YUMMY SOY Philippines: The Singapore Soy Milk Brand Craze in Manila?

7/11 UPDATE: You can now drive-through by ordering in advance (+632 555-8334) and pick up your order within the 15 minutes grace period of the parking lot 🙂


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Yummy Soy™ is a popular Soy Milk and Beancurd brand from Singapore. It opened its first local outlet in Robinsons Place Manila last March and a stand-alone store at the Fort Strip beside K-PUB BBQ last June.

It offers a refreshing treat and healthier dessert/snack alternative to milk tea and yogurt selections.

There’s definitely a demand for healthier products, but I’m not sure if its “silky smooth, melts-in-your-mouth chilled beancurd” is enough to create another Soy craze here.

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The Yummy Soy’s Fort Strip store location is a bit odd, located in between two big restaurants — Modern Sichuan and K-PUB BBQ.

It’s a few minutes’ walk from Fitness First, Fort Strip.

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Here, you can order hot or cold soy milk. 

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The pricing is a bit high though, possibly trying to match the price range of milk tea and fro-yos.

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Original Cold Soymilk (P65 – Regular).

It’s best to stick to the original flavor or almond at 100% sugar level if you want to enjoy it.

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Chocolate Cold Soymilk (P75).

The chocolate flavor was good.

We did not like the fruit-based flavors because they tasted a bit artificial.

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We liked the Chilled Beancurd (a.k.a. our local taho).

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You can usually buy taho with sago from street vendors for P20/large cup. In contrast, the  original chilled beancurd with pearls from Yummy Soy™ costs P85/large cup.

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★ Strawberry Chilled Bean Curd with Pearls (P95).

We actually liked the Chilled Bean Curd. It was indeed of higher quality and lived up to how it was advertised — “silky smooth” and “melts in your mouth”.

The pearls were big, chewy black balls, similar to those found in milk teas. The strawberry flavor was infused in the bean curd.

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Strawberry Slurppy (P85).

I don’t quite understand the Slurppy version, described as “beancurd on the go”. It’s just a different type of drink. Raphael did not like the strawberry flavor and demanded a replacement.

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If you do decide to try Yummy Soy, order the Original flavor Chilled Bean Curd with Pearls for an elevated taho experience. I like its advocacy of providing high quality healthier drinks and snacks in Manila.

Their Fort Strip location is just a bit out of the way. You have to pay for parking, not unless you are already in the Fort Strip vicinity.

I don’t think it would create a craze yet, but it would certainly cater to the growing health-conscious market of Manila. What do you think?


YUMMY SOY Simply Refreshing
– The Fort Strip (beside K-Pub)
– 3rd Level Midtown Wing, Robinsons Place Manila
Telephone: +632 553-3834 
Original Website: http://yummysoy.sg/
Facebook: Yummy Soy Philippines 

What’s New in BGC Restaurants in 2013?

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P.S. Avoid the mango-flavored drink when ordering the soymilk.

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