TAO EXPEDITION Day 2: Patcy Breakfast, Maltayok Beach, & Buluang Karaoke! (A Photo Essay) @TaoPhilippines

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Tao Expedition - Day 2-98.jpgOn Day 2 of the Tao Expedition, we continued to explore the islands between Coron and Culion Island. We decided to stay at the Buluang Base Camp and end the day with a Karaoke night to remember.

Here’s a photo essay of our Day 2 TAO EXPEDITION experience from Patcy to Buluang, Culion Island…

Tao Expedition - Day 2-6.jpg
The sunrise woke me up and this is the scene that greeted me “Good Morning!”

Tao Expedition - Day 2-7.jpg
I’ve always wanted to sleep on the beach where you hear the soothing sound of the waves, and being caressed by the onshore winds.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-10.jpg
The water is calm. You can easily kayak around the Patcy island for your morning exercise.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-37.jpg
You can snorkel to see the manta rays and swim to the other island.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-17.jpg

Fresh fruits are prepared and served every morning during the expedition. 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-26.jpg
Breakfast was banana blossom burger with egg, cucumber, and tomato, plus ginger tea. 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-31.jpg
Nothing beats breakfast on the beach. 🙂

Tao Expedition - Day 2-32.jpg
Love the Banana heart with carrots, egg, and seasoning. 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-46.jpg
We played Frisbee for a while before heading out to our next destination.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-47.jpg
I love the Patcy Tao base camp because it is on a small island, the boat can dock directly on the beach, and you can see both sunset and sunrise.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-50.jpg
Our Team leader Romy sharing with us our tour route for the day and location of our next base camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-59.jpg
First stop of the day: Snorkeling Japanese barge wreck at Malkatop island.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-55.jpg
The Tao Kitchen on the boat, busy preparing our awesome home cooked lunch.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-62.jpg
Was excited to see squid as part of the menu.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-70.jpg
We passed by Huma Island, which was the site of our next adventure. 🙂

Tao Expedition - Day 2-80.jpg
We had camote-cue for our morning merienda.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-79.jpg
Next awesome stop: Maltayok beach! Swim or Kayak?

Tao Expedition - Day 2-91.jpg
Some decided to kayak because of the considerable distance and if you want to bring a dry bag for your camera.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-96.jpg
I decided to snorkel and swim to the beach.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-101.jpg
The uninhabited beach has fine, beige colored sand that looks white from a distance.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-110.jpg
We felt like survivors on the island and hung around the beach for a while.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-115.jpg
When was the last time you lay down on the beach and just relaxed without looking at your watch?

Tao Expedition - Day 2-112.jpg
We found beautiful shells on the island.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-125.jpg
We stayed for as long as we liked, then headed back to the boat.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-145.jpg
Home-cooked lunch served on the boat.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-133.jpg
Kalabasa (Pumpkin/Squash) in coconut milk.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-134.jpg
Adobong Pusit–the most raved about dish.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-135.jpg
Fresh mangoes.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-137.jpg
Eggplant with chili.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-136.jpg
Fried squid.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-144.jpg
Filipino meals are never complete without the sawsawan of vinegar or soy sauce.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-132.jpg
We said “hi” to the Tao Boat we encountered on an expedition to Coron from El Nido.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-148.jpg
Everyone was curious about how the coconut milk was produced. Jeric was kind enough to do an on-the-spot demo.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-152.jpg
The best spot on the boat is the upper deck where you can take a nap along the way.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-154.jpg
There’s a strong signal near Huma Island and this is the only spot throughout the expedition where you can get good 3G/LTE signal so that you can work if needed.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-159.jpg
Finally, we caught something from the trawl fishing line. 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-158.jpg
Romy caught a mackarel for our sashimi afternoon merienda.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-162.jpg
We also had turon for merienda… 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-167.jpg
…together with the sashimi, as we headed for the base camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-166.jpg
The sashimi was so good because it was fresh. Best with some soy sauce and wasabi. 🙂

Tao Expedition - Day 2-173.jpg
Welcome to the Buluang base camp!

Tao Expedition - Day 2-178.jpg
The base camp is more developed and has a good source of fresh, natural water.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-181.jpg
Walking through the base camp.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-182.jpg
There is where I slept for the night.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-188.jpg
This is also the site of one of Tao’s projects–a kindergarten school for Culion island.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-190.jpg
It has proper shower facilities.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-193.jpg
The restroom is better, but you need to squat because the toilet bowl is too low.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-203.jpg
The Tao guests played volleyball with the home team.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-207.jpg
But I prefer playing street basketball with the Tao crew.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-216.jpg
You can also play billiards with the locals.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-205.jpg
There’s a sari-sari store on the island where you can buy some snacks, beer, and toiletries.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-214.jpg
Dinner was also very good.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-210.jpg
Fresh Fish Kinilaw (Ceviche). 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-208.jpg

Tao Expedition - Day 2-211.jpg
Grilled fresh fish of the day! 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-246.jpg
After Dinner, we headed to the Buluang Karaoke to immerse in the National Filipino pastime on the remote islands.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-219.jpg
You have to be prepared for your Karaoke Song. 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-241.jpg
After a few sundowners and Red Horse, it’s time for Karaoke!

Tao Expedition - Day 2-232.jpg
We had the Karaoke all to ourselves. 🙂

Tao Expedition - Day 2-239.jpg
The crew and our party danced the night away, like there’s no tomorrow.

Tao Expedition - Day 2-255.jpg
Indeed a Karaoke night to remember!

to be continued… 

Tao Expedition - Day 2-15.jpg

Tao Expeditions has been described as ‘One of the most pioneering cultural eco-tourism projects in the Philippines’. It is a journey to the most remote region in Palawan to discover a tropical archipelago of hundreds of paradise islands, inaccessible to independent travelers through its remoteness and lack of tourist infrastructure.

Email: info@taophilippines.com
Emergency Contact Numbers: +63 908 874 9075 or +63 998 411 3576 
FacebookTao Philippines
Twitter: @TaoPhilippines

Coron Tao Office: Don Pedro St. Coron town (in front of Sea Dive resort). 
El Nido Tao Office: Serena St. El Nido town. 

Tao Expedition Fee (2015 Season): P25,000 for regular 5 days/4 nights per person 

50% Deposit due to secure booking : 12,500PHP

What’s included?

  • The journey with us onboard.
  • All meals, snacks, and refreshments.
  • Your overnight accommodation at Tao base-camps or in the islands.
  • Fees and environmental tax in islands and nature reserve.
  • Equipment: Mask and Snorkel (no Fins).
  • Local fishing gears (drop line and line trawling).
  • Kayaks. 

Not included: 

  • Accommodation before or after the trip with us.
  • Transportation to and from the meeting point.
  • Towels.
  • Alcoholic drinks.
  • Fins for snorkeling.
  • El Nido Tourism Development Tax (P200) in your stay in El Nido.

Click here to check the ‘Open Group Expedition’ schedule.


Here’s the map of the expedition: Tao Expedition Map

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P.S. The boat is equipped with an inverter where you can charge your phone and battery packs if needed.

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