MODERN SICHUAN: A Taste of Sichuan Cuisine in BGC!

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Manila is crazy about spicy food these days, and it’s just the right time to introduce MODERN SICHUAN, the first modern Sichuan-themed restaurant in Manila.  Sichuan is my favorite among all the Chinese cuisines because of its unique hotness and distinctive flavors.

Sichuan usually refers to the cuisines from Chengdu, Chongqing, Leshan, Neijang, and Zigong in China. Sichuan uses three peppers: red chili peppers, black peppercorns, and hua jian (Sichuan Peppers) vs. Hunan cuisine which just uses chili. Hua jian peppers provide the malasensation-anaesthetic effect experienced when the peppercorn flavor makes contact with the saliva feeling your tongue numb to the chili.

Modern Sichuan also carries the Modern China menu for those who don’t like spicy food. The menu is overwhelming and offers unique dishes that you can’t find in any Chinese restaurant. 

Here are the dishes that we love and recommend in Modern Sichuan:

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Modern Sichuan is located in the building previously occupied by The Establishment and Le Souffle. They had to tear down the building and reconstruct everything with feng shui in mind to bring the positive chi into the resto.

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The ground floor has one private room, and the second floor is reserved for big functions and lauriat celebrations. We had lunch with our good friends from the Manila Jaycees 🙂

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The restaurant is known for fresh seafood cooked in modern Sichuan way. Check out the menu:

MODERN SICHUAN MENU | About Sichuan Cuisine

Cold DishesJelly Fish in Chili Sauce  | Black Fungus with Sauce, Spicy Century Egg, Cucumber with Chopped Garlic | Wine Flavor Pork Knuckle, Boiled Pigeon | Pig’s Ear with Chili Sauce, Lettuce with Dressing, Sichuan Meat Appetiser Sampler | Pork with Scallion, Lettuce with Sesame Dressing, Noodles with Chicken and Bean Sprout | Spicy Beef Kenchi | Twisted Bean, Pork Slices in Chili Sauce | Hot and Sour Algae, Deep-Fried Duck, Sichuan Chicken

Sauteed DishesSauteed Water Chestnut with Celery, Braised Knuckle with Dongpo Flavor | Sizzling Eggplant, Spicy Sweet and Sour Pork, Sizzling Minced Beef with Egg | Chili Frog, Sauteed Sea Cucumber with Bean Sprouts, Boiled Fat Beef in Chili Sauce | Sizzling Beef Fillet |Boiled Gourd with Dried Scallop, Fried Bullfrog with Cucumber and Pickled Pepper | Sauteed Mushrooms with Pork, Sauteed Sliced Pork with Pepper and Chili, Sauteed Black Fungus with Loofah | Hot Spicy Pork Knuckle, Stir Fry Sea Cucumber with Okra, Baked Pig’s Bone | Braised Tofu with Pumpkin | Boiled Vegetable in Chicken Soup, Sauteed Crab in Hot Spicy Sauce | Sichuan Mapo Tofu, Sweet and Sour Spare Ribs, Stewed Mushrooms in Soup | Braised Pork with Preserved Vegetables, Stewed Garoupa with Green Pepper, Wild Vegetables Tofu Soup | Mapo Sea Cucumber |Poached Beef with Mushroom | Stewed Pork with Chili Pepper, Baked Egg with Oyster, Braised Beef Brisket with Tomato | Fish Flavored Shrimp, Garoupa Sour Soup, Steamed Streaky Pork with Rice Flour | Braised Chicken with Abalone | Boiled Clam with Chili and Wine, Sichuan Fish Fillet in Hot Chili Oil | Crispy Pork Knuckles, Deep-Fried Oyster with Spicy Salt, Garoupa Flower Fish | Maoxuewang, Braised Garoupa with Peppers, Fried Shrimp with Bean Sprout and Golden Mushroom | Braised Eel with Green Pepper

DessertsFried Sweet Potato with Cheese | Milk-Flavor Cream Bean Cake, Taro Rolls, Fried Glutinous Rice Cake with Egg | Dessert List | Drink List

Set Menu A, B, C | Set Menu D, E 

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Rice/Hofan/Noodle | Vegetables 1 | Vegetables 2 |  Vegetarian Dishes | Congee/Noodle Soup, Vegetarian Dishes | Rice/Hofan/Noodle | Seafood 1 | Seafood 2 | Seafood 3 | Seafood 4 | Treasures from the Sea | Live Fish | ShrimpCrabLobster | Meat 1 | Meat 2 | Meat 3 | Meat 4 | Meat 5 | Bean Curd 1 | Bean Curd 2 | Poultry 1 | Poultry 2 | Poultry 3 | Poultry 4 | Hot Pot Dishes | Soup | Appetizers/ Dim Sum 1 | Appetizers/ Dim Sum 2 | Shark’s Fin | Sea Cucumber, Fish Maw | Imperial Abalone 

New DishLive Fish | Live Fish 2 | Seafood | Lobster | Pork, Chicken, Mushroom | Chicken, Goose Feet, Beef | Prawn, Cuttle Fish, Cod Fish, Sea Cucumber | Pork, Pork Intestines, Pork, Trotters, Coconut Chicken | Abalone, Tofu, Spicy Intestines, BBQ Pork NeckSpareribs, Spicy Pork Tofu, Sambal Okra | Sesame Chicken, Roast Beef Ribs, Pork Intestines, Pork Ear | Suckling Pig | Peking Duck 



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Boiled Vegetables in Chicken Soup (P350 +10% service charge).

