POCO DELI Now Open in the Makati Neighborhood :)

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POCO DELI is one of our favorites for its artisan sausages, comfort food and signature cakes in the Kapitolyo Food Street in Pasig.

Most foodies are happy that they are now open in the Ayala Triangle Neighborhood because the main Pasig store is quite small, and secured parking is difficult to find. In Makati, the store is bigger, has better parking options and the food is still as yummy as in the original Pasig outlet. 

It was a perfect place for a Sunday Brunch after a Sunday Mass in Makati.

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The homey ambiance is still a work-in-progress. I like their use of wooden tables and bench chairs.

They need, however, to improve their acoustics because it is a bit annoying to hear sounds bouncing off the walls.

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In the foodie circles, Poco Deli is a place to get Mickey’s quality sausages with its famous Nurnberger Pork Sausages. 

I’m glad this Deli is now in Makati because we like to take out their chicken  and Nurnberger pork sausages as baon for the kids.

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It’s rare to find a restaurant with a yummy line-up of food with a good selection of cakes too. 

I would recommend this as an after-dinner dessert place, or if you are celebrating birthdays.
(I do hope Poco Deli will have available birthday candles.)

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The restaurant is also known for its good selection of Spanish and European wines.

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We were craving for our Poco Deli favorites for some time now and most of the things you order in the menu are something kids and adults can enjoy.

Check out the Poco Deli Menu:  (The Poco Deli Story)
Sausages, Cold Cuts & Cheeses, Comfort FoodPizza, Pasta, Sandwiches, Dessert, Drinks 

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★ Wagyu and Lamb Sausage Plate (P45o). One piece of wagyu sausage, one piece of lamb sausage, served with homemade sauerkraut and toasted bagel chips.

Among the sausages, we like the soft and juicy wagyu sausages and our ultimate favorite – the lamb sausages with their homemade sauerkraut that is adapted to the Pinoy taste.

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★ Bacon Slab (P320). Thick, savory slices of bacon served with eggs, and bacon rice. A taste of heaven for bacon lovers.

Here’s an ultimate breakfast treat — 3 pieces of thick slices of bacon. Bacon was very flavorful although it was a bit tough to slice.

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★ Truffle Oil Pasta (P350). White sauce, truffle oil, topped with seafood.

You can’t go wrong with this order of creamy truffle pasta either topped with seafood or mushrooms. I would have preferred the pasta to be cooked a little bit more al dente.

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★ Irish Beef Stew (P300). This hearty dish is simmered for several hours in dark beer to bring out a unique caramel flavor, served with bacon rice.

Every soft strand of the meat absorbed the deep flavors. The meat is still intact and not as mushy as it looks. It reminds you of kaldereta or adobo flavors.

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Blackout Chocolate Cake (P155).

For a happy ending, order Joy de leon’s signature Blackout Chocolate Cake. It’s moist chocolate cake, not too sweet, not too dense, but just the right chocolate finish.

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Overall, I love the way they were able to maintain the quality of the food  outside of their home base in Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig. Pricing is reasonable considering the quality of their offerings and accessible location. Budget P500/head + drinks

Although they should go for the homey “poco” vibe vs. the “grande” commercialized feel, they still need to tweak the ambiance a bit higher to have a more welcoming homey atmosphere.

Congratulations Sonny and Joy de Leon for your Makati Neighborhood branch in Ayala Triangle!

Poco Deli, The Little Deli-Cafe
Ayala Triangle Gardens Restaurant Strip
(Beside Wee Nam Kee)
Email Address: poco.deli@gmail.com / joydeleon@gmail.com
Facebook: Poco Deli
Website: www.PocoDeli.com
Operating Hours: 11am to 10pm

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