Are You Ready for Ultimate Taste Test 12 on Sept. 27, Sat @PowerPlantMall? (10 Days to go!)

Update (Sept. 29, 2014): Ultimate Taste Test XII: 4th Rockwell UTT @PowerPlantMall (A Photo Essay)


12th Ultimate Taste Test and 4th in the Rockwell UTT series

40+ vendors and 70+ of the latest and yummiest food in the metro and counting…

1,000 foodies and food critics

10 days to go to Ultimate Taste Test 2014!


Our Awesome Planet and San Miguel Lifestyle Brews present the 4th Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test 2014, the celebrated food tasting event, on September 27, 2014 Saturday at the Rockwell Tent from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Nestle Nestea House Blend as drink sponsor.

Don’t miss the Foodie Food Trip event of 2014 happening next Saturday!  Bring your friends and family to enjoy the UTT feast 🙂



1 Chili Asylum Main Dish Corned Beef Chili
    Appetizer Watermelon Salsa
2 Chizu Dessert Chizu ft. Bacon Bites (cheese-filled cupcakes)
    Dessert Chizu Bites (cheese-filled cupcakes)
  The Original French-A-Toast Dessert Hong Kong Style French Toast-
Original Peanut Butter
    Dessert Hong Kong Style French Toast-
Fluff Marshmallow
3 The Happy Monster Dessert Elvis Pie (peanut butter & choco)
4 My Cup of Cake Dessert Calamansi cupcake
      Tablea Cupcake
5 Bhest Lasagna Main Dish Premium Beef Lasagna
      Garlic Bread
6 MAKE PEACE COOKIES BY CUIZINA CO Dessert Raisinuts Oat Cookies
    Dessert Banana-Blueberry Nut Loaf
7 Kulinarya Kitchen c/o Rockwell Appetizer Seafood Salad Maki
    Main Dish Crispy Pork Belly con Chorizo
8 S Merchandising Corporation Dessert Chips Ahoy Ice Cream Creation –
Mocha, Dulce de Leche
9 HomeGrown Greens Appetizer Organic microgreen pizza
(with kale,arugula microgreens)
      Organic microgreen salad with
special dressing and kesong puti
(with kale,arugula microgreens)
10 Jack Frost Premium Ice Cream Dessert 1. Raspberetto (Raspberry w/ Amaretto)
2. Butterbrew (Root Beer, Caramel, & Toffee Chips)
11 Kool KIds Dessert Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream
      Warm Ice Cream Sandwiches
12 Jertie’s Kitchen Dessert Dark Chocolate Brownies
    Appetizer Pumpkin Jam
13 Blue Bell Ice Cream Dessert Blue Bell Ice Cream – Red Velvet Cake
      Sea Salt Caramel
14 CUPTAIN CAKES Dessert Triple Chocolate Brownie Crunch
      Roasted Cacao Nib Crunch with Chia and Flax seeds
15 TWG Tea Salon & Boutique c/o Rockwell Appetizer TWG Tea Sandwiches
    Dessert TWG Signature Macaroons
    Main Dish Crispy Lechon Sisig de Cebu
17 Hacienda Macalauan Drink 3Cows Yoghurt Drink
18 MERRY MOO Ice Cream Dessert Scandalously Chocolate
      White Choco Match Avocado
19 Adam’s Ice Cream Dessert The Ambassador’s Butter Cream
      The First Lady’s Fantasy
20 California Pizza Kitchen Appetizer Tuscan Hummus
    Appetizer Ever Salad
21 Healthy Eats Manila Appetizer Green Salad cups
    Drink Kamias Iced Tea Detox
22 Dulcelin Gourmet Appetizer Red Rice with Shrimp Shiso & Quail Eggs
    Dessert Dulce De Leche; Custard; Chiffon;
      Choco Cake Base w Cashew Nougatine
23 Fat and skinny desserts Dessert Banofit: Layers of graham,banana, pastry cream, Caramel, whipped cream, piped with dark chocolate
    Dessert BerryBlue: Thick, creamy and perfectly textured, delicious, melt in your mouth cheesecake
24 Fisher Farms Main Dish Fisherfarms Gourmet Baked Rellenong Bangus
25 Betchay’s Spread the Love Appetizer Alugbati /quezo de bola spreads
    Appetizer Bicol express/ tinapa spreads
26 Nestle House Blend Drink 4 kinds of Nestea (Dalandan, …)
27 San Miguel Lifestyle Brews Drink Super Dry, Premium All Malt, Cerveza Negra
28 Theo and Philo Chocolate Factory Inc c/o Rockwell Dessert Cashew Pili Chocolate Bonbon
    Dessert Peanut Butter Chocolate Borbon
29 Home of French Toasts Main Dish Ibarra: Palawan Honey&Binondo Chorizo French Toast w Ube Chantilly
    Dessert Homemade Mint Marshmallows and Banana-cue French Toast w Chocolate Mousse
30 Sweet Fevrier, Co. Dessert Kisstachio Oatmeal Cookie
31 Kitchenini Appetizer Burong Tilapia Wrapped in Mustasa Leaf
    Main Dish Bagoong Fried Rice
32 Made by Max PH Drink Almond Butter Banana Smoothie
    Appetizer Whole Wheat Toast Sticks with Made by Max Almond Butter Dip
33 Chrainis Red Confectionery c/o Rockwell Dessert Nutty Toffee Candy
34 Red Spatula Dessert Mamon
35 Panic Baking Dessert Chocolate Revel Bars
    Dessert Matcha (Green Tea) Oatmeal Bars
36 Pink Mixer Snack Asado Roll
    Snack Tuna Pie
37 Wise Eats Manila Snack Sausages and Patties
38 Wise Eats Manila Snack Fruit Butters
39 Bradberyx Golden Buds Inc Drink Fresh MIlk, Chocolate Milk, Yogurt
    Snack Pastillas, white cheese
40 The Green Baker Dessert  

