CHEF JESSIE: 100 Revolving Restaurant @EastwoodCityPh‎ (A Review)

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Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant is a modern 360 revolving, fine dining restaurant in the Philippines, featuring the classic French cuisine of Chef Jessie Sinsioco of Le Souffle fame.

(Trivia: Manila Royal Hotel’s Revolving Restaurant is credited to be the first in the Philippines located in Quiapo, Manila in the 1970’s.)

We recently tried it with our Mercato partners, RJ and Vanessa, who are fans of Chef Jessie’s food.

Here’s our 100 Revolving Restaurant experience…

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-12.jpg
100 Revolving Restaurant is located at the 33rd floor of the Mercury Drug Corporate (MDC) 100 building — the tallest building in the Eastwood area.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-9.jpg
The 360-degree revolving part of the restaurant is the outer, carpetted circumferential area. It takes 2 hours to complete one revolution.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-6.jpg
There’s sudden jerking sometimes while the area is revolving, and if you pay too much attention to the movement you can get dizzy. It’s best to focus your eyes on other people or on the view outside.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-38.jpg
You can see the Ortigas skyline, the C5 traffic, and the Eastwood area. It should also be nice to eat here during lunch time as you can see the valley as well.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-8.jpg
For special occasions, you can request for a romantic setup such as this.

(Note: They say that this is the perfect place to propose because even if the girl is unsure about her answer, the revolving motion would convince her to say YES. :P)

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-54.jpg
You can also opt to sit in the non-revolving area especially if you are with a big group.

Check out the classic Chef Jessie menu:

100 Revolving Restaurant Menu: Freshly Made Salads | Something Japanese, Soups | Main Course: Beef, Pork, Lamb | Main Course: Chicken, Seafood | Something High End | Sandwiches | Pasta | Wild Rice Risotto, Solo Pizza | “100” Desserts 

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-22.jpg
The complimentary bread is freshly baked and served hot and soft.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-23.jpg
Ginger Ale (P115 +10% service charge).

Thanks to RJ, I’ve learned to appreciate ginger ale, which is good aid for digestion.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-34.jpg
✮ Mesclun Greens with Tropical Fruits and Crispy Oyster Mushroom (P295 +10% service charge) with raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

Vanessa ordered this fresh salad with sweet rasperry sauce and mushroom fries — she loved it down to the last piece. 🙂

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-33.jpg
✮ Seared Tuna Salad (P395 +10% service charge) sprinkled with roasted garlic, peanuts, and sesame seeds on a bed of lettuce, with parmesan flakes, nori strips, and wasabi vinaigrette dressing.

I love my salad, too! Abundant with slices of seared tuna, it’s best eaten together with the nori strips and sweet wasabi sauce. The serving size is big enough for two people to share.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-37.jpg
✮ French Onion (P260 +10% service charge) made the “Classic Way”.

Just the way we like it — hot onion soup topped with melted cheese.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-39.jpg
As you revolve around the restaurant, the bar area is eventually revealed. Check out the drinks on the menu:

100 Revolving Restaurant Drinks MenuDrinks: Water, Coffee, Fresh Fruit Juice | Special Smoothies | MDC 100 Wine Menu | MDC 100 Glass Selections: Sparkling, White and Red Wine |Bottles of Sparkline Wine, Rose Wine, Dessert Wine | Bottles of White Wine | Bottles of Red Wine |On Corkage

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-50.jpg
It’s a conducive place for business meetings or celebrating a special occasion.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-47.jpg
✮ A la Creme with Mushroom and Truffle (P700 +10% service charge) with linguine pasta.

Simple linguine pasta with the right balance of mushroom and truffle flavors.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-51.jpg
✮ Spicy Putanesca (P450 +10% service charge) with green olives, capers, oregano, fresh tomatoes, and chili flakes.

My partner RJ is vegetarian and his favorite pasta at Chef Jessie’s is the Spicy Putanesca. He liked it…just the way he expected a Chef Jessie dish to be.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-40.jpg
✮ Grilled Lamb Chops (P1,395 +10% service charge) with vegetable roulade.

Instead of steaks, we would often go for lamb chops, and Chef Jessie’s version is served with 4 big pieces topped with her classic French sauce. The lamb was perfectly cooked, and the sauce had a good consistency and flavor that didn’t overpower the taste of meat.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-45.jpg
✮ Chilean Sea Bass with Goose Liver (P1,500 +10% service charge) 

Vanessa’s favorite — milky-soft Chilean sea bass with creamy sauce, topped with foie gras. This dish is memorable for them because this was served during RJ and Vanessa’s wedding. 

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-59.jpg
After an hour of moving, expect to see the restaurant’s huge open kitchen showcase.

This actually signals it’s time for dessert!

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-10.jpg
There are a number of cakes and the recommended Revolving Mango Torta, but we opted for the classic Chef Jessie dessert — the souffle. 🙂

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-55.jpg
Dark Chocolate Souffle (P300 +10% service charge)

Perfectly executed souffle with milk sauce. A solid ending to any Chef Jessie meal!

