ASILO TAGAYTAY: Insider’s Tips on Avida’s First Residential Retreat


ASILO comes from the word Silong, which means to take shelter. It’s a place where you can have a retreat and take shelter, away from the stormy, fast-paced life in Manila. Avida, the developer behind Asilo, is known for affordable housing and not compromising on what matters in life.

I like the name because it reminds me of a cute little town in the Veneto region in Italy called Asolo near Bassano. It’s also located on a higher elevation around a hill, enjoys a colder climate and fresher air, and has a small gourmet community.

I like it because it is located on holy ground, beside the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish in Tagaytay.

It’s in the early selling stages (35% sold), so you can still choose the units you prefer.

Here’s an executive summary on everything you need to know about Asilo:

What’s new in Tagaytay in 2013 Series:

On this site will rise Asilo Tagaytay, Avida’s First Residential Retreat.

The Corner
It’s conveniently located on a prime spot along the Aguinaldo Highway and Lourdes Drive (in front of Tagaytay Country Homes 1).

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish
Your immediate neighbors will be the Franciscan community in the Our Lady of Lourdes Parish. 

Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Mass Schedule
The biggest advantage of Asilo over the other developments in Tagaytay is that it is literally walking distance to the church, making it easy to attend the liturgical services and activities in your new parish.

ASILO TAGAYTAY_Whole development_aerial view
Here’s a perspective on how Asilo will be developed vis-a-vis the church.

ASILO_Site Development Plan
Both Tower 1 and the Low Rise Building are on sale. It’s 35% sold based on total units (Tower 1 and LRB).

TIP: This is also the best time to inquire about leasing commercial places in the Low Rise Building. It’s an ideal business location because of the foot traffic from the church, the inherent community, and its visibility from the main Tagaytay-Nasugbu road.

ASILO TAGAYTAY_Building Facade_view
Tower 1 and Low Rise Building will be completed in two years’ time by June 2015, and turnover of the units will be by the 3rd Quarter of 2015.

Here’s the price range of the different units:

  • Studio (22-30 sq.m.) – Php2.0M – Php2.5M 
  • 1 Bedroom (40 sq.m.) – Php4.2M – Php4.6M
  • 2 Bedroom (60 sq.m.) – Php6.4M – Php7.5M

The Tower 1 units that face the ridge are the best ones, especially those with a veranda. Also, aside from the view, they are away from the noise of the busy traffic on the main road.

Honestly, the amenities and garden design resemble Serendra but they are more suited here because of the cool-weather environment.

The pool is a nice addition to provide the water element in the serene surroundings, but it’s cold almost all year round so I doubt if you would really use it often.


Here’s a typical floor plan for the Tower 1 units:


Two Bedroom (60-80 sq.m.) – Php6.4M – Php7.5M

ASILO TAGAYTAY_Garden Ridge View_2 Bedroom

Get the special two-bedroom setup (80 sqm) with a garden view, which is the biggest unit type in Asilo.

ASILO TAGAYTAY_Tower 1_2 Bedroom
Otherwise, a typical two-bedroom unit would be about 60 sq.m.


One Bedroom (40 sq.m.) – Php4.2M – Php4.6M

ASILO TAGAYTAY_1 Bedroom_Living, dining area
Here’s an artist’s perspective of the one-bedroom unit.

Here’s an actual showroom setup of Avida in their Alabang Showroom.

The one-bedroom unit enjoys a comfortable dining space with kitchen.


Studio Units (22-30 sq.m.) – Php2.0M – Php2.5M

I wouldn’t advise getting the Studio units because they are a bit cramped and you need adequate space if you want to have a relaxing retreat.

Check out this walk-through video envisioning the Asilo Tagaytay experience:

This is the best time to take advantage of the Asilo Tagaytay opportunity. The face of Tagaytay is changing, and now is the time to be part of it. 🙂

Please share this with your friends and family who might be interested in this unique opportunity.


About Asilo Tagaytay


Asilo, derived from the Tagalog word “silong” which means to take shelter, provides you a well-deserved pleasure of a quiet weekend getaway. Revel in the picturesque view of Taal Volcano and the Batangas mountain range in the horizon. Take a dip in the azure waters of our swimming pool, and breathe in the fresh cool breeze while strolling in the lush garden. 

Created as a contemporary take on the rustic ski lodge, Asilo Tagaytay’s design provides a perfect backdrop to complete your dream vacation weekend. 

Asilo Tagaytay Price Range:

  • Studio (22-30 sq.m.) – Php2.0M – Php2.5M 
  • 1 Bedroom (40 sq.m.) – Php4.2M – Php4.6M
  • 2 Bedroom (60 sq.m.) – Php6.4M – Php7.5M
Please call Christian Mercader 0917-8572047 to get priority assistance with your inquiries.
Manila Sales Hotline: +632 848-5200 (within Metro Manila) 
National Sales Hotline: 1-800-10 848-5200 (outside Metro Manila)
Facebook: Avida Land Corp
Twitter:  @avidalandph


What’s new in Tagaytay in 2013 Series:

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P.S. It’s really easy to find Asilo, which is very near the Tagaytay Rotonda.


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