TAO EXPEDITION Day 4: Linipacan Clear Waters, Tao Farm, & Tao Village (A Photo Essay) @TaoPhilippines

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Tao Expedition - Day 4-379.jpg
We snorkeled in an aquarium-like coral reef with the clearest water I’ve ever seen. Then we had lunch and a tour of the much-anticipated Tao Farm before finally settling in our Tao Village base camp in El Nido.

Here’s a photo essay of the 4th day of our Tao Expedition experience…

Tao Expedition Series:

Tao Expedition - Day 4-265.jpg
We woke up to another beautiful view of the beach.  

Tao Expedition - Day 4-270.jpg
I like the huts here at Guinto base camp–higher ceiling with more personal space.  

Tao Expedition - Day 4-277.jpg
We had pancakes with banana jam…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-282.jpg
…before making our final push to Bacuit Bay in El Nido!


Linipacan Clear Waters

Tao Expedition - Day 4-284.jpg
First stop of the day was Tacling Cabbage coral reef near the Calibangbangan Fishing Village in Linipacan. The water was so clear that you could see the bottom of the reef. It’s like swimming in an aquarium!

I regret not having an underwater GoPro to document the experience. 🙁

Tao Expedition - Day 4-287.jpg
We had hand-made french fries with ketchup for lunch. 🙂

Tao Expedition - Day 4-289.jpg
Do you have what it takes to beat the crew in arm wrestling? 🙂


Daracoton Tao Base Camp

Tao Expedition - Day 4-292.jpg
2nd stop was the Daracoton Tao base camp…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-304.jpg
…where we snorkeled around a fishing boat wreck…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-307.jpg
…explored the base camp, and visited the nearby fishing village.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-350.jpgThe Daracoton Tao base camp has a nice two-level bamboo building with a beautiful view of the sea.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-312.jpg
This is the single-detached hut in the base camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-313.jpg
The bed configuration inside the hut.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-311.jpg
The restroom situation in the base camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-320.jpg
One of the main industries in the Northern Isles of Palawan is dried fish!

Tao Expedition - Day 4-321.jpg
There were a lot of pigs around the fishing village.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-328.jpg
This well is the main source of water for the village.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-333.jpg
This is another one of the Tao Kindergarten Projects for the island.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-338.jpg
Had my first taste of fresh Coconut Wine harvested from this coconut tree with a bottle.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-342.jpg
Very sweet tuba, milky in color, but has a vinegary scent.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-341.jpg
We had the sweet, freshly harvested coconut before heading out to our next destination.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-364.jpg
3rd stop was Lunch at the Tao Farm home base!

Tao Expedition - Day 4-357.jpg
The Tao Paraw sailboat named Balatik, about to go on its Maiden Voyage in November for the Tao Expedition. It uses a sail when there’s wind power available. 


Tao Farm Lunch

Tao Expedition - Day 4-367.jpg
We met Anne Pansinsoy, the head cook responsible for the yummy and diverse food at Tao Philippines.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-365.jpg
We had Talinum–local spinach salad with honey, calamansi, and pepper, served on a Cadlao driftwood salad bowl, used at the start of the Tao Expedition.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-371.jpg
Paksiw na isda for lunch at the farm.  

Tao Expedition - Day 4-385.jpg
Signature pickled chili in sweet vinegar sauce made by Anne.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-373.jpg
Nothing beats the taste of freshly harvested vegetables, prepared by the master cook herself.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-384.jpg
We ate the dried fish we bought from the fishing village. One of my regrets is not buying this for pasalubong. 🙁

Tao Expedition - Day 4-381.jpg
Happy faces after the yummy lunch at the Tao Philippines Farm. 🙂


Tour of the Tao Philippines Farm

Tao Expedition - Day 4-388.jpg
Basketball in the farm.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-390.jpg
Siesta after lunch.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-392.jpg
The bamboo beds in the Tao Farm.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-395.jpg
The farm has the best restroom facilities among all the base camps.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-396.jpg
The toilet facilities.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-398.jpg
The outdoor shower.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-397.jpg
Water purification system.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-403.jpg
The beautiful Tao Foundation Building made from cogon and bamboo…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-415.jpg
…where English, Boys’ Academy, and Women Empowerment classes are held for the communities. 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-410.jpg
Anne personally toured us around the farm and shared with us the plan for the construction of the Main Kitchen.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-411.jpg
The fish farm with brackish water to cultivate Bangus and Crabs, developed by Jimmy the Marine Biologist, one of the scholars of Tao.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-419.jpg
The Father Pig. They breed pigs and give the baby pigs to the community to take care of. Then they buy them back at the right time.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-422.jpg
Duck farm.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-426.jpg
Vegetable nursery.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-429.jpg
Soon, they plan to serve pork in the Tao Farm during lunch to give the guests a break from all the grilled fish.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-433.jpg
The composting area.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-443.jpg
Fresh water source in the farm.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-440.jpg
The rice fields.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-449.jpg
Tao Philippines created 300 fiberglass Tao boats (10,000-15,000/boat) and sold them at P1,500/boat to fishermen who were affected by the typhoons.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-460.jpg
The old-school oven system used at the farm.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-451.jpg
Thank you to Anne for the wonderful tour of the Tao Farm!