… and more to come!



Ultimate Taste Test XI- Cinematic Studios-309.jpg

Top 3 Winners of the Ultimate Taste 2014 will get a cash bonus prize to support their food venture:


1ST RUNNER UP: P10,000

2nd RUNNER UP: P5,000

What Food Suppliers Can Expect in Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test:

  • No Registration Fee for Home-Based Food Vendors and Restaurants–but you need to provide bite-sized taste portions of your latest products (enough for 1,000 foodies).
  • If your product is really good, it would go viral and spread throughout the foodie and food blogging community.
  • The top food suppliers who meet the average rating of 3.8 and above will be featured in Our Awesome Planet by October!
  • BONUS: Get 1 month free rent for a booth in our night markets 🙂

To apply as a Food Supplier, fill up the Rockwell 2014 UTT Application Form and submit  via email to


III. Meet our UTT 2014 Host: Spanky Enriquez!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-5.jpg

Spanky Enriquez wears many hats within the Manila foodie community—he is an avid blogger, social media specialist, event host, educator, and all-around bon vivant.

He gained recognition for his colorful, and sometimes controversial blog, “Manila Boy”, and writes a column for called “The Daily Spank.” He also teaches classes at Istituto Culinario in Greenhills.

Those who know Spanky can attest to his witty personality, and sharp analysis of the Manila restaurant scene, particularly when it comes to Marketing. He has hosted a number of seminars and privately consulted for many restaurant owners on how to make social media work for them—an integral component in any business in this day and age.

He also organizes groups of like-minded bloggers to get together at various restaurants around the city, to help spread the word about delicious new dishes, interesting holes-in-the-wall, or exciting new players on the scene.

Spanky has been hosting the Ultimate Taste Test ever since its early days in 2010.

IV. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW – UTT 2014 on Sept. 27, 2014, Saturday!

