TOBY’S ESTATE: 3rd Wave Coffee Roaster from Australia to Manila @tobysestateph

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TOBY’S ESTATE is a specialty coffee house founded by Toby Smith in Australia in 2011, to “provide an uncompromised coffee experience to the coffee-loving community“. They also serve all-day breakfast and sandwiches in their flagship branch in Salcedo Village, Makati.

Check out our Toby’s Estate experience with the boys…

V Corporate Center, LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
FacebookToby’s Estate Coffee

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The facade is very inviting, with a bright high ceiling ambiance calling you to hang out for a while.

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It has a coffee bar on the right and a communal long table in the middle, popular for professionals meeting over good coffee.

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TOBY’S ESTATE MENUEggs, and Sandwiches | Desserts, Espresso Bar, Iced Drinks, Tea, and Wine

The ambiance is conducive for meeting with your friends or eating out with your family. 

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The placemat provides interesting trivia about coffee and is a good interactive tool to keep the kids entertained while waiting for your food. 

Toby Smith
I like the story of Toby Smith, a lawyer-turned-coffee roaster after traveling around the world to live in coffee-producing communities. 

Toby's Estate
They are best known for their Woollomooloo and Rodyk blend, and their single origin coffee — La Trinidad Geisha — from Toby’s own coffee farm in Panama.

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The service is also very pleasant, with young and friendly staff.

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We ordered a hot chocolate to pair with our breakfast meal. It was very strong and chocolatey.

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We ordered the off-menu (but-everybody-knows-about-it) signature coffee of Toby’s Estate.

It’s made from two shots of ristretto and Holy’s milk, which results in a strong, full-bodied but smooth coffee experience with chocolate notes.

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✮ TRAVIATA (P315). Two eggs baked in a skillet topped with tomato compote, grilled cherry tomatoes, arugula, and basil oil. Served with rustic garlic bread. 

The breakfast items are really good — classic eggs, fresh tomatoes, arugula, and a simple rustic bread. The skillet reminds me of a typical presentation of breakfast places in Singapore. 

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✮ BROUILLÉ ON TOAST (P305). Creamy scrambled eggs and sauteed mushrooms on brioche slices.

Love this brioche topped with eggs and sauteed mushrooms. A great meal to start your day.

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CHORIZO AND EGG BUN (P350). Spanish chorizo patty, slow-fried egg, and greens in a grilled potato bun. 

The chorizo was not sweet so the kids did not like it. We still prefer our very own Chori Burger from Boracay. 🙂 

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✮ GRILLED CHEESE AND FRUIT (P320). Ricotta, emmenthal, mozzarella, and parmesan cheese with vanilla and fruit compote in a ciabatta.

This was lovely — three cheese melted together with a sweet fruit compote. Best paired with the hot chocolate or dipped in coffee. Yum! 🙂  

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The boys liked the specialty magazines and comics available.

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The kids were entertained, which made our Toby’s Estate experience pleasant.

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✮ SANTÉ! (P310). Brioche french toast filled with dark chocolate, peanut butter, and bananas.

For dessert, order the brioche cooked the french toast way, with chocolate, peanut butter, and banana flavors.

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The cookies and other breads were not that appetizing. But order the Mushroom Truffle Bocaditos by Baked by Anita if available. 

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I love signature coffee places that not only offer awesome coffee but also really good breakfast or sandwich meals. Toby’s Estate is one such place.

Order their Gibraltar and Hot Chocolate for drinks. We recommend the Traviata, Brouillé on Toast, and Grilled Cheese and Fruit for the food.

The meals though are a bit expensive at P300+/dish, but still very good. Budget is P500/head.

It’s great that Manila is being pampered with specialty coffee places like this. Once you’ve tasted what really good coffee is like, it’s very hard to go back to commercialized coffee places.  

V Corporate Center, LP Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City
FacebookToby’s Estate Coffee
Twitter: @tobyestatePH
Instagram: @tobyestatePH

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Disclosure: Our meal is courtesy of our friend Carmina Sanchez-Jacob. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here

P.S. They have a small coffee bar on the 3rd Floor of Century City Mall near the Cinema area. 

3 thoughts on “TOBY’S ESTATE: 3rd Wave Coffee Roaster from Australia to Manila @tobysestateph

  1. I was so excited when Toby’s Estate opened in Salcedo. Before that I had to go to Century Mall to get a sip of my favorite coffee…
    However, the Salcedo service is just so slow, the coffee beans could have already grown into new coffee trees!
    To the management, you are serving people in the CBD, and a coffee break is not a lunch break. It’s a precious half an hour. A thirty minute wait for a coffee in this coffee shop is a normal day. Last Sunday 24 May, we waited forty five. I don’t normally write reviews and rants but I love Toby’s coffee. It is the best coffee in town. I beg you, please improve your service and don’t take my coffee away from me.
    My rating is just on the service not the coffee. The coffee is perfect.

  2. There’s a surprising number of terrible reviews about Toby’s service, rude staff, etc. Why haven’t these guys improved??

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