Tao Expedition - Day 4-474.jpg
We made our final push to our last base camp for this Tao Expedition–the TaO village located in Cadlao Island.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-468.jpg
We had banana fries for merienda.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-476.jpg
We caught another fish and I learned how to cut it into sashimi slices! 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-482.jpg
The meat is sliced off from its skin. 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-486.jpg
The belly part is removed…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-489.jpg
…as well as the bone part in the middle.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-500.jpg
The fish meat is then washed to remove the saltiness of the sea and topped with fresh kalamansi juice.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-502.jpg
The best merienda ever–fresh sashimi off the sea served with wasabi and soy sauce! 🙂


Tao Village

Tao Expedition - Day 4-499.jpg
The last base camp is at Tao Village in Cadlao Island. It’s the first base camp of Tao Philippines and situated in a nice Boracay-like beach area.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-505.jpg
Tao Village is the most charming base camp because it’s set in the limestone cliffs. It has a generator, but the mosquitoes are nastier in this area.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-506.jpg
Sundowner cheers! 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-512.jpg
Tao Village Basecamp huts.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-513.jpg
The spacious rooms inside the huts.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-515.jpg
Toilet at the back of the camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-511.jpg
Rustic shower area.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-521.jpg
The most beautiful hut on the base camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-524.jpg
Inside the honeymoon suite. 🙂

Tao Expedition - Day 4-525.jpg
Every night we had great conversations while we waited for dinner. 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-532.jpg
The most raved about dinner dish–Ginisang Mongo Bean… 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-534.jpg
…Grilled fish…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-533.jpg
…and Talinong salad.

Tao Expedition - Day 4-536.jpg
Our last dinner for this Tao Expedition. I will miss hanging out and eating with the group in the remote Islands of Palawan. 

Tao Expedition - Day 4-527.jpg
We were treated to a massage on our last night!

(Note: Massage is included in the package, you need to give a tip to your massage therapist).

to be continued…

Tao Expedition - Day 4-466.jpg


Tao Expeditions has been described as ‘One of the most pioneering cultural eco-tourism projects in the Philippines’. It is a journey to the most remote region in Palawan to discover a tropical archipelago of hundreds of paradise islands, inaccessible to independent travelers through its remoteness and lack of tourist infrastructure.

Email: info@taophilippines.com
Emergency Contact Numbers: +63 908 874 9075 or +63 998 411 3576 
FacebookTao Philippines
Twitter: @TaoPhilippines

Coron Tao Office: Don Pedro St. Coron town (in front of Sea Dive resort). 
El Nido Tao Office: Serena St. El Nido town. 

Tao Expedition Fee (2015 Season): P25,000 for regular 5 days/4 nights per person 

50% Deposit due to secure booking : 12,500PHP

What’s included?

  • The journey with us onboard.
  • All meals, snacks, and refreshments.
  • Your overnight accommodation at Tao base-camps or in the islands.
  • Fees and environmental tax in islands and nature reserve.
  • Equipment: Mask and Snorkel (no Fins).
  • Local fishing gears (drop line and line trawling).
  • Kayaks. 

Not included: 

  • Accommodation before or after the trip with us.
  • Transportation to and from the meeting point.
  • Towels.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Fins for snorkeling.
  • El Nido Tourism Development Tax (P200) in your stay in El Nido.

Click here to check the ‘Open Group Expedition’ schedule.


Here’s the map of the expedition: Tao Expedition Map

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Disclosure: I paid for my Tao Philippines Expedition and I’m not connected in any way with Tao Philippines. I wrote this article with my own biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. People download episodes of Pinoy Fliptop Battle–a Filipino Pinoy Rap competition–and watch it on their mobile phones in the remote islands of Palawan.

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