RAK of AEGIS: A Pinoy Rock Romantic Comedy Musical featuring the Songs of Aegis! (A Review) @PetaTheater

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RAK OF AEGIS is a Pinoy Original Musical based on the music of Pinoy Rock Band, Aegis. The music is weaved into a story of resilience amidst calamities and the dream of making it big someday.

It’s a musical a la Mamma Mia, with a cheesy love story and the songs of Aegis as the soundtrack.

I love its visually stimulating production and the romantic comedy storyline. The first half of the musical was solid. It established the story of the different characters and their flooding dilemma with vibrant Aegis music.

The second half though was dramatic and a bit dragging. I think it could have ended better with a different conclusion. 

But overall, this is one heart-warming musical with iconic Aegis songs that can be turned into a modern movie about the Pinoy’s resilience and love for music against all odds.

This is a must-see for all theater lovers. You can be proud of how our original Pinoy theater productions are evolving in Manila. 🙂 

You can still catch the last two weekend shows of Rak of Aegis, which closes on March 9!

Here’s a photo essay when we watched the show with the boys…

RAK of Aegis Show-1.jpg
RAK OF AEGIS is performed at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City. It was a full house when we watched.

RAK of Aegis Show-5.jpg
I like the charm of an intimate theater setup. It’s a fixed set stage, with the flood in the middle.

RAK of Aegis Show-4.jpg
I’m trying to expose the boys to an early love of Pinoy Musicals and the beauty of Original Pilipino Music.

The musical production wasn’t that loud and also kid-friendly.


RAK of Aegis Show-7.jpg
I like the premise of the show, where Aileen (played by Aicelle Santos) is aspiring to be a YouTube sensation, to escape poverty and her flooded village of Villa Venizia.

RAK of Aegis Show-9.jpg
The star-studded cast is led by Aileen’s father Kiel (played by Robert Seña), who is on the brink of losing his job, as Barangay Captain Mary Jane (played by Isay Alvarez-Seña) plans to close her failing shoe factory. 

RAK of Aegis Show-11.jpgIt was very entertaining, complete with dance scenes…

RAK of Aegis Show-13.jpg
…typical Pinoy humor…

RAK of Aegis Show-17.jpg
…a Kontrabida

RAK of Aegis Show-14.jpg
…and a cheesy love story between Tolits and Aileen.

RAK of Aegis Show-18.jpg
Aileen was surprisingly very good at performing the Aegis songs!

Here’s a video clip of the music from Rak of Aegis.

RAK of Aegis Show-20.jpg
Act I ends with Aileen recording the YouTube Video performance of her life. 🙂

RAK of Aegis Show-21.jpg
There’s a mini snack bar if you want to have something to eat or drink during the intermission.


RAK of Aegis Show-23.jpg
In Act II, the village becomes a tourist attraction because of Aileen’s YouTube performance, which goes viral.

I like how they incorporated audience participation by bringing them to the stage as the tourists. 

RAK of Aegis Show-24.jpg
There was a lot of drama in the second act, which dragged the show a bit. 

RAK of Aegis Show-25.jpg
I like the doble-cara performance of Aileen’s best friend.

RAK of Aegis Show-26.jpg
The Aileen-Tolits romance was very funny, with pick-up line exchanges and a typical romantic comedy happy ending.

RAK of Aegis Show-28.jpg
The blending and synergy of the cast is commendable. You can really see they are bonded well.

RAK of Aegis Show-29.jpg
The 3-hour show ends with an entrepreneurial message, highlighted by a modern fashion show.

RAK of Aegis Show-32.jpg
I like the overall story of redemption and resilience of the Filipino Spirit amidst calamities and poverty that is captured well in the angst of the Aegis songs.

It needs a better ending though if it would be turned into a movie. 

RAK of Aegis Preview-6.jpg
Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Rak of Aegis! 

After Wicked, this is one show you should not fail to watch in Manila!

Rak of Aegis

About: The music of the legendary pop-rock band Aegis conquers the local theater scene as the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) closes its 46th Theater Season with “Rak of Aegis”, a Pinoy rock comedy-musical featuring the songs of Aegis.
Location: The PETA Theater Center,  No.5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City. 
Date: Fridays to Sundays, January 31 until March 9, 2014
Time: Friday and Saturday shows at 3:00 P.M. and 8:00 P.M. and Sundays at 10:00 A.M and 3:00 P.M, except Feb 23 with shows at 10:00A.M and 8:00 P.M. and Mar 2 at 3:00 P.M. and 8:00PM. 

Rak of Aegis Synopsis

A story of love, fame and resilience, the narrative revolves around the residents of the flooded village of Villa Venizia. At the center of the story is Aileen (Aicelle Santos alternating with Joan Bugcat) a young mall promodizer caught in the web of finding love and seeking fame to support her family.

Aileen’s family like the other residents is greatly affected by the flood. Her father Kiel is in the brink of losing his job as baranggay captain Mary Jane (Isay Alvarez-Seña) plans to close her failing shoe factory. Knowing that her income will never be enough to make ends meet, Aileen decides to make a video of herself in the hopes of becoming the next YouTube sensation. Aileen’s suitor Tolits (Jerald Napoles alternating with Pepe Herrera) posts the video online, unaware that it will put Villa Venizia under the spotlight and change their lives forever.

“Rak of Aegis” is a musical filled with visual spectacle showcasing the Pinoy’s natural love for music and innate resilience in the face of calamity. The musical is created by the same women behind PETA’s hit comedy musical “Care Divas,” PETA Artistic Director Maribel Legarda and Palanca Award-winning writer Liza Magtoto, with musical arrangement and musical direction by actor-musician Myke Salomon.

“Rak of Aegis” also consists of a talented artistic team which includes Gio Gahol (choreography), Jonjon Villareal (lighting design), Mio Infante (production design), Carlo Pagunaling (costume design), Maco Custodio (shoe design), and Joan Pamintuan (accessory design).

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For more information contact PETA at +632 725-6244 or +63 917-5765400, petatheater@gmail.com or visit www.petatheater.com.

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  2. Is it allowed to take photos and video in most local broadway musical in PI while the show is in progress nowadays? This is a very nice photo essay. I used to watch plays in small theatres of CCP. It was nice watching them upclose and very much you feel the emotion of the actors on stage.

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