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-7.jpg

Overall, we like Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant for its excellent and authentic French cooking, served the classic Chef Jessie way. The ambiance has a classic fine dining look but a bit old school. 

It’s best to order the dishes the Chef is famous for. The menu is actually familiar if you’re already a fan of Chef Jessie and Le Souffle. We recommend the French onion soup, the seared tuna salad, the mushroom truffle pasta, the grilled lamb chops, the chilean sea bass with foie gras, and the souffles for dessert. They also have a good selection of wines that would go well with your meal. 

But aside from the usual favorites, it should also be interesting to try something new from Chef Jessie. Are there any? Do you have recommendations?

So whether you’re just searching for a quiet, romantic fine dining evening, looking to host an impressive business meeting, or celebrating a special milestone in your life, Chef Jessie’s 100 Revolving Restaurant is the perfect place for you. 

Budget is about P1,750/head for a 3-course meal with wine.

CHEF JESSIE 100 Revolving Restaurant
33rd Floor, MDC 100 Building, C5 corner Eastwood Drive, Quezon City
Operating Hours: 11.00am to 11.00pm
Telephone: +632 962-1016

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. MDC 100 building is located on the corner of C5 and the road going to Eastwood City, facing Microtel. Your landmark is the big Mercury Drug store on the ground floor of the building.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-1.jpg
You enter the parking on 2nd level. Just say you’re eating at Chef Jessie’s revolving resto.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-60.jpg
You have to go down to the ground floor lobby and transfer to the high-rise elevators.

Chef Jessie 100 Revolving Restaurant-3.jpg
100 Resolving Resto is located on the highest floor which is the 33rd.

21 thoughts on “CHEF JESSIE: 100 Revolving Restaurant @EastwoodCityPh‎ (A Review)

  1. Actually, this is not the first “revolving restaurant” here in our country. Three decades ago, there used to be a revolving restaurant at the penthouse of the Manila Royal Hotel Quiapo, Manila. And if I remember it right, you can still see the facade of the building if you look up where SM Clearance Outlet is now located via R. Hidalgo St. if you’re coming from Quiapo Church. Cheers!

    1. Yes you’re right.. i clearly remember that Manila Royal Hotel becoz i was one of the many applicants who lined up for an interview, and that was months before it officially opened. Fortunately too, to see Ms. Marilou Destreza, a beauty titlist whom i think was one of the Hotel’s Representative then.

  2. Hi Anton! Very nice blog. In the 80s, there was also a revolving resto in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. It was at the top of McAdore Hotel, the 1st 5 star hotel in the north.

  3. Hi Anton, nice article.
    There was also a revolving restaurant in Pasig during the 70s, the building is still there, right next to the mega market.
    Just a question, in your post you wrote “Instead of steaks, we would often go for lamb chops, and Chef Jessie’s version is served with 4 big pieces topped with HIS (caps mine) classic French sauce…” Isn’t Chef Jessie a woman?
    Will definitely try this place out soon.

  4. I AM TOTALLY SPEECHLESS,,, YOUR REVIEW IS OUTRAGEOUSLY AWESOME!!!!!!! My phone got flooded with texts about your blog, I just have to check it out myself!!! AND , true enough it was really beautiful I was not around when you came otherwise I would have said Hi to RJ & Vanessa! We did their beautiful wedding years ago and I’m glad they still remember what we served!
    HOW CAN I THANK YOU MR. AWESOME PLANET >ANTON!!! YOU MADE OUR ADRENALIN SHOOT UP!, You just don’ t know how inspiring this is for all us, my “100” Staff & I are so thrilled!!!
    We have not done any big announcement yet becuase we are still in the process of perfecting things, food, service, even our menu is not that fixed yet. BUT THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE HONEST REVIEW & VERY ENCOURAGING COMMENTS!
    About new recommendations; if you went trhough our temporary menu, you will see there are new sushi creations, solo pizzas, new pastas, sandwiches, & even ramen. I have to think of the majorit of the tenants in the building who are simple employees for different bpo’s . We don’ t like them to go hungry & eat unhealthy food all the time. They were in our mind when we did the menu. And of course, for our super regular & loyal customers,., we can’t help but add majority of our classic dishes as thety look for them! We want to make eferybody happy!
    We claim to be THE ONLY REVOLVING RESTAURANT IN THE COUNTRY, NOT THE FIRST, as we know there were other firsts, unfortunately they are not around anymore. We still need to make this official, tho.
    I’ m amazed by how your followers read “thru the lines”.. They notice such small details as the s or c in my name! SIMPLY AWESOME!!!
    Keep on doing this and please continue to inspire people like us. With the multitude of restaurants around, the perennial horrible / terrible traffic , an honest to goodness review that can help one find the right plac to eat & enjoy rare get togethers is such a big help!
    HATS OFF TO YOU , TO RJ, VANESSA, & your other colleagues, I admire your style!! Let’s help each other to really make this beautiful world we live in truly AN AWESOME PLANET!!
    Chef Jessie Sincioco

