B. WINGS: The Home of the Black Mamba @Mercato Centrale @bwingsresto

Text by Nikka Sarthou and Photos by Michael Angelo Chua

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Not long ago, the chicken wings craze hit the metro and many fell for it, as seen in various food stalls and restaurants. This tasty part of the poultry is, in fact, one of the favorite foods of the creators of B.Wings. 

It was one year ago when Marc Castro put up this food business with his partners from the same office where he used to work. He left the corporate world already to pursue his passion for food. He is no stranger to this industry as his family is into catering. At an early age, he learned how to help out in the kitchen by doing simple tasks such as washing rice or mixing pancit. When he reached college-age, he would take up culinary classes during summer. Now, he and his partners serve eight varieties of chicken wings in the different Mercato weekend markets. 

Flavors of Mercato Series 2:


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What sets it apart from other brands is their creative flavors and names. Want a taste of P-NOY? This wing variant has no sauce and acts like an appetizer to open your palate for the more flavorful variants. Or go for B-NAY for its Filipino barbecue taste. Better yet, let your taste buds sample Barack o pakpak, which is the hottest wing on the menu that features African chili as one of its main ingredients. 

Aside from these “presidential flavors”, the must-try is the Black Mamba, Mexican-inspired wings with a spicy mole sauce that has cocoa undertones. I love chocolate and I love chicken separately, but together it sounds like an unusual combination. I must say, though, B.Wings made it work. It definitely deserves a two-thumbs up. No wonder it is the bestseller. 

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Other variants are the Caramelized Wings (with peanut butter), Morimoto (New York-style wing with wasabi and leeks), Garlic Cheddar, Original Mild and Original Medium Buffalo Wings. All the chicken in B.Wings is chilled and not frozen, ensuring that it retains moisture for that delightful eating experience. It is also competitively priced at P110 for an order of five wings, and P200 for 10 pieces. 

Among the eight choices, there would surely be one to cater to your chicken wing cravings. Maybe next time they’ll find a way to incorporate another food trend in their menu. Would we see some cookie butter wings, perhaps?

Telephone number: (+63 2) 433-1199
Mobile number: (+63 919) 999-6272 
Email: bwingsresto@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/B.WINGSRESTO
Twitter: @bwingsresto

Available at Midnight Mercato, Cucina Andare and Levante:

Address: Corner of 34th & 8th avenue (near MC Home Depot), BGC , Taguig
Telephone number: (02) 812-0102
Mobile number: (+63 917) 840-1152 
Email: admin@mercatocentrale.ph or mercatocentraleph@gmail.com
Operating hours: Every Friday and Saturday, 10pm-3am 

Address: Glorietta 3 Park, Makati (in front of Makati Shangri-La)
Telephone number: (02) 812-0102
Mobile number: (+63 917) 840-1152
Email: admin@cucinaandare.com
Operating hours: Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 4pm-3am 

Address: Eastwood Citywalk 2 (in front of Café Bene and CBTL, near the cinema)
Telephone number: (02) 812-0102
Mobile number: (+63 917) 840-1152 
Email: admin@levanteeastwood.com
Operating hours: Every Friday, 6pm-3am


Flavors of Mercato Series 1:

Flavors of Mercato Series 2:

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  1. just to give you a heads up, i have difficulty opening your site on my mobile phone (Ive the latest Samsung)probably because of the slew of scripts and ads on your site…
    i wonder if your other readers encounter this too
    im accessing now on my pc and everything works fine

  2. Thanks for sharing. I'll have my technical team look at the issue on the mobile device. I need to reduce the scripts running on the page. 
    Also, Flickr was having a big problem lately so this might cause delay also since all the photos are hosted in Flickr.
    Thanks for the feedback and I'll take a look into this. Super appreciate it 🙂

  3. I have only been in Mercato once but I could say I was overwhelmed with what I saw. Food, food and more food. There’s just a lot of things that I want to try, but you just have to choose the food you like best.
    It was an experience going to this place. Loved it, since I was super full when I left.

  4. Ive been a fan of B.Wings since Ive known them from last year Manda Centrale. The chef and the owner is really nice. ^_^
    When I still have my car with me, I’d drive an hour or two (depending on the traffic!) from Fort to Katips just to buy B.Wings. When I get back in Manila, I will go back and hope to see them in different branches.
    Our guilty pleasure is to buy loads of B.Wings and eat them while watching the cinema ^_^
    – Miss Jade of Miss Sweets.

  5. Just before the release of this article….SPECULOOS Cookie butter variant wings was served at the main branch. Try it out

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