OUTBREAK ASSAULT: Most Awesome Zombie Survival Game in Manila! @OutbreakManila

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Outbreak Assault
OUTBREAK ASSAULT is a Zombie Survival Simulation, where a team of ten players, are geared up and sent on a mission inside a 6-storey abandoned building. Inside, the team will be given a set of tasks to complete while facing hordes of zombies. 

The OAP team were really excited to experience this first of a kind Zombie Survival Simulation.

Here’s a photo essay of this the Outbreak Assault held last October 18. Happy Halloween!

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Outbreak AssaultThe event is a spin-off from the popular Outbreak Manila and Outbreak Missions franchise where participants run from their lives away from zombies that are after their “life flags” that are attached to their waists. 

Outbreak Assault explores veering away from the flag belts and the long run (for now)! Your survival will depend on how well you manage your ammo and how well you deal with encounters not only with zombies but with the NPC (Non Playing Characters) as well.

 For more details: http://www.outbreakmanila.com/ 

Outbreak AssaultIt is best to wear long sleeves, pants, and rubber shoes when partaking in this simulation game. Like anything to do with zombie survival, there will still be a lot of running and moving around involved.

Outbreak AssaultAt first, our team was asked to meet at a 6-story abandoned building in Tomas Morato and we were teamed up with other players.

Outbreak AssaultWhen the simulation started, we were ordered to assemble in the armory where we were briefed and taught how to use the air-soft guns. 

Check out the Outbreak Assault gun demo video.

Outbreak Assault
Our guns had no live ammo during the simulation. The air-soft guns are all gas-powered but work just like their real steel counterparts.The armory provided a variety of guns to choose from ranging from rifles, sub-machine guns, and handguns.

Outbreak AssaultWe were taught to treat every gun as if it were the real deal. Common guidelines such as not aiming at other people and not putting your finger on the trigger unless you’re ready to fire were given. 

Outbreak AssaultThe guns operate by filling up their magazines with gas. They will pop and recoil just like the real thing but not as loud, and not as harsh. 

In order to survive, you need to manage your 15 shots until you reach the reloading station. No ammo equals zombie meat.

Outbreak AssaultFor those who registered under Hardcore Mode, the simulation started at night. Flashlights were highly recommended or even one of those head-mounted flashlights like these three ladies.

Outbreak AssaultAn “NPC” non-playing character served as our guide and safety marshal throughout the mission. Along the way, we met other NPCs that briefed and provided us with different missions that we had to accomplish along the way.

Outbreak AssaultAll the zombies we encountered inside are graduates of the Outbreak Manila Zombie School, and are trained to react properly to different situations and gunshots– This ensured that the experience was as realistic as possible.

Outbreak AssaultAlthough guns were provided to protect you, we were advised to take extra care when firing them.

Some zombies were taken down with one shot, others with several, and for the stronger ones, gunshots did nothing but make them angrier.

Outbreak Assault
In order to preserve your ammo, we tried always to aim for the head to ensure a kill. 

Outbreak AssaultShooting other parts of a zombie’s body will only make them slower and not completely incapacitate them.

Outbreak AssaultAs with all Outbreak events, safety of the participants is always prioritized. We were reminded that if we ever felt the need to rest or can’t continue, we could simply inform the guide and that they will assist us ASAP.

Outbreak AssaultOne valuable tip for future participants: Stay hydrated! Moving around is no joke and the sudden rush of adrenaline will surely exhaust you.

Check out the video of our OUTBREAK ASSAULT Experience above!

Outbreak AssaultHere’s a souvenir picture found in Outbreak’s Facebook page. (Props for our team leader Yancy on the right, for wearing an all out Umbrella Corp costume!)

It took us a while to complete the puzzles inside, and the answer to the puzzles only led to an even deeper storyline of the zombie epidemic.

Outbreak Assault
Amidst the zombie attacks in the final stages of the Assault, our team was given the coordinates for the next Outbreak Assault by one of the NPCs acting as a key scientist.

We would love to share with you the next venue, but we were reminded that this information is exclusive only for the participants of the first Assault.

Outbreak AssaultBesides having an awesome time, we got souvenir dog tags for completing the mission.

Outbreak AssaultOur overall verdict? We love Outbreak Assault! We were so deep in the game that the end felt very bitin. This may be because we did not expect that we won’t be able to find a cure.

We are excited to see when is the next Outbreak Assault in Manila. Happy Halloween! 

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Only 150 lucky people experienced this one-of-a-kind-event last October 18!

The next Outbreak Assault date is yet to be announced but for those that can’t wait, Outbreak Manila also holds exclusive Assaults for corporate bookings and other private functions such as birthdays, bachelors parties and other special events.

Email your inquiries at partner@outbreakmanila.com 

Price for the first Assault was only P1500 per person.
Hardcore mode was P2000 per person.
Special booking prices are subject to change depending on venue and number of participants

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Disclosure: Our Outbreak Assault experience is courtesy of our friends from Outbreak Manila. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. I miss the Halloween Fun in Manila. There’s nothing happening here in Athens 🙁

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