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THE FARM Restaurant showcases the Organic Beef Products of The Farm Organics, certified by the Organic Certification Center of the Philippines (OCCP).

They have been raising their own cows in their 1,000-hectare farm in Masbate since 1976. The cows are free to roam and graze around the property. They grow them naturally, without the use of any antibiotics, growth hormones or artificial drugs.

They serve really good organic steaks for less than P1,000 and also have healthy burgers like Paleo Burger and Vegan Mushroom burgers.

(Note: They were the first to use The Farm branding since 1976. This is different from The Farm Spa at San Benito.)

Check out this awesome restaurant in the South!


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The Farm resto is quaint and designed as a community steak place for the Alabang Hills neighborhood.

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You can order organic beef for take-out to enjoy at home.

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I love the photos showing their farm in Masbate, which is known as the Rodeo capital of the Philippines.

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The Farm is basically a steak joint, and the trimmings of the beef go to the burgers.

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Classic Cheese Burger (P240).

The burger is really good, served with a simple cheese slice, organic veggies, and a sesame seed bun.

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It is a bit expensive for its size, though. Burger prices range from P240-P350/burger.

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French Fries (P80).

The hand-cut potato fries, with a nice dash of salt, are great to snack on.

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Vegan Mushroom (P290).

I also like their mushroom burger, which is surprisingly very tasty.

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★ Rib-Eye Organic Steaks (P670 – Regular) with Organic Scrambled Egg (P75).

I really love the Rib-Eye — very flavorful, no need for sauce, and cooked just right.

Thing is, with free range beef, some portions of the meat tend to develop muscles or litid, making it very chewy and not as soft.

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They also serve simple, homemade desserts that need improvement in terms of presentation.

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Blueberry Cheese Cake (P75) and Chocolate Cupcake (P75).

We prefer the cupcakes heated a bit, making them surprisingly good.

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★ Nutella Cupcake (P75)

Our favorite is the cupcake topped with Nutella cream! Best to have it served heated (with the top a bit melted ). 🙂

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Very Berry Smoothies (P150).

The smoothies are a disappointment since they’re a bit watered down.

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Thanks to Tom Favis for sharing with us stories about The Farm!

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This is one of the best places serving Organic Rib-Eye Steak! It is similar to the grass-fed beef we love from Down-To-Earth.  We do find the burgers  a bit expensive — but at least we know we are eating naturally raised beef. Budget P500/head.

The restaurant may seem slightly hidden if you are coming from Manila because you have to exit Sucat, go via the West Service Road, and turn right when you see the Alabang Hills gate.

Check it out when you have a chance to meet with your friends in the South. 🙂 

The Farm Organics – The Healthy Meat is the first to offer local CERTIFIED ORGANIC grass-fed beef in the Philippines. 
Address:  The Farm Organics is located along Don Jesus Blvd. Alabang Hills beside BDO
Mobile: +(63 927) 741-2660, +(63 947) 939-6598
Telephone: +632 403-9130
Blog: The Farm Organics Blog
Operating Hours:
Monday to Friday 11.30am – 9.00pm,
Saturday – Sunday 10.30am – 9.00pm

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P.S. If you are coming from Manila, take the SLEX and exit SUCAT. Take the West Service Road — if you are facing Alabang, it’s the road on the right side, parallel to SLEX.

Go straight along the West Service Road until you pass by Hills Borough on your right. You should see the Alabang Hills Gate with Total Gas Station as your landmark.

Turn right along Don Jesus Blvd (main road going to Alabang Hills). You will see The Farm restaurant in the building on your left. Make a U-turn and park in front of the resto.

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4 thoughts on “THE FARM ORGANICS: Certified Organic Beef and Steaks @TheFarmOrganics

  1. Right in my home neighborhood. Though I have to say- 250-300 for an Organic burger is not expensive at all. And the steaks are extremely reasonable as well.

  2. Hi Anton! This comment may be out of place but, you should definitely try Cafe Lidia here in Marikina! 🙂

  3. To use the term “organic” you need to meet the USDA standards for certified organic. In reference to beef, this means the animal was not treated with synthetic antibiotics or supplements and feed would have to meet certified organic status.
    “Natural” is an unregulated term that is used many different ways. Most commonly this refers to growers that don’t use antibiotics and supplements, but don’t use feed that meets “certified organic” status (because it is very expensive).
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  4. The Farm Organics: 5/10
    – I know they do not precook, but 40mins. for a medium & medium-well steak? C’mon.
    – Service was poor. They are obviously understaffed. They focus manpower for preparing/serving meals. No one was left to attend to customers… but I doubt that attentiveness is their priority… since they have a pay-as-you-order system going on there.
    – Poor waiter etiquette.
    *Serving wrong steak to customer1, then upon correcting himself, motions for customer1 to move plate to customer2… plate was VERY, very hot. Both customers hands were in pain.
    *Asking a female customer to lift her finished plate so he can serve cupcake? Seriously?
    – The “moist chocolate” cupcake leaves a lot to be desired. It crumbled in between my fingers. There was no “moist” at all.
    That’s all I have to say about this restaurant. Dined June 12, 2013.

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