FRANCO’S ROCKWELL: Casual Comfort Food Reinvention of Myron’s! @PowerPlantMall

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FRANCO’s is a casual comfort food reinvention of Myron’s by Mon and Monique Eugenio. The name is a loving tribute to their son, Franco.  

We were going to have our power lunch meeting with Butz Bartolome, franchising guru for our Mercato business, so it was a good opportunity to try out the best of Franco’s! 

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FRANCO’S MENU: Ala-Carte Menu | Desserts | Drinks | Alcoholic Drinks

Franco’s ambiance is casual with antique toy elements as highlights. The menu is carefully curated by Mon and Monique, retaining Myron’s favorites like the steaks, and adding new items like pizza and more pastry desserts.



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✮ Angus Beef Sisig (P150 +10% service charge)

This gourmet version of the sisig is very good. It is moist like the ones in Pampanga, with more meat than fat, and the meat itself is tender and yummy.

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✮ Salpicao (P175 +10% service charge).

I like the idea of making this a long tender piece of meat soaked in its sauce. A good pulutan. 🙂

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Tinapa-Cream Cheese Cigars (P125 +10% service charge).

Simple lumpia that has more wrapper than contents inside. Ok to skip. 🙂

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Caesar’s Salad (P160 +10% service charge).

The salad serving was really small and the greens looked dry. 🙁

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We met Mon Eugenio, who explained to us the evolution from Myron’s to Franco’s in Power Plant Mall.



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✮ Barcelona: Chorizo with Cheese and Caramelized Onions (P240 +10% service charge).

I love their pizzas — very thin and firm — with generous toppings of chorizo and sweet onions.

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✮ Three Cheese Pizza (P240 +10% service charge).

I like the three cheese pizza with the right amount of cheese flavor, and not too filling. 

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Grilled Salmon (P350 +10% service charge).

Here’s a good healthy alternative if you are looking for a light lunch. 

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✮ Tall Horse. Merlot. South Africa (P850 +10% service charge).

We ordered the Tall Horse Merlot from South Africa to pair with the meats in our main course. It was an easy red wine to drink with the meal.



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✮ Corned Beef (P320 +10% service charge).

This is one of their best-selling dishes. It’s good because they corn their own meat and serve this with generous servings of potatoes and vegetables. Sulit for its price, too!

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✮ Paolo’s Cut (P925 +10% service charge).

If you are looking for a good steak, order their signature Angus Steak. Paolo’s Cut is good enough to share with 2-3 people. The meat is flavorful, tender, and with a good, firm bite.

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✮ Mushroom Risotto (P240 +10% service charge).

Loved this, too! The risotto is cooked with just the right firmness, is not too creamy, and with balanced flavors.

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✮ Callos (P260 +10% service charge).

If you love Callos, this is one of the best I’ve tasted. It has a yummy stew consistency and the meat they use is not malansa.

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✮ Crispy Binagoongan (P210 +10% service charge).

Another sinful treat with crispy meat and not-too-salty bagoong, balanced by the flavors of tomatoes.



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They now incorporate a wide range of desserts but mostly still in development.
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Chocolate Truffle Cake (P150 +10% service charge)

This one is very good but not too original. Sometimes it’s nice to order something unique that would also be worth the calories.

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✮ Old Fashioned Bread Pudding (P195 +10% service charge).

Sinfully good sweet bread pudding with chocolate ice cream and caramel topping. 🙂

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Profiteroles (P150 +10% service charge).

Dry and pathetic. Mon said they were going to replace this already.

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✮ Butter Brew (P195 +10% service charge).

This drink is inspired by Butter Beer in Harry Potter. Tastes like rootbeer float with Mantikado ice cream…yummy! 🙂 

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Thank you to our lunchmates: Our Mercato partners — RJ and Vanessa Ledesma, Mon Eugenio, Pinggu Founders — Ping and Jewel Joven, and franchise guru, Butz Bartolome.

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Overall, I love their well-curated comfort food menu, with an excellent selection of yummy dishes at affordable prices. 🙂 

If you are going for merienda or for a light meal, order the Angus Beef Sisig, Salpicao, or Pizza.

If you are going for a full meal, the house specialties never fail. We like the Corned Beef, Paolo’s Cut for steak, Callos or Crispy Binagoongan with plain Rice, and the Mushroom Risotto.

For dessert, make sure to order the Old Fashioned Bread Pudding or Butter Brew. 🙂

Budget is about P500/head or P800/head if you are getting the steak.

Indeed, a great tribute to their son, Franco!

Ground Floor, Power Plant Mall, Rockwell, Makati City
Telephone: +632 728-9898, +632 728-5555
Facebook: Myron’s Place

Live an Awesome Life,


P.S. Read Butz Bartolome’s Business Mirror column “Franguru Speaks” every Wednesday, and the ABS-CBN News’ “The Business Mentor” column every Fridays. 

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