CATANDUANES: PURARAN’s Majestic Wave (From a Non-Surfer’s Point of View)

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One of the top surfing destinations in the country today is Puraran in Baras, Catanduanes.

It is home to “The Majestic Wave” that top surfers from all over the world visit during the surfing season, July to October.

For non-surfers like us, we love Puraran Beach because the beach area is wide and not crowded, the beach-surfer food is yummy, and you can really smell and feel what clean air is all about. Just be careful because the island life in Puraran will seduce you to stay for a couple more days. 

Puraran is the top destination in Catanduanes — here’s a photo essay of our experience: 


For surfers, please read this:
When in Manila | When in Catanduanes: Surf Majestics (or at least try to) by JB Gamboa


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Puraran is about an-hour drive away from the capital town of Virac, Catanduanes.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-5.jpg
You can ride public vans or join an organized tour to go to Puraran. Our friend Joseph Tutanes from Viga, Catanduanes was kind enough to give us a ride to the beach resort.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-6.jpg
I was pleasantly surprised that the roads are paved all the way to Puraran.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-7.jpg
You arrive at the town of Baras and Puraran is 5-kilometer away or about 10-15- minute drive.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-10.jpg
You enter a gated subdivision, and drive down a long-winding road to reach the Puraran Beach resort.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-12.jpg
We met with the friendly surfer Chris who gave us a warm Puraran Beach resort welcome and introduced us where the Majestic Wave is.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-14.jpg
I had the pleasure of experiencing Puraran for the first time from my surfer friends Vic and JB.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-16.jpg
We walked down to the vast beach area which was literally “cleared” by big typhoons that passed by the island of Catanduanes.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-24.jpg
Chris points to us where the Majestic Wave is. From a distance the waves are small, but as you get closer you see up close how “majestic” the waves really are.



There are two beach resorts in Puraran belonging to the Soria Family that  owns most of Puraran.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-154.jpg
Puraran Surf Beach Resort is the pioneering resort established in 1985 and formerly known asPuting Baybay Puraran. If you need to know the history of and stories about Puraran, this is the place to stay.

Majestic Puraran Beach, Catanduanes Island
Contact: Cristina Estrada Soria
Mobile Numbers: +63 915 764-9133, +63 949 134-3443
Facebook: Puraran Surf Beach Resort
(formerly Puting Baybay Puraran)

Puraran Surf Menu: Breakfast Menu | Snacks

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-39.jpg
Tita Celia Estrada Soria, the owner of Puraran Surf, is the wife of my mom’s first cousin, Tito Rudy.

If you need to know the history and stories about Puraran, this is the place to stay. Talk to Tita Celia about the story of how Australian Peter Sutton first visited Puraran in 1984. 

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-128.jpg
Warren Bolster is credited for branding the wave as “Majestic” in his June 1988 Reconnaissance Report from the Philippines for the Surfer Magazine.

“The relatively few who have stayed to explore the Philippines (mostly those tenacious Aussies), find the islands a top-drawer surf destination, comparable to the better areas around the world.

Now, consider what well-traveled Aussie pro, Matthew Pitts, says of the surf he got in various, barely-charted areas, just on the small island of Catanduanes: “I got a little better waves in Bali later on, but consider the crowd factor and potential, I enjoyed the Philippines more.” In the past year, Pitts has returned to Catanduanes three times.”

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-146.jpg
Start with Majestic
by Warren Bolster
Page 130 | 131 | 132 | 133 | 134 | 135 | 136 | 137 | 138 | 139 | 141 | 144

(TIP: Puraran Surf has the original copy)

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-66.jpg
Here’s a view of the 3- storey dorm building that will be soon converted into a Korean School for English language.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-119.jpg
This is a top view of Puraran Beach from the highest vantage point on the beach (2012).

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-149.jpg
Here’s how Puraran Beach looked like before.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-19.jpg
I would recommend the beach front cottages in Puraran Surf .