Ultimate Taste Test 11-110.jpg

Rockwell’s 4th Ultimate Taste Test Event

What: Rockwell’s Ultimate Taste Test — Be a Food Critic for a Day!
When: September 27, 2014, Saturday, 11.00 am – 9.00 pm.
Where: Rockwell Tent

Ultimate Taste Test  Fee: P600/head. Inclusive of:

  • Food Taste Portions from a minimum of 40+ Home-Based Food Vendors & Power Plant Mall Restaurants for the entire Saturday
  • A bottle of San Miguel Super Dry, Premium All-Malt or Cerveza Negra
    (For foodies 18 years old and above only)
  • Food Critic Ballot for voting your favorite food discoveries.

Buy your Ticket Now Online via PAYPAL:

Ticket Options
1 ticket- Regular price starting Sept 1 P600.00 PHP
5+1 Promo- Regular price starting Sept 1 P3,000.00 PHP


UTT ’14 Ticket Selling Guidelines

1). HOW TO BUY YOUR TICKETS. Payments are to be settled through cash or bank deposit or online via paypal.

2). CASH PAYMENTS. For cash payments, it can be made through two locations:

MAKATI: Power Plant Mall R1 Customer Care Desk in front of Mango during Mall hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday 11am-9pm
  • Friday 11am-10pm
  • Saturday 10am-10pm
  • Sunday 10am-9pm

ORTIGAS: Creative Juice Office located at 2nd Floor, Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. Call 470-9925, 570-7827 or 584-8962.

3). BANK DEPOSITS. For bank deposits, clients should make a reservation with Creative Juice first before the actual deposit be made. A copy of the deposit slip should be sent to Creative Juice through fax at 470-9925 or email it at for reservation to be considered valid. The name that is used in the reservation should be indicated on the deposit slip.  Please include number of purchased tickets on the deposit slip.

4). CLAIMING OF TICKETS. Ticket can be claimed through Creative Juice, Rockwell or on the event day itself.

MAKATI: Ticket/s can be claimed during Power Plant Mall Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday 11am-9pm
  • Friday 11am-10pm
  • Saturday 10am-10pm
  • Sunday 10am-9pm

A valid ID and the original copy of the official receipt/deposit slip should be presented upon claiming. No supporting documents, no ticket.

ORTIGAS: Ticket/s can be claimed in the Creative Juice Office located at 2nd Floor, Fun Ranch, Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City only. Call 470-9925, 570-7827 or 584-8962.

5). REFUND POLICY. Purchased Tickets are non-refundable.

6). CHILD POLICY. Children aged 7 and below will be granted free entrance but no passport and wristband will be given. Should children wish to participate in the taste test, they are free to purchase a ticket at regular price.

7). SENIOR CITIZEN POLICY. Original ticket rate is at P600.00 per ticket. Senior Citizen ticket rate is at Php585 per ticket.

Tickets bought at the senior citizen rate should be stamped/marked for identification. Ticket-buyers should present their senior citizen ID in order to purchase the ticket at this rate.

Tickets bought at the senior citizen rate are not transferrable to non-senior citizens. In the case where a senior citizen gives his/her ticket to a non-senior citizen, the new ticket-holder should pay an extra of P167.14 upon entrance.


Frequently Asked Questions:

9). Can foodies buy tickets on the day itself?

A: We would recommend to buy your tickets as early as possible.  There is no guarantee that there will still be tickets on the event day itself because we only have limited tickets.

10). Do we allow pick up of tickets on the event day itself for those who paid online and bank deposit?

A: YES. All paid ticket purchases online and via bank deposit can be picked up on the day itself. Please present valid ID and ticket purchase confirmation.


Live an Awesome Life,

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Full Disclosure: Our Awesome Planet is the Founder of the Ultimate Taste Test series.

P.S. I’m excited, our friend Sandra Allan-Beltran of The Reading Room will join us in the Ultimate Taste Test for Soul Card Reading sessions.  We are raffling off free reading sessions at 1pm, 4pm and 6pm during the UTT Event. There will be “spot” reading sessions for our blogger friends.

You can avail of a full hour reading session for P750 during the event. Don’t miss it 🙂

Soulcard Reading

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