LOLA CAFE: A Hidden Homey Cafe along Sct. Lozano

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LŌLA CAFE is a hidden ancestral-house-converted-resto along Sct. Lozano, Quezon City, serving home-cooked food plus fruit-based cocktail drinks and designed as a homey hangout place. 

The resto is owned by Howard and partners, new restaurateurs, who are passionate about eating and drinking. They named it after the mother of the Sanvictores family – Lōla (pronounced as Loe-La), who built the house in the post-WWII era.

If you are looking for a new-dating place or a comfort- food place to hang out with friends in QC, check out Lōla Cafe + Bar

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

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Lōla Cafe is hidden along  Scout Lozano (the street of Zirkoh Morato) and located at the back of Buenisimo (formerly from Eastwood by Cafe Ysabel). If you don’t know the place, it’s a bit hard “by chance” to see it by just driving around the Tomas Morato area.

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It has an alfresco garden area and

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a spacious parking area so that you don’t have to park your car along Sct. Lozano.

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As you enter, the first floor is a high-ceiling bar dining area.

Salad & Soup, Appetizer, Brunch Plates, SandwichesPastas, Entrees, Desserts | Drink List, Wine

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The stairway leading to the mezzanine is lined with artworks and motivational quotes.

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If you want a quiet family/friends time, sit in the far end with its nice comfortable chairs.

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Greek Salad (P230 +10% service charge). Romaine and arugula with candied walnut, feta cheese, fresh tomato + honey balsamic vinaigrette

We started with the salad and this was the only thing we did not like in the menu. The vegetables were ”soggy-tired”, and the serving size was not worth its price.

Good thing we ordered a good cocktail drink called OASIS,  a combination  of pineapple, rum, amaretto, and passion fruit.

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★ Bottarga Pasta (P320 +10% service charge). Salted fish roe cream sauce.

We love this pasta and which we’ve been craving for ever since our Italian friend Sergio Boero introduced this to us. Bottarga is naturally-dried mullet fish roe from Italy and a bit expensive so you won’t often see this in the menu of casual restaurants.

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We love the yummy combination of creamy sauce, saltiness from the bottarga and the dried-seaweed taste.

(Tip: Another yummy pasta you can try is the Spicy Tinapa or Tartufo Pasta with Truffle Oil)

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★ Kare-Kare (P350 +10% service charge). beef brisket, tripe, veggies, peanut sauce.

The Kare-Kare came in highly recommended and it delivered on its yummy promises. We love the “peanuty” (with a good thickness) kare sauce. It has enough serving of beef meat and tripe and the bagoong matched very well — not too salty, not too sweet. 

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★ Banoffee Pie (P150 +10% service charge). Graham crust with banana, custard cream and a dash of chocolate.

We liked the Banoffee pie because of the center layer of ice cream which tasted like pastillas. It was served with a nice touch — on a heavy grey tile. 

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Belgian Chocolate Cupcake (P60 +10% service charge). Chocolaty cupcake with chocolate ganache frosting. 

The chocolate cupcake was just OK,  better order the Pistachio Pavlova instead.

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Overall, the moment you enter the place, you can feel the homey ambiance and service. You won’t go wrong with ordering the Pastas, Kare Kare, and the Cocktail drinks. 

I like its hidden-homey appeal. They resisted the urge to market it through high-profile announcements but relied instead on word-of-mouth from regulars and  foodies who discovered it.

Although, Homey Restos like this shall need a signature- killer dessert. The salads should be fresh too.

99 Scout Lozano St., Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: +632 501-2620
Facebook: Lola Cafe+Bar 
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Thursday 3:00pm – 11:00pm
Friday to Saturday 3:00 pm – 1:00 am
Sunday 3:00 pm – 11:00 pm
Closed on Monday 
Credit Cards Accepted 

The Homey Cafe Restos of QC:

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P.S. Here’s the map going to Lōla Cafe + Bar:


6 thoughts on “LOLA CAFE: A Hidden Homey Cafe along Sct. Lozano

  1. Anton, you revealed my secret hangout! 😉
    The Truffle pasta is really yummy! It’s very affordable too for the good quality & the ingredients. Super sulit!

  2. “They named it after the mother of the Sanvictores family – Lōla (pronounced as Loe-La), who built the house in the post-WWII era.”
    Just want to be clear here: “Lola” wasn’t her name. She was our Lola Victoria. 🙂

    1. Hi Mika,

      I just had an event in Lola Cafe, QC. I would like to speak to someone from the management aside from Josen. Thanks

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