BITES & BREWS: San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Bar Crawl Experience!

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San Miguel Lifestyle Brews BITES & BREWS BAR Crawl is a bar hopping experience with a group of bar crawlers over food and beer pairing of San Miguel Premium All Malt, San Miguel Super Dry and Cerveza Negra. It’s a new way of meeting people, experiencing the different Gastro pub in the metro over unlimited serving of San Miguel lifestyle Brews.

Check out our Photo Essay of the first ever Bites & Brews Bar Crawl experience hopping through four (4) of the Gastro bars in Manila — Locale, Aracama, Cerveseria, and Dillingers in one night with over flowing San Miguel Lifestyle Brews!

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Beer Pairing Series:

8.00 PM | LOCALE

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Our first Bites & Brews stop is Locale Gastrobar at City Golf Plaza Compound, Ortigas.

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Our Bar Crawlers group is composed of showbiz personalities, twitter influencers, bloggers, online and print media, and friends of San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.

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San Miguel Brewmaster Alan Z. Sienes provided food & beer pairing tips to appreciate the unique flavors of San Miguel Premium All MaltSan Miguel Super Dry and Cerveza Negra better.

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We started the night with baked salmon, which was a bit bland without the sauce,

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… and stuffed chicken, which got the most raves.

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It paired nicely with the smooth, light, and malty flavor of San Miguel Premium All Malt. 

(TIP: San Miguel Premium All Malt is typically best paired with chicken and fish. It’s a good beer to start with as you go from smooth to dry to bold flavored beer.)


10.00 PM | ARACAMA

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From Ortigas, we head to our next Bites & Brews Stop in Aracama at Bonifacio Global City.

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I was excited about this stop because Aracama has the best food and beer pairing during that night.

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This pairing of flavorful Sinugba na Baka with the crisp and dry flavors of San Miguel Super Dry gets my vote for the best food & beer pairing of the night. 

(Tip: San Miguel Super Dry is usually best paired with pork and beef. Most beer connoisseurs like Super Dry because of the hoppy flavor and extra dry taste)



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The Bites & Brews Bar Crawl hops from one bar to another with style onboard the Black Fleet bus!

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The Black Fleet is one of the biggest party bus in Manila with a capacity of 30 people in a U-shape, face-to-face soiree setup.  The party continues onboard the bus as you hop to the next destination.

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The Black Fleet uses Ford E150. It was originally used to transport visiting personalities, foreign acts from the airport, hotel, and venues. A Party Bus typically charges P10,000 for 3 hours.



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Our dessert stop in our Bites & Brews Crawl is Cerveseria in Greenbelt 3.

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Love the creepy chandeliers and spooky library setup.

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Cerveza Negra is typically paired with dessert specially with chocolate which pairs nicely with the caramel tones of the beer.

Lifestyle Brews Bar Crawl-37.jpg 
I was pleasantly surprised with how good the Canonigo dessert was in Cerveseria.  

Kudos to the pastry chef of Cerveseria!

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But the Chocolate with Leche Plan on top is the best pairing with the Cerveza Negra.


2.00 AM | DILLINGERS 1903

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Finally, our last stop was Dillingers in the 2nd Floor of Greenbelt 3 (near Red Box).

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It had the coolest music and coolest people on a Friday night among the 4 bars we went to.

(But it also had the typical bar chow food – the least yummiest among the 4) 

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Thank you to RX 93.1 Monster Radio DJs, Chico and DJ Cerah, for doing an awesome job in hosting the bar crawl and in engaging people in the different bars.

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The Bites & Brews bar crawl was made special with celebrities like Troy Montero,

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… and Aubrey Miles who both love San Miguel Premium All-Malt Beer.

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It was also fun to see twitter celebrities Ornusa Cadness and Sanya Smith known as Zombettes and model Karen Bordador as part of the bar crawl 🙂

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My wife Rache was interviewed on her favorite food with beer and she answered, “Chicken Inasal :)” 

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Thank you to the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews team for a great Bites & Brews Bar Crawl concept!

We like Aracama and Cerveseria because of the good food & beer pairing and overall ambiance. Using a party bus like the Black Fleet as part of the bar crawl experience was great.

It would be nice to have simple bar games through out the bar crawl, or fun photo booths. Also, it would be nice to have spontaneous elements by involving the bar crowd more. 

Till the next Bites & Brews Bar Crawl!


About San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Bites & Brews Bar Crawl

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A stamp of difference in every run 

Such a great night should happen more than once.  Soon, San Miguel will give the public a chance to participate in a different kind of experience in every San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Bites & Brews Bar Crawl event.  

All they have to do is complete their Loyalty Promo cards by getting them stamped or stickered at selected outlets every time they purchase three bottles of any of the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews beers. 

Slots will then be raffled off, and only a chosen few will get to attend the next two runs to be held on September 13 and on December 13, 2013.  

Twenty winners of the Loyalty Promo will get to attend the second run, joined by bloggers and media guests while only a 10 lucky few will get to mingle with 15 foreigners and tourists at the last San Miguel Lifestyle Brews bar crawl for the year.  

More surprises await.  

So, get ready for a different experience with the beers that were made different to make you different.

San Miguel Lifestyle Brews.


San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Beer Pairing Series:

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P.S. I must admit it’s been a while since we barhopped like there’s no tomorrow. In those days, usually the food in the bars are not as yummy as the Gastro pubs we have today. We have fond memories of going out with my ex-girlfriend (now my wife) to different bars in the heyday of the 80’s and 90’s bars. How I wish there are blogs already at that time to document that era. It was nice to experience the Bar Crawling era.

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