WEE NAM KEE: Hainanese Chicken Rice now uses WNK Singapore’s Yellow Chicken! @WeeNamKeePH

Read First: Wee Nam Kee’s Hainanese Chicken Rice Now in Manila!

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Finally, Wee Nam Kee has imported the Yellow Chicken, considered the Wagyu of Chickens, for its Hainanese Chicken Rice! This was a response to a customer suggestion on importing the same chicken (sourced from Malaysia) originally used by Wee Nam Kee Singapore.

The Wee Nam Kee we love just got better, and they even added signature drinks and desserts to complete the dining experience. You’ve got to try the Yellow Chicken Difference. 🙂 

(Note: Yellow Chicken is on a limited run from May 1 to June 30 at WNK Glorietta and Serendra.)

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The Best Restos of New Glorietta in Makati:

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We love the new Wee Nam Kee in Glorietta. It’s more spacious and accessible from the New Glorietta 2 lobby.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-1.jpg
It has the same Peranakan-inspired interiors with the bird cage lights as highlights.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-28.jpg
The resto also has a spacious function room that can accommodate 50-60 people for corporate events or special occasions. It can be divided to house smaller functions with 20 pax.

There’s no minimum charge yet; you just need to order, of course. 🙂 

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Wee Nam Kee MenuSignature Dishes (Chicken Rice, Roasted Delights) | Soup, Rice Toppings, Tofu | Beef, Pork | Crabs, Seafood | Rice, Vegetables | Noodles, Noodles in Soup | Beverages, Desserts

Now on its 7th store, Wee Nam Kee continues to improve its menu, and received permission to add signature drinks and Asian desserts to complete the dining experience for Filipinos. 🙂



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★ Hainanese Chicken Rice – Yellow Chicken (Steamed and Roasted Combination) (P1,388 +10% service charge – Large whole 6-8 pax).

The Yellow Chicken is imported from Malaysia and has a bit of a premium versus the locally sourced chicken. Both are available and both are good. It’s a matter of preference if you would like the same kind of chicken you would typically enjoy in Singapore.

Small (Quarter 2 pax): Yellow Chicken (P388), Local Chicken (P248)
Medium (Half 3-4 pax): Yellow Chicken (P768), Local Chicken:  (P488)
Large (Whole 6-8 pax):  Yellow Chicken (P1,388), Local Chicken:  (P888)

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The Yellow Chicken supposedly has its own exercise routine and secret food (composed primarily of corn) so that the chicken is tastier, juicier, and tender.

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They now have 4 kinds of chicken available for the Hainanese Chicken Rice — Steamed or Roasted, White Chicken or Yellow Chicken. 

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The Yellow Chicken has thicker skin and a layer of fat that makes its meat yummier than usual.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-47.jpg
In fact, you can eat and enjoy it on its own without adding any of the condiments. I still love the roasted version over the steamed one.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-18.jpg
Besides the Hainanese Chicken Rice, one of the reasons I go back to Wee Nam Kee is for the unlimited pounded ginger, chili sauce and dark soya sauce combination you can pair with any of the dishes!

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-12.jpg
Hainanese Chicken Rice (Steamed and Roasted Combination) (P888 +10% service charge – Large whole 6-8 pax).

You can still order the local chicken version, which is also yummy. I must admit, if you can’t distinguish the difference (especially the roasted version), better go for the white chicken locally sourced from here.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-19.jpg
This chicken, on the other hand, goes well with the pounded ginger, chili sauce and sweet dark soya sauce.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-38.jpg
Make sure to ask for the hot chicken broth to start your meal.



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★ Chili Crabs with Fried Mantou Bread (4 pcs) (P180 per 100g). 

If you are craving Singapore’s Chili Crabs, you can order it from Wee Nam Kee. It comes with four pieces of mantou bread that you can dip in the sauce. It’s the same yummy sauce you enjoy in Singapore.

(Note: The crab they use is locally sourced. Maybe, one of these days, they can also import the Sri Lankan crab used in the Chili Crabs in Singapore. 🙂 )

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-13.jpg
Cereal Prawns (4 pcs.) – (P395 +10% service charge).