This is a refreshingly clear soup to start your spicy meal journey. The vegetable though could be quite filling (nakakabusog).

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Braise Tofu with Pumpkin (P380 +10% service charge)

You can also start with pumpkin soup but this is a little bit heavy.

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★ Pork Slices in Chili Sauce (P380 +10% service charge) 

One of the signature Sichuan dishes is the hanging pork tenders. I like that the sauce is separate as you can serve as many as you want. You can also add the Sichuan sauce to other dishes. 

The pork slices are thin, and eat these with the cucumber for a less guilty pleasure.

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Assorted Dimsum

Order the assorted dimsum platter for your appetizer. The hakaw and siomai are good 🙂

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★ Pan Fried Short Rib Beef Steak (P520 +10% service charge).

We love this really tender and flavorful short ribs, and one of the best we’ve tasted in a Chinese resto. 

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Sizzling Beef Fillet (P480 +10% service charge).

This was OK but we felt that you can order this in just any other Chinese resto. For meat, order the Short Ribs above.

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For vegetables, you can order this broccoli with shrimps.

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★ Uni Fried Rice (P420 +10% service charge).

We love this fried rice with uni bits and a perfect match for the spicy dishes.

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★ Braised Garoupa with Green Pepper (seasonal price)

They are known for their fresh Garoupa. And for something different, try the Green Peppercorn version. It’s not as spicy but it has that unique green- peppercorn taste.

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Braised Garoupa in Black Olives (seasonal price)

Instead of the usual steamed fish in tausi sauce, order the Black Olives version. I like the green peppercorn better though.

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★ Crab Salted Egg (seasonal price)

One of the best we’ve tasted because the crab is juicy, sweet and fresh. Best to lick the salty-egg- flavored shells for the best experience 🙂

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★ Lobster Cheese Noodle (seasonal price)

We are crazy about cheese noodles these days and this is like a creamy white spaghetti but instead  uses the Chinese egg noodles. We like the sweetness of the sauce with the right consistency.

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Order the lobster version, but you can also have shrimp or mixed seafood for a more affordable treat 🙂 

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Watermelon Sago (P90/cup +10% service charge)

The watermelon sago mix tasted good but the sago was frozenly hard (sayang).

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★ Fried Sweet Potato with Cheese (P150 +10% service charge)

For the best dessert, order their signature sweet potato with cheese and condensed  milk. Sarap! 

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We finally met George Pua who owns the  Tony Roma franchise in Manila, and  created K-Pub- Meat- BBQ- All- You- Can Concept, and the Modern China + Modern Sichuan Chinese restaurant. 

He is a foodie who considers the resto business as his hobby and creative outlet. Galing!

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Overall, we like Modern Sichuan for its unique dishes as curated by George Pua himself.  

Make sure to try the following – Appetizers: Pork Slices in Chili Sauce, Meat: Pan Fried Short Rib Beef Steak, Rice: Uni Fried Rice, Fish: Braised Garoupa with Green Pepper,Crab: Crab Salted Egg, Pancit: Lobster Cheese Noodle and Dessert: Fried Sweet Potato with Cheese. Budget about P700/head.

The presentation of the food is just OK. The design and look of the resto is typical Chinese resto with emphasis on big open windows for good luck.

So far, this is the best Chinese resto in BGC for us. Try it! 

5th Avenue, The Fort Entertainment Center, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City, Philippines
Telephone: +632 829-8352 /  856-0470  
Mobile: +63 917 595-1515
Facebook: Modern Sichuan Restaurant
Operating Hours:
Lunch: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm
Dinner: 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm 

★ – Highly Recommended 🙂

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Full Disclosure: We paid for our meals and we visited the resto twice. Our last visit was courtesy of Williamson, our Manila Jaycees friend who is related to the owner of the resto. I wrote this blog post myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I have no business relationship with any company mentioned in this post or any organization promoting it. As a policy, I don’t receive compensation from food and places we feature in the blog.

P.S. Thanks also to our Mastermind team for trying out this resto for the first time. Thanks guys!

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  1. modern sichuan is not the first sichuan themed in manila. there are a couple of these kind of restaurants open in the malate area…one restaurant has been there for ages. i cant recall the name but its at this small hotel (corner of roxas blvd)

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