The Rise of the Social Traveler! (9 Learnings from the @DIAsiaTourism Conference)

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Valen Dawson of This Way to Paradise, Camille Willemain of This American Girl, and Alana Morgan of Paper Planes Blog.

I would like to share with you my top 9 Learnings on understanding the emerging Social Traveler segment during the Digital Innovation Asia Social Media Forum and Travel Bloggers Meet

1. Social Travelers will travel for a good story 

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Life goes on at the Victory Monument, Bangkok. It was great to experience firsthand how safe it was to travel here, despite the current political situation.


2. They seek out the authentic flavors to appreciate the culture 

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Trying the best boat noodle in Bangkok with Mark & Ying Wiens of Migrationology, James Clark of Nomaric Notes, & Tiffany Cu of Asia Travel Bug


3. A Social Traveler is not a Tourist

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Social Traveler vs. Tourist, by Juha-Petteri Kukkonen, Founder of Create Trips.


4. They constantly search for new inspirations and ideas

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Desserts popping out of magazines!

Interesting wall interactive display to serve baked bread with flavors like Foie Gras Hazelnut. #diASIAtourism #DIABKK #travel #AmazingThailand
Innovative ways to display and present food. 


5. Social Travelers love to meet fellow Social Travelers

Marriott Sunset Rooftop Cocktails-16.jpgKerwin McKenzi of, Lloyd of The Lost Boy Lloyd, Mark & Ying Wiens of Migrationology, and Tiffany Cu of Asia Travel Bug.


6. They value networking with the Travel Industry

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DIA Blogger Matchup in Bangkok with Michael Turtle of Time Travel Turtle.


7. Most Travel Bloggers are Social Travelers

Understanding Journalist vs. Bloggers #diASIAtourism #DIABKK #travel #AmazingThailand
Journalist vs. Blogger, by Jens Thraenhart, Founder of Digital Innovation Asia.


8. Social Travelers are always intrigued by other cultures 

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Kundeejeen Street Art @ Expique Sunrise Tour.


9. Social Travelers love the Sunset!

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Sunset over Bangkok. View from the Marriott Rooftop.

Bangkok Martial Law Experience Series:

Live an Awesome Life,


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P.S. Happy to meet all the Travel Bloggers who were brave enough to push through with their trip to Bangkok. 🙂

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