CATANDUANES Food You Should Not Miss to Eat :)

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I love Catanduanes food specially the Mud Crabs and fresh seafood, Pili Nut (which is like Macadamia nut), the Catanduanes Cacao, and different kakanins.

Food in Bicol uses a lot of coconut milk (gata) but those in Catanduanes are not as spicy as in other Bicol towns. 

I also love the scenic picnic lunch by the beach and boodle fight in Sea Breeze.

Your Catanduanes Trip is not complete without trying these Catanduanes food:



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An-It (Mud Crab) cooked in gata with pako and ginger with Kuyog Katas with Kalamansi & Salt

This is my #1 favorite food in Catanduanes — Mud Crabs specially this one cooked in gata and ginger and with a special pako topping. 

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The mud crabs are freshly harvested, quite big, and the meat, very tasty.

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Ensaladang Fresh Pako (Fiddlehead Fern)

It is best eaten with the native Pako salad with tomatoes and onions.

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You can enjoy eating them with the Catanduanes hand-made utensils made of bamboo and coconut shell. 

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But the best way is to throw caution in the wind, and enjoy it with your hands.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-111.jpg
Another mud-crab variation is cooking it with sili, onions and curry sauce.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-114.jpg
You can’t help but suck the yummy juices from your hands.

During the Surf & Turf 052 tour, we got a chance to catch our own bobo mud crabs: 

Surf and Turf Tours from The Cinematic Studio

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One of the primary sources of seafood in Manila is Catanduanes. You can buy fresh fish, as big as this, from the port early in the morning 🙂 

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-38.jpg
Best way is to just grill it and let the fresh meat do the talking.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-39.jpg
Kupapha and Banagan (sea lobster)

Another seafood treat in Catanduanes is the fresh Kupapha and Banagan. Make sure to request for this when you are in Puraran.



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The Pili is a unique nut in the Philippines that grows abundantly in Catanduanes. It is often compared to the Macadamia nuts in Hawaii.

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You’ll know that it is ripe when the skin is dark and a bit soft. You can boil it and eat the meat surrounding the nut. 

Catanduanes Day 1-100.jpg
I must admit eating this is an acquired taste. It’s usually dipped in vinegar with sili or …

Catanduanes Day 1-101.jpg
… in brown sugar.    

Catanduanes Day 1-129.jpg
The nut is then dried and the shell is cut in half with a bolo.

Catanduanes Day 1-102.jpg
The nut inside is very delicate so be careful not to damage it.

Catanduanes Day 1-120.jpg
The skin is fried and converted to Pili Chips. They also produce pili nut oil.

Catanduanes Day 1-123.jpg
My favorite is when the pili is crushed and mashed and combined with condensed milk and shaped into bars called Mazapan de Pili.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Last Night-12.jpg
Buy the Pili nut goodies by Belen.

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You can visit Belen’s house where she makes the goodies in Brgy. Santo Niño in Virac.

(Contact Belen’s Mobile: +63 921 410-9504, +63 909 715-6449)

Catanduanes Day 3 - Last Night-11.jpg
Don’t miss to visit the Pasalubong Shop in Virac to get your Pili goodies. (It closes at 7pm)



Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-5.jpg
Another Catanduanes treat is its organic cacao. It turns from green to yellow when it is ripe.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-45.jpg
When you cut it open, it resembles the guyabano fruit but with atis-like seeds.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-44.jpg
You can eat the sweet white covering the cacao nut itself.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-33.jpg
The cacao is dried and roasted.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-35.jpg
Then finely ground to produce 100% cacao. In Catanduanes, they usually have 1 unit of cacao for every 1 unit of sugar.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-39.jpg
They pack it in tablea ball form or in pulvoron type of molding. 

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I love the Bicol Hot Chocolate because it is of the sweeter type rather than bitter.



