What We Did Last December?

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(Lim Uy Family – December 24, 2013)

We are often asked how we celebrate Christmas. For us, the Filipino Christmas is all about the family and the kids 🙂 It’s a season of get together and extra happiness for the kids.

I like to share with you a glimpse of what we did last Christmas and New Year celebration…


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My wife comes from a big family of 7 siblings – 4 boys and 3 girls. 3 of the siblings are based abroad one sister in the US, another sister in Singapore and one brother in China.

We would meet for a Christmas Lunch on December 24 at their ancestral home in Sta. Mesa. Then the eve of December 25 is reserved for Christmas celebration for each family.

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Christmas is all about playing with the cousins and exchange gifts.  4 out of 7 of the siblings have kids so its always crazy when the cousins have reunions.

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Then December 25 is usually reserved for Family’s Christmas Mass, and Christmas Lunch with the Uy-side of Rache family.

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Ahiya Carlos is the oldest kuya, so all the boys wants to play with him. This year the hottest toy for boys is B-Daman Crossfight toy where it shoots marbles from its tummy.

Thank you to Uncle Rommel for their B-Daman toys 🙂
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Then on New Year’s Eve, our family would usually go out of town — usually Tagaytay, to escape the fireworks and the smog in Manila. This year was a bit special because both of our parents joined us for our New Year’s Escape.

Then on January 1, we would hear a solemn and blessed mass together to welcome the new year 🙂

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P.S. On my end, I come from a family of 3 boys and my brothers are in the US now. 

Elania & Milo with Mina and J Lorenz

P.P.S. Here’s our extended family in the US:

Diaz Family US

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