(From left : James’ Cottage, Cedric’s Cottage, Cristine’s Cottage and Shandella’s Cottage. Check out the Cottage Rates)

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-49.jpg
Inside view of the Cristine’s Cottage’s (P1,000/night)  new family room.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-48.jpg
As rest room is very important for any traveler. Here’s a view of the Cristine’s Cottage restroom.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-126.jpg
Inside view of the Shandella’s Bahay Kubo (P600/night – max. 4 persons).

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-127.jpg
The rest room inside Shandella.



Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-151.jpg
Majestic Puraran is owned by Elena Estrada – Tanael, established in 1995 and managed by surfer daughter Aireen Tanael.

Majestic Puraran Beach, Catanduanes Island
: Aireen Tanael
Mobile: +63 919 558-1460,  +63 927 628 2251
Facebook: Majestic Puraran Beach Resort

Majestic Puraran Short Order Menu

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-28.jpg
It has a younger surfer hangout vibe.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-116.jpg
You can play billiards anytime of the day.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-29.jpg
They have a cute bahay kubo set with a backdrop of rice fields and coconut trees.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-62.jpg
There are 7 nipa hut cottages that cost from P500-P700/night depending on the season.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-60.jpg
It has a simple bed with mosquito net and air-cooled by the Catanduanes breeze.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-61.jpg
There’s a provision for electric fan and simple restroom.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-63.jpg
Room building with 4 rooms, 2 are air-conditioned with their own restrooms.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-64.jpg
There is a two- room  set-up with a common restroom (P400-P500 depending on the season)



One of the highlights of our trip to Majestic Puraran was the yummy Catanduanes food served throughout our stay.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-33.jpg
At night, you can hang out with the residents who decided to relocate here to make Puraran their home.

Meet Cones del Barrio, Clayton O’Donnell, and Tomas Cyr, each of them has his own colorful story to tell about how they fell in love with Puraran.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-35.jpg
You can play with a round of billiards while waiting for dinner to be served.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-36.jpg
Dinner is served with its own unique “concoction” of this Squash soup.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-37.jpg
Fresh vegetables available in the market.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-38.jpg
Grilled fresh seafood and …

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-39.jpg… Fresh lobsters if you are lucky 🙂

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-45.jpg
A memorable dinner indeed 🙂

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-51.jpg
At night, Cones would organize a bonfire group on the beach to get to know each other better to cap the awesome day at Puraran.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-56.jpg
My favorite is exchanging surfer war stories with friendly local surfer dudes.

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-58.jpg
Don’t forget to watch the awesome surfing video by Brock Larsen and Jason during the recent peak surfing season in Puraran (2012).

Presenting the Majestic Waves of Puraran, Catanduanes!

For Surfers, here is the Majestic Waves Puraran Article of JB Gamboa for When in Manila:
 When in Catanduanes: Surf Majestics (or at least try to) by JB Gamboa

Catanduanes Day 2 - Puraran Beach-59.jpg
Meet the friendliest dog in Puraran, who would often play and make  kalabit with you.



Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-3.jpg
Make sure to wake up early at around 5am to watch the sunrise at Puraran.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-9.jpg
As the sun rises, you’ll feel this surreal moment of thanksgiving and appreciating the beauty of nature around you – a perfect yoga moment.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-19.jpg
We love just hanging out and watching the sunrise with the onshore winds blowing around you.

(Note: Onshore wind season comes in the months of November to February).

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-15.jpg
It is best experienced with your favorite cup of coffee.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-20.jpg
After sunrise, Puraran Surfer resident Clayton pumps air into his kite surfing canopy.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-30.jpg
It’s like a large wing when flown and glides like a kite.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-45.jpg
This is the first time I’ve seen kite surfing up close.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-42.jpg
It was entertaining to watch and how I wished I had brought a long lens with me to capture the moment.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-37.jpg
Puraran breakfast is also something to look forward to.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-34.jpg
Simple Egg Omelet served appetizingly pizza-style.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-35.jpg
Daing na isda with tomato salsa.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-51.jpg
Thanks to our companions during the trip for the fun morning at Puraran. 

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-58.jpg
After breakfast, it is time to SURF!

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-46.jpg
JB and Vic Gamboa with Chris and the local Catanduanes Surfer dudes 🙂

Check out Majestic Surfwear from The Cinematic Studio

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-13.jpg
Thanks to Aireen Tanael who manages Majestic Puraran and cooks the yummy Catanduanes food!


Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-104.jpg
For non-surfers, you can consider to do a short hike to the Balakay Point to get a good view of the Puraran Cove. 

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-70.jpg
The jump-off hiking point is 15 minutes by car from the Puraran Beach resort.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-72.jpg
The hike is about 30 minutes to the topmost point.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-75.jpg
There’s a hiking trail that passes through a private property.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-78.jpg
I would not recommend hiking here if it is raining. We had a difficult time during our hike because it rained the night before. Our slippers were always slipping through the mud.

Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-87.jpg
You can view the other surrounding islands in Catanduanes.

Meet the Catanduanes Tourism Advocates (Photo L-R):

  • Carlo Romano – Catanduanes Surf & Turf trip is his brainchild based in San Andres, Catanduanes
  • Zylah Pereyra – One of the Best Tour Guides in Catanduanes
  • Joseph Tutanes – Entreprenuer and 4×4 Enthusiast based in Viga, Catanduanes

    Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-85.jpg
    Before going for the final push to the Balakay View Point.

    Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-90.jpg
    Make sure to bring water, camera and proper hiking shoes if possible.

    Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-94.jpg
    You can see Puraran Beach in the distance and this viewpoint looks like Batanes.

    Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-99.jpg
    Hooray for Catanduanes!

    Catanduanes Day 3 - Puraran Beach-67.jpg
    Overall, we want to go back and spend an entire week here. It’s the perfect place to escape and live an island life . . . less crowd, wide beach area, shore winds a-plenty, clean air and food cooked with love.

    Your surfer friends would truly enjoy this place. 


    Majestic Puraran Beach, Catanduanes Island
    : Aireen Tanael
    Mobile: +63 919 558-1460,  +63 927 628 2251
    FacebookMajestic Puraran Beach Resort

    Majestic Puraran Beach, Catanduanes Island
    Contact: Cristina Estrada Soria
    Mobile Numbers: +63 915 764-9133, +63 949 134-3443
    FacebookPuraran Surf Beach Resort
    (formerly Puting Baybay Puraran)

    Getting There

    Manila to Virac
    BY LAND: RSL Bus Lines has daily Manila to Virac trips.
    BY AIR: Cebu Pacific has flights to Virac on Mondays, Wednesdays and the entire weekend.
    BY SEA: From Tabaco City, a ferry boat transports you to Virac or to San Andres Port. Trips are available daily. 

    Virac to Puraran
    Jeepneys and vans are available for hiring at the Virac pier. Trips are between 6 am and 6 pm. From Baras, hop on a tricycle to Puraran. 30-45 minute travel.



    Catanduanes Surf and Turf Area 052 Food and Cultural Tour by ROUTE +63 
    Catanduanes Surf and Turf Poster

    Catanduanes Standard Package at (P7,900)

    1. Room accommodations (3d 3n)
    2. Pick up from and to the airport
    3. Van transpo for the whole tour
    4. Complete meals (b-l-d) 3d 3n
    5. Travel insurance
    6. 1 hour Surfing lesson or skim boarding

    Catanduanes Premium Tour (P8,900)

    1. Room accommodations (3d 3n)
    2. Pick up from and to the airport
    3. Van transpo for the whole tour
    4. Complete meals (b-l-d) 3d 3n
    5. Travel insurance
    6. Additional in-between meals/ merienda for three days.
    7. Surfing and skim boarding fee
    8. Souvenir items supporting the livelihood program.

    Contact Information:

    Facebook Fan PageSurf and Turf Area 052
    Mobile Number: +63 917 804-8429 (globe) and +63 918 588-4004 (smart)



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      Oh, did they say how much surf board rentals are? This will determine if it is cheaper to bring your own board 🙂
      This looks like a place where you can spend a week. I wonder when we can take time off work to do this? Hehe.

    2. brought me back 10 years ago, when hubby and i spent our honeymoon there at Puraran… a lot of things have improved already… now i want to go back there again!

    3. Nice! I am planning a trip on August 2-4 and I’m excited! Although, I don’t know if my goofy feet are ready yet for the majestic wave.

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