BAKERY FAIR 2013: Your Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions About the Biggest Bakery Fair in Manila


There is no doubt that Food Businesses are booming in Manila specially the Baking and Food Service Industry. Knowing the new flavors and new trends is crucial in taking advantage of this boom.

I had the privilege of asking Mr. James Chua, Director of Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association (FCBAI), the group organizing the biennial Bakery Fair, about the Bakery Fair 2013 and why you should not miss it?

Question #1: What is the story behind the Bakery Fair and what makes it unique?

The Bakery Fair is a non-profit event organized by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc., with the participation of its members and allied industry players.

For Bakers

It is designed to provide a forum where suppliers, small- and large-scale bakers, and buyers of baked goods as well as baking implements and equipment can all meet on common ground and share information, ideas and products.

It seeks to improve in the quality of exhibitors and learning experiences for bakery operations, trade visitors and baking enthusiasts alike.

Its goals have always been to invigorate the baking and foodservice industry, and to provide professional competence and better service to it for global competitiveness.

It’s Fresh

The Bakery Fair is now on its 7th biennial year, having started in 2001. It is held during every two years to keep things fresh and to showcase new trends and advances in baking technology. It is held during the first quarter of the year, usually after Chinese New Year in coordination with and with respect to the international exhibit season, so our schedule does not clash with other exhibit events. Also, this is because businesses are always on the lookout for something new or to expand in the first quarter, when all the holiday rush is done with. 

Unique Event

Bakery Fair is unique because its primary focus is on baking. We are still the only large-scale Philippine exhibition that has focused and specialized on baking and bakery technology.


Question #2: What are the top reasons why bakers and enthusiasts should not miss this year’s bakery fair? 

Exciting Baking Competition

First is the newly launched Steamed Bun Competition, a new category of the Bakers Cup Philippines Bread-Making Competition held every year. In collaboration with Angel Yeast, the Steamed Bun Competition allows fans of siopao and mantou to compete and showcase the versatility of steamed buns as well as express their creativity in producing various artistic pieces using steamed bread. 

Next is the Original Bread Competition, another category of the Bakers Cup Philippines Bread-Making Competition, where contestants will showcase various baguettes, rolls, sandwich loaves and a free-style bread showpiece made with California Raisins. 

Inspired by the theme “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” and in cooperation with the Department of Tourism, another competition amongst the exhibitors is Cakefest, where they will produce fun and innovative Cake Art representing various local sights, food and culture to be displayed in the center aisle of the World Trade Center Exhibition Hall. 

All contests reflect current baking trends, and are open to both amateurs and professional bakers alike. 

New Exhibit Features

In terms of exhibit features, we are launching the Flour Pavilion in coordination with U.S. Wheat AssociatesPAFMIL and CHAMP Flour with the support of local flour millers

There will be new product launches by various companies that will appeal to both food manufacturers and consumers, like Philippine Foremost Milling Corp. and Gardenia.

Huge Discounts

Finally, attendees can look forward to purchasing ingredients, tools, equipment and products at huge discounts from the usual market price! 


Question #3: What are the top seminars and demonstrations that we should be excited about in this year’s Bakery Fair? 

We are excited to share that we are bringing in a special team from Vietnam to demonstrate the fascinating cake art made from using whipping cream.

In addition, many seminars and demonstrations will be about the latest baking trends, and of course there will always be learning sessions for bakers, to help upgrade their skills and enhance their creative talent. Here are the main seminars and demonstrations to be held at the center stage of World Trade Center:


FEBRUARY 21, 2013

10:00AM: Opening 

Annual Bakers Cup Philippines 2013 Steamed Bun Competition
 where fans of siopao and mantou will compete and showcase the versatility of steamed buns, as well as express their creativity in producing various artistic pieces using steamed bread. 

12:00NN – 3:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage)
Hosted by: Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc.

3:00PM – 6:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage)
Hosted by: Angel Yeast & The Filipino Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. 

9:00PM: Closing  

FEBRUARY 22, 2013, Friday

10:00AM: Opening 

Annual Bakers Cup Philippines 2013 Original Bread-Making Competition
showcasing various baguettes, rolls, sandwich loaves and a free-style bread showpiece 
made with California Raisins.

10:00AM – 1:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage) 
Hosted by: Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. 

