DA VINCI – THE GENIUS Exhibit: Da Vinci Fever hits Manila! (Is it worth going to?) @TheMindMuseum #DaVinciTheGenius

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LEONARDO DA VINCI is hailed as the greatest genius of all time from the Renaissance Period (late 14th century to about 1600). He is well-known as the artist behind The Mona Lisa.

But with the discovery of his codices (think coded idea notebooks) and the reconstruction of his inventions, people now get to further appreciate his forward thinking, vision, and artistry, which was well ahead of his time. One of his famous drawings is that of the Aerial Screw, believed to be the forerunner of the modern helicopter.

Finally, the most comprehensive traveling exhibition (with over 200+ exhibits) of Leonardo Da Vinci’s works is now here in Manila. The Mind Museum and Grande Exhibitions Australia presents “Da Vinci – The Genius” for a limited 3-month exhibition which opened today. 🙂

Admittedly, I thought the exhibition would be boring and only for the renaissance art lovers and hopeless inventors. But it was actually very inspirational, and you leave with a passion to make your own difference in the world.

So, is it worth going to? Read this first before going to the Da Vinci exhibit…

Leornardo da Vinci Machines Museum, Venice, Italy

Venice Italy-46.jpg
Early this year, we visited the Machine Museum of Leonardo da Vinci, located in an old church in Campo San Barnaba, Venice, Italy.  

Le Macchine di Leonardo
Campo S.Barnaba 2771 | Dorsoduro | Venezia
Tel: 339.7985464 | Fax: 0583.312252
Email: info@leonardoavenezia.com
Ticket price: 3 Euros/ person

Venice Italy-275.jpg
The museum features 55 expertly reproduced and interactive models from Leonardo da Vinci’s Codex, all made from wood, brass, fabric, and bronze.

Venice Italy-277.jpg
They reproduced his drawings on flying like this parachute…

Venice Italy-276.jpg
…and the glider from the Atlantic Manuscript.

Venice Italy-270.jpg
Leonardo’s pupil Salai had a drawing of a bike believed to be copied from the master’s workshop.

Venice Italy-269.jpg
There were also water machines…

Venice Italy-278.jpg
…and war equipment like this Machine Gun.

Venice Italy-273.jpg
The centerpiece of the exhibit was a reproduction of The Last Supper located up front, with the altar of the church as the backdrop.

Venice Italy-272.jpg
The Last Supper measures 15 ft x 29 ft. The original painting can be found on the back wall of the dining hall at Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy.  


DA VINCI The Genius Traveling Exhibit @TheMindMuseum, Philippines

Finally, we can experience the same exhibit and more, right here in Manila!

Da Vinci The Genius-3.jpg
Da Vince – The Genius is a more comprehensive exhibit that not only features Leonardo’s Renaissance artworks and interactive machine reproductions from his codices, but also his works in music and optics, hydraulics and aquatics, physics, and anatomy.

Da Vinci The Genius-68.jpg
When you enter the Mind Museum, I suggest you start the tour with reading the primers on his life to get a general context of Leonardo’s Renaissance era. 


The Codices

Da Vinci The Genius-66.jpg
The codices are expert reproductions of his surviving notebooks.

Da Vinci The Genius-63.jpg
It’s interesting to see how he wrote in the mirror-image of his handwriting and in the old Florentine language.

Da Vinci The Genius-78.jpg
There are also interactive displays where you can explore each of the codices in deeper detail. 


Renaissance Art

A lot of people love the Renaissance Art hall, which showcases high-quality reproductions of Leonardo’s Renaissance artworks.

Da Vinci The Genius-72.jpg
One of the interesting features of the exhibit is learning about The Secret of Mona Lisa and Trivia about Leonardo’s Obra Maestra.

Da Vinci The Genius-69.jpg
Don’t forget to check out the Virgin of the Rocks (Musee du Louvre in Paris) and the Annunciation paintings (Uffizi Gallery, Florence).

Da Vinci The Genius-10.jpg
The Vitruvian Man featuring the Golden Ratio and illustrating the perfect proportions of the human body.

Da Vinci The Genius-99.jpg
The Last Supper which is digitally projected into the wall (instead of an actual reproduction).

Military Engineering

It’s also fascinating to see Leonardo’s ideas about war machines like…

Da Vinci The Genius-5.jpg
Carro Armato, a precursor to the Modern Tank.

Da Vinci The Genius-8.jpg
Cannone a Vapore or the Steam Cannon.

