KALIBO: SAYLO Cuisine – The Best Restaurant in Kalibo?

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SAYLO is a Visayan term which means “to welcome” or “to invite to come in“.

It is also a term which means “to transfer” which has a double meaning — it’s a good transfer stopover when you are flying via Kalibo International Airport, or if you are tired of Latte –  you transfer to Saylo.

We love the hip ambiance, offering of authentic Aklanon food with a good presentation and the yummy pasta. The only thing that turned us off  was the “provincial” service from the staff – lax, not trained well, and inattentive. 

Still, SAYLO gets our vote as the Best Restaurant in Kalibo! Check out our Saylo Experience…


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I love the effort they put into making guests feel at home with the cool ambiance and nice lighting, 

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highlighted with artworks that let you forget you are in rustic Kalibo. 

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We love this semi-private family corner with family pictures of the owner as backdrop, and

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a nice Sadsad Ati-Atihan Festival painting to set the mood.

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This is probably one of the best locally-concepted menus I’ve seen using the native materials:

SAYLO Cuisine Menu: Appetizer, Salad, Sizzling Dish | Pasta/NoodleMain Course | Side Dish, Burger, Sandwich | Aklanon Dish, Kilawin, Soup | Rice Topping, Dessert | Beverage, Saylo Smoothies / Shakes | Beer, Cocktail, Wine | 

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★ Seth’s Desires (P85). A rich and sensuous blend of carrots, cheese and mango.

We were celebrating Aidan’s 8th Birthday and the birthday boy was happy with his choice of milk shake which tasted like cheesy mango milk shake.

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One of the bestsellers is the binakol which is a native chicken soup cooked in bamboo.

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★ Binakoe/ Binakul (P290)An Aklanon dish of native chicken cooked inside one node of fresh bamboo with added onion, lemongrass, and “aeabihig” leaves (a common souring ingredient)

This is my favorite Aklanon dish. The native chicken was soft, and the soup has a flavorful broth. I like it a bit hotter though because ours was served warm.

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Saylo Inubarang Manok (P160)A truly Aklanon stew-like dish of native chicken and “ubad” (core of a banana stalk), cooked in coconut milk and lemongrass.

This is another Aklanon dish but I guess this was lost in translation for us. There’s just one or two tiny pieces of chicken and the soup resembled a diluted coconut cereal ( because of the “ubad”) . It was such a unique dish, and I wonder if it is really cooked and served this way. 

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★ Black Ink Pasta (P145). Pasta served with crushed tomato sauce, squid, squid ink and parmesan cheese.

We got a foodie tip that the pastas are very good in Saylo. We totally agree. 

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My wife is like a connoisseur of black ink pasta, and she was very happy with it (hindi malansa)!

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Saylo Spareribs (P190). Saylo’s versions of “Spareribs” with over 16 ingredients.

We won’t recommend this — the meat was a bit tough or overcooked, and the sauce tasted more like adobo’s than barbecue’s. 

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★ Saylo Dinuguan (P85). Stewed pork meat and entrails cooked in vinegar and pork’s blood.

We love dinuguan, and Saylo’s version is sweeter than usual but it is good specially with rice.

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Overall, the birthday boy and his brother were very happy (and noisy) throughout the dinner.

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We recommend Saylo specially if you have time to spare if you are flying via Kalibo Airport or if you want a nice dinner during the Ati-Atihan festivities. 

How was your experience in Saylo?

Magno Bldgs., Quezon Ave. Extension (Jaime Cardinal Sin Avenue) 
Andagao, (near St. Monica Chapel), Kalibo, Aklan 
Telephone: +63 36 268-6800
Operating Hours: 10.00am to 12.00am
Facebook: Saylo Cuisine
Note: Credit Card Accepted, Free Wifi 

★ – Highly Recommended


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P.S. We were a bit frustrated with the slow service and the way they set the table, and serve the food. I do hope it will improve because we love to come back to Saylo when we are in Kalibo.

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