Make sure to try these kakanins when you are in Catanduanes:

Catanduanes Day 1-20.jpg
Binanban – Rice, Coconut, Sugar

Catanduanes Day 1-22.jpg
Ibus – suman sticky rice with gata and asin.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Sakahan Beach-21.jpg
Camoteng Kahoy

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-52.jpg
Fried Banana Chips

Catanduanes Day 3 - Last Night-9.jpg
Ginataan Bilo Bilo with coconut milk, saba, and sago.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Last Night-13.jpg
Garyang – a special kamoteng kahoy, that is best harvested after 15-20 years, cooked in gata. This is a favorite of my lolo.



Catanduanes Day 1-173.jpg
I would recommend Seabreeze in Virac for its cool ambiance by the sea and good Bicol food. It’s located along the bay near the port in Virac town.

Catanduanes Day 1-150.jpgSea Breeze MenuPizza, Burger, Sandwich | Pasta & Toast | Noodle | Rice & Potato | Live Lobster & Crab | Top Notch Fishes | Shrimp & Prawn | Squid & Fish | Chicken | Beef | Pork Chop & Belly | Pork Knuckle & Others | Vegetable | Soup | Sushi | Tempura | Desert & Ice Cream |  Fresh Fruit, Fresh Salad | Breakfast Combo Meals | Hot & Cold Beverages | Soda, Juices, Tea, Beer | Red & White Wine, Local & Imported Spirit


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Grilled Tanguigue (Spanish Mackerel) – P200

You won’t go wrong with ordering fresh seafood.

Catanduanes Day 1-144.jpg
Adobong Pusit (Stewed Squid) – P160.

Stuffed Adobo squid is my all-time Filipino favorite.

Catanduanes Day 1-143.jpg
Ginataang Ugob

One unique dish in Catanduanes is Ugob which belongs to the same family of Langka but it’s smaller, meatier and with less seeds. It taste like tuna meat.

Catanduanes Day 1-146.jpg
Sinalpungan (Fried Carabeef Tripe ) – P140

You got to try carabeef which is popular in the island.

Catanduanes Day 1-149.jpg
Thank you  Carlo Romano for showcasing the yummy Catanduanes cuisine! Mabalos 🙂


Catanduanes Surf and Turf Area 052 Food and Cultural Tour by ROUTE +63 
Catanduanes Surf and Turf Poster

Catanduanes Standard Package at (P7,900)
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Catanduanes Premium Tour (P8,900)
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7. Surfing and skim boarding fee
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Contact Information:

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P.S. If you are looking for desert or after dinner hangout place in Virac. Go to Blossoms.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Blossom-2.jpg
It’s a quaint two-storey neighborhood cafe.

Blossoms MenuPica Pica, Solo Meals, The Sandwich Wagon, The Noodle House | The Pasta and Pizza Trail | Mains: Soup Kettle, Ways With Rice, Healthy Options | Mains: From Yonder Sea |Mains: From the Cattle Farm, From the Butcher’s House, From the Chicken Coop | Drinks, Shakes, Something Hot, Sweet Success

Catanduanes Day 3 - Blossom-11.jpg
I would recommend the frozen mango cheese cake or 

Catanduanes Day 3 - Blossom-15.jpg 
Catanduanes Day 3 - Blossom-16.jpg
…  the chocolate cake paired with brewed coffee.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Blossom-1.jpg
Check out Blossoms Restaurant in Virac town.

6 thoughts on “CATANDUANES Food You Should Not Miss to Eat :)

  1. Are you from Catanduanes? If not, d ouble kudos for job well done! You did your research very well. I was born in Catanduanes, and will shortly go back there for a short vacation, after so many years. Thank God i discovered your blog! Yes, we have amazing, beautiful places in the country!

  2. Catanduanes Is. , I would say is truly a wonderful place, I spend some time during my detail assignment . You’ve missed to mention one if their kaka in made of Gabi (taro) which is the inner position is scraped then the scraped portion is mixed with desicated coconut, then cooked in coconut milk. the outcome is awesome especially when the coconut milk has curdled. Just don’t leave it unattended or else somebody or ants will feast on it. And another delicasy is the Giant mountain snail cooked like “kandinga” (bopiz).
    Both my folks are native of Catanduanes.

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