We also like the Cereal Prawns, but sometimes the shrimp is not as fresh or as crunchy as it used to be. 

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-41.jpg
★ Marmite Pork Ribs (P270 +10% service charge).

For a different taste of pork, check out these sweet Pork Ribs with Marmite sauce.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-50.jpg
Sweet & Sour Pork (P250 +10% service charge).

The Sweet & Sour Pork is currently the favorite of Aidan, so we often order this for the boys. 

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-39.jpg
★ Sambal Kang Kong (P199 +10% service charge).

To complete the Singaporean feast, you’ve got to order the spicy kang kong with sambal. I do hope they can offer the option of making it as spicy as the ones in Singapore. Maybe a separate serving of sambal can do the trick. 🙂

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-15.jpg
Wee Nam Kee Fried Rice (P190 +10% service charge).

Most of the dishes are best paired with rice, and you can order a family serving of WNK Fried Rice.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-53.jpg
★ Chicken Noodle Soup (P215 +10% service charge).

On a rainy day, one of the best comfort food you can order is this Chicken Noodle Soup. 🙂


The NEW Wee Nam Kee-48.jpg The NEW Wee Nam Kee-49.jpg
★ Mango Mint Smoothie (P105 +10% service charge) and ★ Cucumber Lime Fizz (P120 +10% service charge).

The Cucumber Lime Fizz is quite refreshing, especially on a hot summer afternoon. 

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-56.jpg
★ 3 Flavor Chocolate Truffle Buchi (White, Dark and Milk Chocolate) (P88 +10% service charge).

My favorite dessert in WNK would be the Buchi. Coming in different sesame seed coatings, with White, Dark, and Milk Chocolate oozing out of the buchi, how could I resist? 🙂 

(These are not available in Singapore and are only served in WNK Manila because Filipinos love to end a great meal with a yummy dessert.)

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-54.jpg
Mango Sago Pudding (P185 +10% service charge).

This is an interesting variation of Mango Sago. I tried it twice already — it’s good when the entire pudding and sago layers are very soft, but sometimes it’s a bit hard. I’m not sure if it was frozen too long or it was due to the way it was prepared.

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-26.jpg
Warm Roti with Milk Tea Sauce (P115 +10% service charge).

This one is also good, but I would have preferred the milk tea sauce to be as sweet as condensed milk. That would make it yummier. 🙂

The NEW Wee Nam Kee-58.jpg
Kudos to Wee Nam Kee Philippines for introducing the Hainanese Yellow Chicken Rice version, and for adding drinks and desserts that you won’t find in Singapore. Budget P500/head.

I like the new Glorietta store, which is a bit nicer and has a private function room option. 

I do hope they can also introduce the same Chili Crab version like the ones in Singapore (using Sri Lankan crabs). Just make sure they are consistent with the quality of their cereal prawns and dessert.

WEE NAM KEE Hainanese Chicken Rice Philippines
Ground Floor, The New Glorietta 2, Makati (facing Raffles)
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday 11.00am to 11.00pm
Telephone: +632 478-8477
Mobile: +63 917 828-5016
Facebook: Wee Nam Kee Philippines
Email: info.ph@wnk.com.sg
Website:  http://www.wnk.com.sg

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P.S. The original WNK Singapore location in Novena is now closed. They are relocating to United Square, to be opened this coming June.

2 thoughts on “WEE NAM KEE: Hainanese Chicken Rice now uses WNK Singapore’s Yellow Chicken! @WeeNamKeePH

  1. Recent publicity of their yellow chicken festival had me recalling our bad experience with one of the owners.
    There was an error in our bill and I asked to talk with the manager or owner. The waiter approached him and he didn’t do anything. After some time I had the owner called again. He finally went to us, but with a bastos attitude. Nonetheless we just left.
    This happened at Ayala Triangle Gardens when they first opened. Now, whenever I pass their branch at Alabang Town Center, the employees are sleeping in front of the restaurant!

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