Da Vinci The Genius-11.jpg
Multi-Directional Gun Machine or Machine Gun.


Music and Optical

Da Vinci The Genius-17.jpg
Here’s an exhibit on his Portable Piano Idea.

Da Vinci The Genius-87.jpg
One of the most photographed exhibits is the Mirrors Room

Da Vinci The Genius-90.jpg
…where you can take a “selfie” showing all your angles.

(Tip: This is a photo-op with the family you should not miss. :))



Da Vinci The Genius-86.jpg
To further appreciate the exhibit, it’s best to check out the Mini-Theater…

Da Vinci The Genius-84.jpg
…featuring the BBC Documentary on the life of Leornardo da Vinci – The Man Who Wanted to Know Everything, and how they actually tested some of his ideas.


Hydraulic and Aquatic

Da Vinci The Genius-23.jpg
Hydraulic and aquatic machines featuring scuba diving equipment and breathing apparatus.

Da Vinci The Genius-22.jpg
Here’s an interactive exhibit on Archimedes’ Screw for lifting water effortlessly.

Da Vinci The Genius-32.jpg
Here’s a demonstration of the Emergency Bridge idea, made from small tree trunks and to be used during battle. You can do it yourself for a better understanding of the concept. Who knows, you might use it someday.

Da Vinci The Genius-29.jpg
This is also a popular place for a photo-op with the bridge acting as a natural frame.



Da Vinci The Genius-80.jpg
On flying machines, flapping wings, and…

Da Vinci The Genius-38.jpg
…the Aerial Screw (Modern Helicopter).



Da Vinci The Genius-36.jpg
In the Physics area, you can get lost in just playing with the interactive machines like the Weight Study Mechanism or Compound Hoist

Da Vinci The Genius-81.jpg
…and Flying Wheels.


Civil Engineering

Da Vinci The Genius-44.jpg
Leonardo’s Ideal City Architecture to improve the health conditions of the cities, and to prevent diseases like the plague of 1484.
Da Vinci The Genius-55.jpg
Here is the topography and top view of the Ideal City.


Modern Machines

Da Vinci The Genius-45.jpgDa Vinci The Genius-47.jpg
The Humanoid Automaton or Modern Robot idea.

Da Vinci The Genius-53.jpg
Leonardo’s Self-Propelled Car

Da Vinci The Genius-60.jpg
…and his Crank Operated Cart.



Da Vinci The Genius-56.jpg
Leonardo’s Anatomical Studies.

Da Vinci The Genius-91.jpg
To end the tour, make sure to give Da Vinci a message on the wall. Our most favorite message: “With these things, I ask: What will Leo Tweet?” – Rappler.

Da Vinci The Genius-2.jpg
Overall, it’s an inspiring, educational exhibit that is a must-see with your whole family. I love the interactive machines, the Renaissance art, and the mirror room. 🙂 Check out his life story, explore the Codices, and watch the documentary to fully appreciate the mystery surrounding Leonardo. 

It’s indeed worth every peso, and it’s not as boring as I expected it to be but actually awe-inspiring.

Don’t miss this traveling exhibition which is only in Manila until the end of November!

DA VINCI – THE GENIUS Traveling Exhibition
Special Exhibition Hall @ The Mind Museum
September 1 to November 30, 2013

Tickets Prices:
Da Vinci only: Adult (P250), Children/Students (P200)
Da Vinci + 3-hour Museum: Adult (P800), Children/Private School Students (P600)
Da Vinci + All-Day Museum: P950, Public School Students and Teachers (P300)

Buy your tickets from: tickets.themindmuseum.org

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Live an Awesome Life,

Founder, www.OurAwesomePlanet.com 

P.S. I have not been to the other Da Vinci Workshop exhibit at the Science Discovery Museum in the Mall of Asia. How does it compare? 

P.P.S. Thank you to the Mind Museum for the Instameet Sneak Preview of the exhibit. 🙂

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  1. Have you been to the one in MOA? I visited that one early this month, it seems similar. (200 pesos lang tho), except they didn’t have details on the codices, just pictures. Thanks for this review! 🙂

  2. I have not been to MOA. I'm still wondering if we will still go because I assume it would be the same thing and the Mind Museum would be bigger (200+ exhibits).

  3. Hi Sir Anton,
    Ung Mona Lisa painting po na pinakita sa The Mind Musuem original o replica po?
    Pinagtatalunan po kase namin ng friend ko.

  4. may i ask what’s the difference between the price of visiting the da vinci exhibit and the one with da vinci+museum?

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