BERLIN: TEUFELSBERG–Abandoned Cold War-era Spy Station on top of Devil’s Mountain!

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I must admit, when I saw Teufelsberg in the itinerary as the culminating activity for our last day in Berlin, I expected it to be boring.

But the charm of visiting the once abandoned building that has been turned into one of the largest outdoor gallery parks grows on you, then you start to appreciate how different Berlin is. (Read “How Berlin has ruined living anywhere else“.)

Here’s a photo essay on our tour of Teufelsberg

Tuefelsberg Berlin-1.jpg
Teufelsberg is located at Berlin’s highest “man-made” mountain.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-2.jpg

“A Cold War relic lies abandoned on top of a mountain made of rubble, built over a Nazi college that couldn’t be destroyed after the end of World War II. The gates of the former US spy station are locked and secure; its perimeter sealed by an uncompromising high fence, an angry crisscross mesh of wires that clearly imply: “Eintritt Verboten!”  

“Welcome to Teufelsberg, literally “Devil’s Mountain,” a hill reaching 114.7 meters above sea-level, made from an estimated 12 million cubic meters of war rubble (apparently about 400,000 bombed houses) pushed together in the north of the Grunewald forest in West Berlin.”

Read More about the Story of Teufelsberg (Abandoned spy station)

Tuefelsberg Berlin-7.jpg
It was supposed to be turned into a high-end residential area, however the project was ultimately abandoned in the middle of construction due to bankruptcy.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-134.jpg
My first impression was, “What can you possibly learn from an abandoned place?”

Tuefelsberg Berlin-16.jpg
We entered what was the main lobby before.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-28.jpg
The tour started to get interesting as the story of Teufelsberg unfolded, beginning with the cold war era.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-17.jpg
This is the abandoned main entrance where the old photo above was shot.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-19.jpg
It was a bit creepy. I wonder if there’s a night tour of the place? 

Tuefelsberg Berlin-25.jpg
The old uniforms and insignia of the security personnel who protected the place were on display.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-31.jpg
We then walked along a dark hallway, with the tour guide explaining what was underneath the mountain.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-36.jpg
This was the old Nazi military training school building that was indestructible, so they burried it under rubble from bombed houses from World War 2 and created the hill.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-34.jpg
For a time, it was a popular ski area for Berliners during the winter season.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-47.jpg
We started our ascent to the radar via the staircase.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-50.jpg
Teufelsberg is envisioned to be the largest outdoor urban gallery in the world.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-54.jpg
It’s a great backdrop for fashion blogging shoots.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-53.jpg
One of the more popular graffiti artworks. “Old Man” by Berlin-based JBAK–a collaboration between James Bullough and Addison Karl.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-58.jpg
Aside from the historical tour, it would have been nice to also have a graffiti art tour of the most interesting pieces in Teufelsberg.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-61.jpg
This realistic picture of a lady, also by JBAK, is entitled “Characters”.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-63.jpg
More beautiful graffiti art from JBAK.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-64.jpg
The Co sisters.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-65.jpg
We went up the stairs to reach the radar.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-78.jpg
We finally reached the rooftop with beautiful surrounding views of Berlin. 

Tuefelsberg Berlin-70.jpg
On the left is one of the dilapidated radars…

Tuefelsberg Berlin-72.jpg
…with another one on the right side. It’s quite beautiful to see these illuminated at night by a fire dance performance.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-74.jpg
Inside the right radar dome. 
 Tuefelsberg Berlin-73.jpg
They say the radars are phallic symbols, meant to taunt the other side.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-83.jpgYou need a flashlight to navigate your way through the abandoned buildings.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-82.jpg
Check out this Stencil Artwork from Exit Strategy Ambush.

Check out the Ambush blog for more information.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-84.jpg
The last radar dome is quite high, and some might get discouraged to proceed further.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-86.jpg
At least you’ll be entertained by graffiti art on your way up.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-94.jpg
The Radar Dome artwork is a bit creepy, but it has one of the best acoustics.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-92.jpg
This was the highlight of the trip. It’s a plus if you have a performer in your group who can test out the natural amplification and huge reverb. 

MUERAN HUMANOS – MONSTRUO (en Teufelsberg) from chance on Vimeo

Tuefelsberg Berlin-97.jpg
Check out the awesome view of the forest.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-99.jpg
The ski slope is on the right side.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-101.jpg
QR Code on the roof, which leads to the website of the artist.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-105.jpg
On your way down, you’ll notice other graffiti art…

Tuefelsberg Berlin-103.jpg
Twoone and Addison Grafitti Art.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-107.jpg
Hidden Portraits.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-110.jpg
Cute girl.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-114.jpg
The Fetish by Bandit.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-113.jpg
Just to give context on how big the graffiti mural is.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-118.jpg
The outdoor gallery continues at the back of the radar station.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-121.jpg
One more thing from our guide…

Tuefelsberg Berlin-123.jpg
…antique big shredders used during the cold war.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-127.jpg
This is where you feed the documents to be shredded.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-130.jpg
Alien Graffiti pointing you to the exit.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-131.jpg
The area outside looks like a movie set.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-136.jpg
A great OOTD location shoot.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-146.jpg
The ASEAN Blogger delegation after the hour-long tour of Teufelsberg.

Tuefelsberg Berlin-147.jpg
I had my initial doubts, but exploring abandoned sites is a unique way to understand the culture of Berlin better, through its Cold War history, urban graffiti art, and breathtaking views.

All guides and tours begin at the gate of the former Field Station Berlin Teufelsberg at Teufelsseechaussee 10, 14193 Berlin.

You can visit for more info on a guided tour of Teufelsberg.


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Disclosure: Our Berlin Trip was courtesy of the Foreign Ministry as part of the Blogger Visitors Program of the Federal Republic of Germany. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. The story of Teufelsberg is quite interesting in light of the continuing NSA spying scandal.

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