TOOTSIE’S Tagaytay Revisited + A Taste of Chef Ed Quimson’s Legacy


We were able to finally revisit Tootsie’s, a family-friendly restaurant along the ridge in Tagaytay. It is known for its yummy Filipino heirloom recipes and for the food created by master chefs like Chef Ed Quimson.

There are only a few chefs that we follow, and Chef Ed was one of them. I remember we would always hunt down where he was cooking next or the next restaurant he was consulting with, just to get a taste of his culinary genius.

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It’s easy to spot Tootsie’s since the restaurant is located on the main road along the ridge. It has a homey, down-to-earth vibe that goes well with their home-cooked comfort Ilonggo and Tagaytay food. The menu is-well curated, ensuring each dish is yummy and priced reasonably from P200-P500.

★ Pancit Molo Valentino (P395). No compromise. Use only young, native chicken as dictated by Lola Marina, insists Carol, our family cook, safekeeper of Lola Marina’s culinary secrets. No wonder, only she can replicate the potency of this dish and more.

The soup is rich with the flavors of young native chicken and live shrimp, and has generous servings of dumplings. Butterfinger biscuits are served on the side. The boys just love this soup to the last drop. It’s very comforting to eat this hot, especially on a very cold day.

Lumpia Ubod Petit (P175). Small but big on goodness.

This fried lumpia with ubod inside is a good appetizer. Pair it with vinegar to bring out the flavors even more.

★ Chef Ed Quimson’s Lengua (P495). A traditional family heirloom recipe stolen from Chef Ed, we fell in love with. Try it and you’ll know why.

I can remember the first time I tried Chef Ed Quimson’s Lengua recipe in 2008, it was quite good–I couldn’t help but close my eyes as I savored each bite. I have been craving for it ever since.

We finally found one of his lengua recipes served in Tootsie’s Menu, and it tastes just like how I remember it. The lengua is very soft (almost literally melt-in-your-mouth) and tasty. The sauce is so yummy that we each fight for the last drop. When the meat is finished, we put rice on the plate to sop up the sauce.

★ Chef Ed Quimson’s Turon Halo-Halo (P125). A modern take on turon, with leche flan and ube, drizzled with our special langka sauce.

We like Chef Ed’s desserts because they are indulgent but with just the right sweetness or portion, like this Turon Halo-Halo creation. 

★ Ube Palitaw (P98). Traditional palitaw with ube filling.

They are like fluffy mini-ube cupcakes that get yummier after each bite.

We (including the 3 boys) loved all of the things we ordered in the menu. Eat here if you like non-fancy, home-cooked Filipino Food, and if you are looking forward to tasting some of Chef Ed Quimson’s recipes.

Next time, we will try the dishes available only during weekends like the Baked Chicken, Roast Chicken Kawi, Tilapia de la Rejana and Chef Ed Quimson’s Leg of Lamb.

J.Abad Santos, cor. Aguinaldo Highway, 4120 Tagaytay City
Operating Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 11.00am – 9.00pm
Friday: 11.00am – 10.00pm
Saturdays: 7.00am – 10.00pm
Sundays: 7.00am – 9.00pm
Telephone: +63 (46) – 4834629
Mobile: +63 917-TOOTSIE (866 87 43)

What’s new in Tagaytay in 2013 Series:

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P.S. We join the foodie community in celebrating Chef Ed Quimson’s legacy. Thank you, Chef Ed, for sharing with us your culinary gifts. You will be missed a lot!

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5 thoughts on “TOOTSIE’S Tagaytay Revisited + A Taste of Chef Ed Quimson’s Legacy

  1. Had to try Tootsies after reading the write ups. Wish I hadn’t ……
    Nightmare parking on the main road
    A/C leaking all over the floor
    Wine list……Red/White…. Chardonnay, Shiraz, Merlot, Cabernet, … Great Selection…Not
    Ordered Leg of lamb with marble potatoes …..expecting succulent leg of lamb received tough leather instead…..if Chef was trying to cook Lamb Shank then he should use lamb Shank and not leg of lamb…..
    Will not go again Will leave it to the wealthy tasteless Filipinos who rave over it

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