KING CHEF Binondo: The Best Chinese Restaurant in @LuckyChinatown!

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KING CHEF is a Cantonese Kitchen owned by Michael Chan-Ang and Marites Apiado-Ang, best known for their herbal soup and yummy Cantonese comfort food.

They started with their flagship branch along Banawe Street and gradually branched out to be one of the best restaurants in Lucky Chinatown, Binondo.

The name is inspired by a chef’s ultimate goal in the olden times of pleasing the King’s palate. Nowadays, the King is the Foodie who patronizes the restaurant, but the chef’s goal of preparing a feast to please the palate remains the same. 🙂

Check out our King Chef experience…

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King Chef is hailed by foodies as the best Chinese restaurant in Lucky Chinatown. 

KING CHEF - Binondo - Our Awesome Planet-6.jpgIt’s located on the 2nd floor of Lucky Chinatown, near the 168 side.

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They’re popular in the Chinese community for their dimsum, especially for their 50%-off-on-all-dimsum promo, from 3-5pm and 9-12mn daily.

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It’s also a popular place for birthday celebrations in the Chinese community.

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The ambiance is casual-elegant and inviting. Best to get the booth tables for added privacy.

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KING CHEF MENUCantonese Style Dimsum, Noodles & Soup, Congee, Steamed Rice Toppings | Tea Theraphy, Drinks, Desserts | Soups | Appetizers & Roasted Item | Live Seafood Selection: Suahe/Prawns, Crabs| Lapu Lapu, King Fish, Other Seafood, Pork | Chicken & Pigeon, Beef | Froglegs, Vegetables & Beancurd, Rice, Noodles | Seafood, Fish, Squid, Shrimp & Scallops

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✮ Kuchay Dumpling (P120 +6% service charge)

The kuchay dumpling tastes good but the skin is a bit rough.

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Siao Long Pao (P110 +6% service charge).

This was OK. It has more meat like siomai but with less soup inside. 

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Lemonade (Pitcher) – (P290 +6% service charge)

The lemonade was nothing special and a bit too sweet.

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✮ Lapu-Lapu 2 ways: With Tofu Soup (P1,420 +6% service charge)

We love the soup! It was tasty, a bit milky, and with fresh Lapu-Lapu head.  Herbal soup is one of their specialties at King Chef.

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…and ✮ Fried Lapu-Lapu in Mango Sauce.

It was a good decision to order the 2 ways version, with the tail part fried and topped with mango chili sauce all over!

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French Beans with Garlic (Small – P280 +6% service charge).

The beans are good and the small one is enough for sharing for 2-3 people.

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✮ Sauteed Suahe with Tea Leaves (330g – P400 +6% service charge).

We all love this signature King Chef dish — fried suahe cooked with tea leaves. 🙂 It’s best dipped with the orange vinegar sauce. You can eat the shrimp skin, which is very crispy, but some still prefer removing it.

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We met Lucy Garcia, the branch manager, who always makes sure to entertain and get feedback from her guests.

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She was very accomodating and gave us relevant information on the nuances of the consumers in Lucky Chinatown. The info was very helpful for our next food market project in Binondo. Thank you, Lucy!

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We had Almond with Lychee for dessert, which was a bit sweet.

We heard that their best dessert is Carrot Roll, but you have to order at least 1 day in advance.

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Overall, we enjoyed our KING CHEF dining experience. We liked the Lapu-Lapu 2 ways with Tofu Soup and Fried in Mango Sauce, and the Sauteed Suahe with Tea Leaves.  Go for the dimsum when its 50% off in the afternoon (3.00-5.00pm) or late at night (9.00pm – 12mn). 

Skip the Lemonade and go for the Tea Theraphy selections — Guan Yin Tea or Osmanthus.

Budget is P500 for dimsum, or P800/head if you are ordering the fresh seafood main dishes.

Any tips on what other food is good here?

Be sure to check out King Chef the next time you’re in Binondo! 🙂

KING CHEF Seafood Restaurant
2nd Floor, Lucky Chinatown
Reina Regente Corner La Chambre Streets, Binondo, Manila City
Telephone: +632 720-8594, 720-9062, 466-5765
Mobile: +63 925 805-8246
FacebookKing Chef Fine Dining / King Chef Dimsum Kitchen

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P.S. You can go to Beijing Foot Spa also located in Lucky Chinatown after your meal at King Chef!

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