BALESIN ISLAND (ALPHALAND): Food Tripping Around the World in 7 Beach Resort Paradises!

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We love BALESIN! We were the last people who visited the island before it was closed and developed by Alphaland.

We captured that trip here:

We finally went back recently, tagging along with Doms through our friend Bryan. Thank you!

Here’s a photo essay using Instagram of our awesome trip to Balesin…

The calm, relaxing beach scene at Balesin, which is a trademark of the island.

Balesin was a forgotten island. It was developed during the Marcos era to have a closer beach paradise escape than Boracay. It’s located on the east coast, near the Polilio islands in Quezon.

Nobody knew about its existence until Alphaland bought most of the island from the Tordesillas family in 2009, and developed it into a members-only luxury island resort.


The main Balesin beach sand is fine and light brown when wet, with some parts a bit rocky and with corals.

But the best area is the secret Tordesillas beach, which is like an unspoiled Boracay beach. The Tordesillas family decided to keep it and preserve its natural beauty by not developing the area.


One of the best restos on the island is SAKURA by former Inagiku chef, Edo-san.

From the Inajo (Japanese rice pops) appetizers, to their signature dragon or spider makis, to their special Teppanyaki items, it’s surprising to have this kind of quality on an island. Really good!


We stayed at the Bali-inspired villas.  We had our own jacuzzi, which the boys absolutely loved. 🙂

The resort’s Nusa Dua bar is the best sunset cocktail spot on Balesin. The place also has an Indonesian-inspired resto called Warung.


We loved just lazing around on the sand, practicing airsoft target shooting, watching the horses on the beach, and hearing a beautiful Sunday Mass.


The best dinner spot on the island is Mykonos Resto in the Greece-inspired resort villas.

Make sure to order the Greek salad, lamb ribs, and super rich imported chocolate mousse that foodies are raving about!


The Greek-inspired architecture is also one of the most photogenic spots on the island! The entire island is a great place for a pre-nup shoot. 🙂


For breakfast, make sure to go to the St. Tropez French-inspired creperie. Order their French toast and savory & dessert crepes, and enjoy the awesome view of the Pacific Ocean and the onshore winds that will blow your mind away.


Don’t forget to get a massage at the modern white-minimalist-themed spa, with a lap pool and the option for an alfresco massage on the beach. 🙂


You are guaranteed to fall in love with Balesin island just as we did. Even before its development, it already was naturally beautiful. You can feel its seduction, as if luring you to stay for one more day.

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. Watch out for the complete Balesin series in!

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  1. Hi Anton,
    Minsan sana sa susunod, wag mo gamitin pang host ng file ang instagram. Nakablock kasi sa mga opisina naming mga sekyu at hindi makita yung mga magagandang litrato na nakuha mo.
    Maraming salamat at ipagpatuloy mo ang magandang gawain na magpagutom samin.

  2. Hi Anton. We (me and hubby) are planning to have an anniversary getaway on May. This place is quite interesting. Can please tell me how much is the budget for this (for 2).
    I hope you could help me. Thank you very much 🙂

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