  5. Hi Chef Jessie,
    Thanks so much for the comment and for the appreciation of the blog post! 
    I'm so happy that you commented and provided more perspective on the resto.
    Will go back one of these days to try the new stuff 🙂 
    It's an amazing place 🙂  I can't believe we now have a revolving resto and hoping that the business thrives for many years.
    Baka dumami na yin ang revolving resto after this 🙂
    Maraming Salamat! Hope to meet you some day 🙂
    Live an Awesome Life,

  6. Actually during the 70’s there were many revolving restaurants including Manila Royal Hotel’s, Ambassador hotel… Glad to see it back to be enjoyed by the new generation. Hope it lasts longer than its predecessors though.

  7. Oh wow! A revolving restaurant! I’ve always wanted to try one. I’ve tried out Chef Jessie’s food in Top of the Citi and it was tops. I’m sure this is going to be just as delicious. That tuna salad is at the top of my must try list.

  8. just to share chef jessie’s is a good friend of our foundation (kadiwa sa pagkapari). she is generous in helping the senior and elderly priests…. and this time we will try to conquer her revolving resto, and im asking you guys pls. help and recommend a food to eat (birthday gift to my tita). hopefully this weekend.

  9. Chef Jessie Your family & friends in Vancouver, Canada simply can’t wait to experience your latest venture in “foodology” ? we certainly wish you much success, and undoubtedly, since you are the most hardworking and most generous “boss” “ma’am” there is on the face of the earth, true success wil be yours…for now we’ll have to indulge ourselves with those beautiful photos of your delectable menu items, until we come and visit in the very near future…thank you Anton for the lovely blog!
    Nanang Ine

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  11. Food is great but service is terrible. Ordered chilean sea bass and waited 1.5 houra to be served. Revolving floor is not skooth (you can feel it stop and go)..

  12. Chef Jessie, the quality is NOT being maintained, I’ve had several meals in 100 revolving (view really is spectacular) but my last 2 meals were just terrible. Had lunch for my birthday last Dec 24, 2013, it was terrible…Salad was soggy, soup luke warm, wine not chilled enough. All the portions have shrunk! Thought it was a fluke, maybe their head chef was on leave, it was holidays after all…
     Had dinner again tonight, Jan 5 2014 and it was even worse! A party of 15,  we arrived 630pm, for an early dinner, but we left 10pm, after waiting almost 3 hours for our food, even then not all our orders were served. The food that was served was either tasteless. The soup, both mushroom and French onion seemed to be watered down, the ceasar salad and salmon with leek were too salty. But the coup de DISGRACE is the RIB EYE. A number of us ordered it and all of us complained it was TASTELESS and DRY, we could hardly swallow it. 
    I requested to talk to the chef, when I learned Chef Jessie was in the restuarant. What a disappointment! Can’t even blame the Sous Chef as it was Chef Jessie herself in the restaurant. 
    Upon entering the restaurant, there’s a sign advertising a 50% off your bill for CITIBANK card holders during Saturday buffets. I’m not too sure about this, what I AM sure about is on this Sunday dinner, they took off 50% of our food’s taste and 100% off enjoyment.

  13. Hi Ahiya Anton! I’ve actually been working at Convergys which is in this very same building and was a little curious to see if you’ve reviewed the place so… here I am! (Actually, I’ve been following your blog since the review of the family reunion at Nav Thai. Just quietly lurking and using your reviews to check out places I want to try)
    By the by, Mercato Levante at Eastwood also used to be a frequent stop for me on Friday night shifts for lunch. 😀 Good pit stop if you get tired of the usual graveyard shift offerings!

  14. I dined here on. March 9th, 2014.
    Very friendly staff from the parking garage to the restaurant.
    The restaurant did not have a black napkin during our visit. I was concerned that the white napkin lint might be all over my black suit. The napkin was fine.
    I had our dinner pre-ordered so that we may enjoy the view rather than waste precious time browsing through the menu. Our server, Mark, was very attentive. He identified each course and foods were served in a timely manner. He was always around without really crowding our table.
    Foods were superb: Beef Carpaccio, Balut Surprise, Grilled Lapu-Lapu, Lamb, Grand Marnier Souffle. The Caipirinha was refreshing but the Bellini pales in comparison to the Bellinis served at high-end bars. They could have used more peach puree.
    Overall experience went well. Impressive. We enjoyed the dinner so much that we went around twice.
    Chef Jessie, thanks for signing our menu.
    When in the Philippines, 100 Revolving should be in your bucket list of places to dine at.

  15. We’re going to the Philippines in January of 2015 for a family reunion.Since we’re still in Manila on my birthday why not celebrate at 100 Revolving Restaurant.Do you have a birthday package deal for a group of 30 or more? Is it possible to be seated along the revolving portion of the restaurant? Please reply to my email at your earliest convenience.Thank you
    Loida Bernabe

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