1:00PM – 4:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage) 
Hosted by: Bakels Philippines, Inc.
Presentor: Mr. Everard Wijdeveld, Technical Advisor, New Zealand Bakels 

4:00PM – 7:00PM
Session 5: “S500 ULTRA TRUST THE BEST” 
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage)
Hosted by: Puratos Philippines, Inc. 
Chef Benny Vervaeck, International Technical Advisor for Bakery – Puratos Group
Ms. Leah De Leon, R & D Manager, Puratos Philippines
Apple Lopez Bayongan, Marketing Manager, Puratos Philippines

9:00PM: Closing

FEBRUARY 23, 2013, Saturday

10:00AM: Opening 

Annual Bakers Cup Philippines 2013 Competition (Awarding)
Original Bread-Making Competition and Angel Yeast Steamed Buns Competition categories

10:00AM – 1:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage)
Hosted by: Hosted by: Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc. 

1:00PM – 3:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage) 
Presentor: Chef Penk Ching, Pastry Bin/Pastry Alliance of the Philippines 

4:00PM – 7:00PM
WTC Main Hall (Center Stage) 
Hosted by: San Miguel Mills, Inc./ Magnolia, Inc. 
Presentor: Chef Heny Sison  

9:00PM: Closing

(NOTE: Please be sure to always check the final schedule of all activities – seminars, demonstrations and competitions – that is posted at the lobby of the World Trade Center during the Bakery Fair.)


Question #4. Who are the new and exciting exhibitors we should see?

The exhibitors are composed of allied industry players (bakeries, bakeshops, cake shops and pastry shops allied with the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association Inc./FCBAI); providers of machinery and equipment for baking and food service; food service ingredients, tools and supplies; bakery ingredients, tools and supplies; and packaging for bakery and food service use, among others.

There are currently now more than 160 exhibitors —  this is up from 2011 when there was a total of 95 exhibitors. Our major exhibitors for this year include the following:

  • Sonlie International ( – Since it was established in 1981, it has represented the brand leaders of baking ingredients,  ranging from yeast to cocoa products to premixes to confectionary ingredients, and notably the world-renowned baking brand Demarle (developer-manufacturer of the Silpat and Flexipan, non-stick baking mats and moulds made of glass fabric and food grade silicones). In an attempt to improve the baking industry of the Philippines, it set up the Sonlie International Baking Center in 1991.
  • Philippine Foremost Milling Corporation ( – The leading flour authority in the Philippines and in Asia, it was and remains to be the first flour mill plant in Western Visayas since 1989 but has seen significant growth all over the country ever since then. It prides itself on being the most reliable supplier of flour, offering only the best from the purest of raw materials selected from the best wheat fields in the world.
  • Sinmag Bakery Machine Corp. ( – Established in 1983 in Taiwan, it has grown to become one of the biggest manufacturers of full range bakery equipment in the world. It has 6 companies located in mainland China, the USA, Malaysia, Thailand and India in addition to its Taiwan head office, and has presence in the Philippines as well.  

Sonlie New Products

Here are the other exciting exhibitors you should not miss:

  • Lowtemp Corporation ( – Since its creation in 1993,  it has risen to become one of the major manufacturers and suppliers of quality stainless steel kitchen equipmen. It also represents and distributes top-of-the-line imported commercial restaurant and catering equipment from U.S.,  Europe and Asia.
  • New Honglee Tinsmith Corp. ( – This group specializes in stainless steel fabrication and in food processing machinery for the use of the baking and foodservice industry.
  • Bakels Philippines, Inc. ( – A well-established name in the Philippine baking industry,  with a legacy of over three decades of experience in the local scene and over a century of the Bakels Group’s expertise in the global market,  it is a prime mover in offering an extensive array of premium bakery ingredients from standard bread improvers and conditioners to cake emulsifiers and premixes,  and now customized blends and mixes,  supporting business partners with highly specialized technical services anchored on local and global resources,  and leading the industry in market innovation and product development
  • San Miguel Mills, Inc. / Magnolia Foodservice, Inc.( – San Miguel Mills Inc. holds flour milling and premix brands for industrial use in its portfolio while Magnolia Foodservice,  Inc. boasts of branded food service products, including dairy, confectionery, flour and premix brands, for consumers. Both are part of San Miguel Pure Foods, the largest Filipino-owned food company, which is in turn supported by parent company San Miguel Corporation and partnerships with major international companies like Hormel Foods International and the Super Coffeemix Manufacturing Limited of Singapore.
  • Philippine Foodservice Equipment & Supplies Corp. ( – A market leader in the foodservice industry, it supplies quality kitchen equipment, hotel food equipment, restaurant and catering equipment all over the Philippines and also carries an impressive selection of well-known brands in the fields of cooking, baking, pastry and display.
  • World Class Concepts Corp. ( – It is the sole distributor of globally acclaimed brands for the professional and aspiring chef. It imports, markets and sells a full line of kitchenware, glassware, bakeware, household utensils, as well as hotel and restaurant supplies through a highly skilled network of regional distributors and dealers across the country. 
  • Besterm International Corp. ( – An affiliate of Geoparts Sales Inc., it was established in 1997 to serve the growing needs of bakeries, restaurants, coffee shops, fast food chains, convenience stores, hotels, clubs, and other foodservice establishments by providing foodservice, refrigeration and baking equipment as well as bakeware.
  • Handyware Philippines, Inc. ( – It is a diversified company engaged mainly in the marketing and distribution of equipment and machineries catering to various industries such as that of the food processing and packaging industry, among other growth-oriented businesses.
  • Cosmic Chemical Corporation ( –  Specializes in applied food chemistry,  providing bakery ingredients,  caravan ingredients (softeners, strengtheners and stabilizers for dough, icing and glaze), texture makers, powdered egg whites and egg yolks, baking powders, baking sodas, shortenings, baking substitutes, emulsifiers, toppings, food coloring, starches, and premixed blends.  

Also, please look forward to the exciting custom booth designs during the three-day Bakery Fair. There is a booth design competition ongoing this year, where exhibitors will be judged into two categories: first category is for exhibitors with 1 to 5 booths, while the second category is for those with 6 to 10 booths. 


Questions #5. Finally, who should attend this year’s Bakery Fair?

Visitors are varied and their profiles run a wide range from:
  • cake shops and bakeshops, 
  • bakeries, 
  • fast food outlets, 
  • hotels, restaurants, 
  • catering services, 
  • health clubs/sports clubs, 
  • pubs/bars, 
  • theme parks/leisure centers, 
  • retail traders/bakery stores/shops, 
  • groceries and convenience stores, 
  • food manufacturers, 
  • consumers, 
  • amateur bakers, and 
  • students.


BAKERY FAIR 2013, the 7th International Exhibition on Bakery, Confectionery and Foodservice Equipment & Supplies is a biennial show designed to provide a forum where suppliers, small- and large-scale bakers, and buyers of baked goods as well as baking implements and equipment can all meet on common ground and share information, ideas and products.

It is a non-profit event organized by the Filipino-Chinese Bakery Association, Inc., with the participation of its members and allied industry players. It has seen an unprecedented growth, with more than 400 booths now showcasing and taking up 10,000 square meters of space of the World Trade Center. 

Date: Thursday, February 21 to Saturday, February 23, 2013
Time: Open daily from 10:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.
Venue: World Trade Center in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines

This event is supported by:

  • International Federation of Chinese Bakery and Confectionery Association, 
  • Philippine Society of Baking, 
  • Bacolod-Negros Occidental Bakers Association, 
  • Davao Bakers Club, 
  • Philippine Federation of Bakers Association, and 
  • U.S. Wheat Associates. 

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P.S. TIP: On February 22, Friday after visiting the Bakery Fair, watch six of the country’s top chefs in this food truck cook-off at the SM Mall of Asia Grounds Block 12 starting  5:00pm until 12 midnight.

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“You will keep coming back for more Porquetta Sandwiches!” – Chef Robby Goco

“One thing is certain: everyone will love my Dimsum!” – Chef Sau del Rosario

“My Chicken Wings will exceed your expectations!” – Chef Bruce Lim 

“I’m 100% sure my Savory Sausages will be a hit!” – Chef Florabel Yatco

“My sushi will surely surprise all of you!” – Chef Marvin Agustin

“Fantastic Filipino Food that you can’t get enough!” – Chef Tristan Encarnacion


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