GOOGLY GOOEYS: Signs That You’re a Foodie! @googlygooeys

(This is a guest blog post from Tipsy & Ponggo –  Manila’s well-loved googly-eyed walking and talking goo internet celebrities. They are an online viral sensation proudly created by pinoys!)

Googly Gooeys Signs That You're a Foodie
1). You’re always thinking about what you’re going to eat & where you’re going to eat next!

Googly Gooeys Signs That You're a Foodie(2)
2). You can dissect each dish down to its tiny aspects.

3). You document all your meals all the time.

Googly Gooeys Signs That You're a Foodie(4)
4). You know where to find good restaurant even if they’re in the corner of the world.

5). You always read!



Welcome to the world of the googly-eyed walking and talking goo where the real-life couple behind the Googly Gooeys, poke fun at their daily mishaps and share their random musings through their cartoony alter egos–Tipsy (the pink goo) Ponggo (the blue goo).


The Googly Gooeys: Ponggo & Tipsy


Viral: Online Magazines & Major International Blogs:
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Design Taxi, How to Make a Cronut, New York / Singapore (August 2013)
Food Beast, How to Make a Cronut in Five Steps, California, U.S.A, (August 2013)
I Love Charts, various charts by the Googly Gooeys, U.S.A (2012 to Present)
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1000 featuring various entries of the Googly Gooeys with thousands of notes , U.S.A. (Various Months in 2011)
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Trend Hunter, Deadly Virtual Dependencies, U.S.A. (August 2011)
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Print Media Features:
Googly-gooeys Fun on Inquirer Super, (Online & in Print), Philippine Daily Inquirer Philippines (July 2013)
Open Roads 2 by The Learning Factory, Brazil (June 2013) – currently in production
2Go Travel’s Trip! Magazine, Philippines (April 2013)
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