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Situated just 15 minutes from Singapore’s city centre, SENTOSA is a home to an exciting array of themed attractions, award-winning spa retreats and resort accomodation, alongside lush rainforests, golden sandy beaches and luxury residences. 

We kick off this Awesome Sentosa Adventure series with a visit to the Sentosa Merlion’s Lair in Sentosa…

Sentosa Merlion Park, Sentosa Island
Standard Rates: S$12 / Adult, S$9 – Child (3 – 12 years old
Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm daily (last entry 7.30pm)

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I would recommend that you start your Sentosa adventure with a visit to the 37m gigantic replica of the Merlion.

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As you enter, you explore the world under the sea …

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where the mermaids play and …

Sentosa Merlion-14.jpg… the sea dragons live.

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You watch a video of the origin of the Merlion symbol.

According to the Sejarah Melayu (Malay Anals), the Malay King Sri Tri Buana discovered the fishing island of Temasek (former name of Singapore island) in the 13th century AD. When he landed on the island, he saw a ferocious fast beast which we know today as a lion.

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The Merlion symbol pays tribute to the Lion legend and how the country emerged as one of Asia’s strongest economy. The fish tail as a homage to its humble fishing village origin.

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Afterwards, deposit your ticket to get your lucky prosperity coin.

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Take the elevator to the 9th floor roof deck to get an amazing 360 degree view of Sentosa Island.

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It’s awesome to see the bay and get your bearings on how you plan to explore the island.

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Walk down the stairs to the Mouth Gallery Viewing Deck.

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Don’t forget to Ring the bell and make a wish.

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Take a souvenir photo in the Sentosa Merlion’s mouth with an awesome view of Sentosa in the background. 

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Go down under the sea again to the first floor via the elevator.

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Before you exit, you can grab a souvenir for your travel collection.

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Sentosa Merlion Park, Sentosa Island
Standard Rates: S$12 / Adult, S$9 – Child (3 – 12 years old
Operating Hours: 10am – 8pm daily (last entry 7.30pm)

SENTOSA. The State of FUN
Sentosa Leisure Management Pte Ltd
39 Artillery Avenue, Sentosa, Singapore 099958
Telephone: 1800-SENTOSA (736 8672) | +65-6736 8672 
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, from 9.00am to 6.00pm
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Instagram: @Sentosa_Island
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Awesome Sentosa Adventure Series:

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Disclosures: We’ve been to Sentosa many times on our own and our recent trip with the boys was courtesy of our friends from Sentosa. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Here are the operating hours and ticket prices if you buy individual tickets per attraction. Buy the Sentosa FUN Pass to get a good deal on your Sentosa adventure.

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4 thoughts on “SENTOSA: Inside the Sentosa Merlion’s Lair @Sentosa_Island @MySingapore

  1. Sentosa is awesome! We’ve been there before, and everything was great.
    I really liked that cartoonish movie bit about how Singapore was born!
    Plus the top of the Merlion where you can just stare off in the distance for a while is an experience as well. And hey, you can also buy ice cream after going back from the Merlion trip. The ice cream shop near the trains are unique and tasty, too.
    Awesome, awesome. 🙂

  2. Fantastic! Looks like such a fun place! Sentosa is a perfect place for kids, but I guess it gives ‘us’ also a chance to become kids again! 🙂 Thanks for the info!

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