EL CHUPACABRA: Yummy Street Tacos and the “Goat Sucker” Reinvention of @Mexicali!

EL CHUPACABRA is the hottest street tacos hang-out place in Makati conceptualized by Dixie Mabanta of Mexicali, Cafe Mediterranean, Fishbar Boracay fame. It is located in the current commisary of Mexicali which turned into a street tacos resto with a Mission St. Sanfo vibe.


It is named after the legendary crypid El Chupacabra which literally means Sucker (Chupa) + Goat (cabra) that sucks blood out of livestock, especially goats.

We love the tacos and the whole streetfood with an expat hangout vibe. Check out El Chupacabra:

El Chupacabra is located along Felipe Street near the corner of Polaris Street with table overflowing into the actual street.

(Note: This Street is a popular shortcut route if you want to go from Makati to Rockwell bypassing P.Burgos Street.)

They are popular for Mexican-American Street tacos cooked on-the-spot along the street.

You can also buy barbecue and other street-food treats.

You have the option to eat inside with a dark romantic but crowded ambiance.

EL CHUPACABRA MENU: Street Tacos, Other Good Stuff | Good Stuff, Late Night Drunk Food

Foodies go here to eat the tacos and enjoy it with relatively cheap beer.

We tried 5 different kinds of street tacos and we all love them 🙂

★ Chorizo con Papas (P120 +5% service charge)Home-made chorizo with potatoes

I like the chorizo which is like longganisa wrapped in soft tacos with potatoes to balance the taste.

★ Carne Asada (P90 +5% service charge). grilled steak

If you like a bite-size steak meal, go for the Carne Asada. A bit bitin lang…

Baja California Fish Taco (P120 +5% service charge). White-fish fillet, not cream dory, battered and fried to golden, crispy perfection, topped with shredded cabbage, tomatoes and our secret sauce.

The fish tacos are not bad either and made yummier because of their sweet secret sauce.

San Francisco-style Lean Pork Sisig (P90 +5% service charge)must try!

For tourists and expats, this is a good taco to try to introduce them to our national dish. 

★ Camarones a la Diabla (P135 +5% service charge). spicy chipotle shrimp

The best for me is the shrimp tacos with the right spice and big shrimps.

Margarita (P170 +5% service charge).

The margarita is diluted 🙁 Best to go with local beers to pair with the tacos. 

The drinks are relatively affordable with Sangria at P110, and Beer at P45.

For the best taco experience, best to squeeze some lemon.

TIP: Don’t put the extra sauces anymore to appreciate the flavor of the tacos fully.

Best to roll it like lumpia and eat it while it’s hot.

Each taco is a personal size good for one.

It’s so yummy, you would literally close your eyes to enjoy it.

Thanks to Spanx for introducing us to El Chupacabra and to Jin Perez for the birthday celebration 🙂

Overall, really yummy street tacos and cool Mexican street food ambiance. I love the intriguing name and the story on how this place just organically spread through word-of-mouth. 

It’s packed at night and hard to get a seat, specially on weekends. Best to go before dinner time, and avoid it when it rains. Budget about P200/person.

5782 Felipe St. cor. Polaris St., Makati City
Telephone Number: +632 895-1919
Operating Hours:
Sunday to Wednesdays – 11.00am to 12mn,
Thursdays to Saturday – 11.00am to 3am

★ – Highly Recommended

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P.S. Heckle & Jeckle relocated in front of El Chupacabra and it started to give a Malate Vibe together with El Chupacabra with the expat and cool crowd at night.


4 thoughts on “EL CHUPACABRA: Yummy Street Tacos and the “Goat Sucker” Reinvention of @Mexicali!

  1. “If you like a bite-size steak meal, go for the Carne Asada. A bit bitin lang…”
    HELLER! kaya nga bite size, talagang bitin yan hahaha

  2. The outdoor setting is so very European. I love it, but I cannot imagine how hot it must be eating outside. But then again, it’s the ambiance! Can’t wait to try this one when I am in the PH.

  3. The place looks very nice but service is bad. We ordered guacamole with chips, chicken burrito, spicy chicken wings, a pitcher of margarita and pork barbeque. They served the burrito first and if we didn’t ask for the guacamole it would probably be served last and what’s worst its not even the real guacamole (probably came from a tube). The chicken wings was okay and so was the margarita. But they forgot the pork barbeque after we reminded them after 20 mins. And to top it all, they didn’t even give us plates even after they have served our food. When i asked for one, they only gave me and not my other 3 friends. We wanted to order more but decided not to. Overall, don’t expect us to come back there again.

  4. visited here august 2015 and WOW
    awesome food and a great vibe, place is always packed(because its so good)
    the san miguel was only 43 peso and the taco carne asada was 100 peso
    the food was delicious and i would HIGHLY recommend this place

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