BON BANHMI: The BEST Banhmi in Manila?!

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My brother Rommel who worked in Vietnam for a couple of months was craving for authentic Vietnamese food when he got back in Manila. His search led him to this authentic hole-in-the-wall Banhmi place in Makati which was opened recently by chi Anne Le.

I was skeptical about this until I’ve tasted the Banhmi. Check out BON Banhmi…

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BON Banhmi is located along Mayapis Street in San Antonio Village, Makati. 

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It has a limited menu for now. Click here for a bigger version of the Bon Banhmi Menu 

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BON is 4 in Vietnamese. It is the favorite number of Anne because she was born on December 4.

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They baked their baguette fresh in the morning, and she had to import a Vietnamese person to do it for her every day.

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We like the traditional version which is served with three types of Vietnamese ham.

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Traditional Banhmi (Large – P99). Pork lean past, Sated shredded meat, Pig’s head paste, Boiled Meat, Jambon, Bonbanhmi Special Pate, Mayonnaise.

I like the crispiness of the Baguette with a chewy inside. They put a lot of healthy greens to make this a healthier dish. The large version is good to share. 

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For the best experience, ask for chili and chili sauce to give it a spicy Vietnamese kick 🙂

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Artichoke Tea (P59). Special Drink for Health.

I would also recommend a refreshing unique tea drink that I have not seen anyone serving here in Manila — Artichoke Tea. It’s really good!

You can also pair it with Vietnamese strong coffee, but it was too sweet for our taste. 

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The perfect merienda or meal on the go.  Make sure to order drive through style when you pass by Mayapis St. on your way to Makati CBD.

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Indeed, it was the best Banhmi I’ve tasted in Manila 🙂  Let’s keep this a secret a little while more…

8390 Mayapis Street, San Antonio Village, Makati City. Philippin.
Telephone: +632 808 7979 (for delivery) 
Operating Hours: Daily  6:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

– They offer FREE delivery (P300+) to the entire of Makati
– Best to order in the morning to get the freshest bread 🙂

Here’s the map to go to BON Banhmi: 

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Live an Awesome Life, 


P.S. On weekends, they offer other vietnamese dishes like Cha Gio, or Goi Cuon.

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6 thoughts on “BON BANHMI: The BEST Banhmi in Manila?!

  1. Oh I have to agree with you on this! Been looking for a good and authentic Banh Mi here in the Philippines but most Vietnamese restaurants here don’t offer it… Then I discovered Bon banhmi by accident when we got stuck in traffic a month ago and was looking for a way out and passed by Mayapis street and saw this! We tried everything in their menu including the artichoke tea but the best one for me is the grilled beef banh mi… My first bite on the crispy baguette followed by the taste of meat and veggies inside instantly brought me back to the streets of Saigon! Yummy!

  2. Thank you so much for this Anton! hindi mo lang alam how much saliva I have in my mouth now! Since arriving from Vietnam a few months back, wala parin ako nakikita na bahnmi that tastes like the real banhmis in Vietnam!

  3. Hi Anton…I’m a Vietnamese based in Manila, whenever I search for Vietnamese resto in Phils it always leads me to your site. I’m glad to see that Vietnamese cuisine is one of your favorites 😉

  4. for 11 years i was finally able to taste this beauty again, it was one of my fave sandwiches in australia, thank you bon bahn mi for satisfying my cravings for this. one note though, id like to have it with more pickled carrots and onions. but still i recommend this spot to anyone i know. again thank you 🙂

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