Ultimate Taste Test 11: 3rd Rockwell UTT @PowerPlantMall (A Photo Essay)

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Rockwell’s 3rd Ultimate Taste Test was the BEST ever because of the quality selection of over 50 innovative food vendors, and a fun-filled food tasting experience overall. 

Let’s look back at this recent Rockwell UTT, held last September 14, 2013…


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This sold-out taste test event is the 11th in the UTT series overall, and the 3rd straight year it’s been held at Rockwell. 

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There was a good mix of appetizers, mains, and desserts spread throughout the whole venue, with no long queues at any point during the event. 

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It was great to open the festivities with my good friend Spanx, who also hosted this memorable UTT event. 🙂



Ultimate Taste Test 11-31.jpg
We had the Battle of Lechon: Generals Lechon… 

Ultimate Taste Test 11-33.jpg
…vs. Diplahan Lechon. 

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Just in time for the Christmas Season — The Plaza Premium Baked Ham.

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-292.jpg
I also loved the Battle of the Sisig between Dennis The Grill Boy Crispy Pork Sisig…

Ultimate Taste Test 11-64.jpg
…and V Deli’s Veggie Sisig Shawarma. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-15.jpg
Most foodies praised this Tu’Ka as the best vinegar they ever tasted! 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-126.jpg
One of the most raved about main dishes: Yuan’s Chicken Wings. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-222.jpg
Which is best paired with San Miguel Super Dry. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-30.jpg
It was great to see Chef Jam Melchor, who is starting his own restaurant venture after Villa Cafe.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-201.jpg
Thanks to Generals Lechon’s Bryan and Lynn, sister Chef Jyn, and Chef Sau for the awesome support for UTT!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-210.jpg
Celebrity Chef Shar hung out at the UTT with our favorite foodie blogger, Jin Loves to Eat 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-286.jpg
Chef Raphael wearing Chef’s Garbs enjoyed his Ultimate Taste Test experience all day. 

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-346.jpg
The latest creation from Enchanted Farm — Duck Burger from Golden Duck Enterprises. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-157.jpg
It was fun seeing young, innovative chefs prepare their offerings, like this ricemeal stuffed in a sausage by Big Jack’s.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-146.jpg
3 Jimenez Sisters and a daughter enjoying their UTT experience.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-81.jpg
Much love to the young and vibrant foodies in Manila who supported this UTT event.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-124.jpg
It was good to see newly-weds Em and Eugene Chua having their date at UTT XI. Sweet!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-110.jpg
Our favorite food bloggers enjoying and in full support of UTT. 🙂 





Ultimate Taste Test 11-52.jpg
For dessert, our favorite was the Puentespina Family’s Malagos 65% Dark Chocolate. This was highly rated by the US-based C-Spot Chocolate rating site.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-53.jpg
But I like their 75% Dark Chocolate better, which they tested with foodies during the event.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-208.jpg
One of the best foodie hits — the home-based Bronuts!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-39.jpg
Catherine’s Apple Pie was surpringly very good, too. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-24.jpg
There was the three-way battle of ice cream: Jameson’s Gelato…
 Ultimate Taste Test 11-160.jpg
…vs. Cream of the Crop…

Ultimate Taste Test 11-58.jpg
…vs. Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream.

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-60.jpg
Pam’s Everyday Mom is known for having the best healthy cakes — butter-free, baked in stainless steel pans, natural ingredients, real flavors, and no preservatives. 

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-543.jpg
Did you know that you can pair the Black & White Cupcake with Cerveza Negra?

Ultimate Taste Test 11-94.jpg
This looks simple but one of the yummiest we’ve tried — Uni-Chefs’ Ube Macapuno Cake!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-99.jpg
Another favorite of mine — Green Baker’s Choco dipped Malunggay Cookies! 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-164.jpg
Shmallows anyone? It’s marshmallow in spread form.

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-140.jpg
This is the only dessert that I always come back for — Hacienda Macalauan’s Greek Yogurt! 

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-361.jpg
Introducing…The Original Monkey Bread!

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-544.jpg
Indeed, the BEST flavored Taho I’ve ever tasted – Everything with Soya Chilled Taho. It was very smooth, balanced sweetness and good flavor.


Ultimate Taste Test 11-121.jpg
As evening approached, the ambiance turned into that of a big cocktail party. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-145.jpg
One of my favorite segments during the UTT was the panel discussion with the Top Food Bloggers in Manila.

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-486.jpg
Meet sexy food blogger Jane Chua of Between Bites.

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-12.jpg
Chef Michelle Adrilliana of Flavors on Fire cooks for the audience.

Ultimate Taste Test 11-212.jpg
This was a fun segment — determining the flavor of beer you are drinking. 🙂



Ultimate Taste Test 11-205.jpg
Thank you to all the foodies and OAP friends who supported the UTT XI! 

Ultimate Taste Test 11-123.jpg
Thank you to Momsy & Popsy for believing in all our endeavors! 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-232.jpg
Thank you to the Mercato Centrale family for the support!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-213.jpg
Thank you to our friend Will for the ref magnet and ballpen souvenirs! 

Call Dinsmor Promo (+632 400-8716), email sales@dinsmorpromo.com, or visit their website www.dinsmorpromo.com for all your promotional products. 🙂

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Thank you to Manila’s Awesome Food Blogging Community!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-214.jpg
Thank you to Rockwell Powerplant Mall for hosting the Annual UTT for the third straight year. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-194.jpg
Thank you to the San Miguel Lifestyle Brews family for making the tasting event cool and fun with San Miguel Premium All-Malt, San Miguel Super Dry, and Cerveza Negra!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-225.jpg
Thank you to our Mercato Centrale partners, RJ & Vanessa and Gary & Janice for the full support. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test 11-234.jpg
Thank you to Creative Juice for executing a smooth Ultimate Taste Test event. 🙂

Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-334.jpg
Winners of Rockwell’s Ultimate Test Test this year are those food vendors who got a rating of 3.5 and above for the Main Dish and Dessert Categories. 

And the Winners of Ultimate Taste Test XI are… (To be continued…)

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