You have to hike for another 20 minutes to reach the Sunrise Viewpoint. Make sure to bring a flashlight and proper hiking shoes and gear.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-13.jpg
5:14 am | You have the option to ride a horse to the Viewpoint.  

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-14.jpg
5:15 am | The trail was a bit dusty and you have to cover your mouth through out the hike.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-19.jpg
5:25 am | The stairs are very steep but make for  a good morning workout.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-20.jpg5:26 am | Make sure to have water to properly hydrate when you climb. There are stalls that sell noodles, chips, coffee and water. 

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-22.jpg
5:29 am | We arrived at the Viewpoint just in time for the sunrise show. 

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-30.jpg
5:42 am | If you are early you can secure the front row seats to watch the sunrise.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-31.jpg
5:42 am | Some would further climb up the mountain on top of the platform or on a higher elevation.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-33.jpg
5:49 am | It was quite crowded and all the cameras were ready. Don’t forget to savor the experience and not get lost while watching the sunrise from behind the camera.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-37.jpg
6:02 am | Here’s a panorama view from the Sunrise Viewpoint. Take note of how far the parked 4×4 cars are below.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-38.jpg
6:05 am | A better viewpoint is the view of Mt. Bromo and the sea of sand.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-42.jpg
6:08 am | It was overwhelming  to see the golden sunrise as it peeps through the mountains and the clouds.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-43.jpg
6:09 am | All the early morning “sacrifices” and inconvenience are gone once you have seen the sunrise.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-47.jpg
6:13 am | It was beautiful to behold as it lights up the mountains and the valley below.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-49.jpg
6:15 am | A group of  tourists shooting every moment of the sunrise.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-61.jpg
6:31 am | Mt. Bromo is the smoking low volcano on the left. The mountain in foreground  is the dormant Mt. Batok. The highest mountain at the back with a  3,676  meter  elevation is Mt. Semeru.  Mt. Widodaren is located at the back of Mt. Batok, beside Mt. Bromo.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-66.jpg
6:35 am | The sunrise of Mt. Bromo is awesome! It seems that no photograph can do justice to the experience of seeing the highlighted landscape and being one with nature for that exclusive moment.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-74.jpg
6:45 am | You can’t help but jump for joy!

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-77.jpg
6:48 am | The Mt. Bromo Sunrise is one of the most beautiful and dramatic sights I have ever experienced.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-84.jpg
6:55 am | It took us an hour and 30 minutes to get to theMount Pananjakan Sunrise Viewpoint and about the same time to fully experience the sunrise. It was  time to go down and hike to the Mt. Bromo crater.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-89.jpg
6:58 am | The route going down is very scenic with a different view point of Mt. Bromo.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-90.jpg
6:59 am | You can’t get enough of the view and can’t wait to go to the crater itself.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-94.jpg
7:03 am | It takes about 20 minutes to hike down to the parking lot area to ride the 4×4.

Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-101.jpg
7:10 am | There’s only one restroom in the area, the reason for the long queue.

IMG_1877.jpg7:23 am | You take the 4×4 and drive for another 10 minutes to reach the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park.

To be continued: MT. BROMO Sunrise Experience: Hiking to the Volcanic Crater (Part 2 of 2)

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Mt. Bromo Sunrise Experience-55.jpg
(From Left to Right). David Lee @rtwdave, Stephen Bugno @BohemianTrav,Juno Kim @RunawayJuno, Cailin O’Neil – @TravelYourself,  Amalla Vesta @SwankyTraveler, Travel Junkie Indonesia and @MichaelTurtle of Time Travel Turtle.

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  1. I lie reading about your adventures. But I think it would be helpful to your non indonesian readers if you convert the rates to USD or PHP.

  2. The photos and your story makes me want to travel more – and probably also got a chance to visit this stunning place. Thank you for sharing your travel adventures!

  3. Good experience and nice explanation.
    Dont forget , best moth visit Mt Bromo is around Mei – October(dry season), you’ll get perfect view of Bromo Sunrise..

  4. Unique experience and highlight of our tour. Got up early (around 3 am) then transferred by jeep, followed by 45-minute hiking to the volcano crater. This is a place which looks something out of the world. Stunning.

    Those photos are amazing, thank you for sharing with us

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