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TUAN TUAN is a homegrown Chinese Brasserie concept specializing in Mui Garden’s Curry (by Vancouver’s Chef Gordon Mui), Deer Garden’s Halibut Fish Soup, and Tuan Tuan’s Snowy Baked Buns, set in a French-inspired ambiance.

Its name means “to put together“, which is in line with the restaurant’s aim of putting together the best Chinese comfort food, from the best chefs, in the best ambiance. Tuan Tuan was conceptualized by the Lugang Cafe group. 

We loved our Tuan Tuan experience! Here are our recommendations on what to order…

3rd Floor Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Telephone: +632 632-7483 
Mobile: +63 915 500-8026
Operating Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Email: tuantuanmanila@gmail.com
FacebookTuanTuan Chinese Brasserie

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The Chinese Brasserie concept is quite appealing. Imagine eating Hong Kong comfort food specialties in a relaxed, casual-chic ambiance.

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Tuan Tuan Menu: Front Cover | Chinese Brasserie | Signature Snow Buns | Tuan Tuan Noodle Soup | Specialty Noodle Soup Combos | Tuan Tuan Noodle Soup Set Step1 & Step 2 | Step 3, Step 4 & Step 5 | TuanTuan Curry | Ala Carte, Signature Halibut Dish | TuanTuan Congee & Porridge | Macanese Dishes | Black & White Milk | Drinks | Desserts | TuanTuan Fun Page

One of the highlights of the Tuan Tuan menu is the customize-your-own Tuan Tuan Noodle Soup Set.

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✮ Crispy Barbecued Pork Snow Buns (P128/3 pcs)

Tuan Tuan’s Pork Snow Buns are milkier, flakier, and cheaper than those from rival Tim Ho Wan.

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They look the same as Tim Ho Wan’s in terms of size, but I like the white color and milky taste of the buns with just the right sweet barbecue sauce.

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Parsley and Century Egg Fish Soup (P388).

The Halibut Soup is like a healthy fish ramen. You can also specify the noodles and the different toppings. The soup itself has an intense, milky fish broth. You either like this or you don’t.

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Pan-fried Boneless Chicken in Teriyaki Sauce (Soup Set +128).

The chicken had a thin layer of meat. This was just OK.

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✮ Grilled Ox Tongue (2 pcs. – Soup Set +P188)

The Grilled Ox Tongue was a lot better. It has a firm texture, tender meat, and good grilled flavor without an aftertaste.

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✮ Hong Kong Style Coffee (Hot – P98)

The Hong Kong Style Coffee is quite strong, with their signature Black & White evaporated full cream milk used by the Hong Kong Tea Masters.

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✮ US Premium Beef Rib Curry (P498).

My favorite is the super milky Curry using Kara premium coconut milk, secret spices, and super tender chunks of US Premium Beef. You can’t help but eat this with lots of rice to savor the simot-sarap curry sauce.

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Honey Garlic Spareribs (P298).

The spareribs were just OK–not something one would crave for.

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Thai Tom Yum Goong Soup (P428)

For spicy food lovers, I dare you to order this super spicy Tom Yum soup. It’s a good Thai alternative to the predominantly milk-based soups on the menu.

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✮ Malay Laksa Soup (P428) 

We love this spicy laksa soup that is also milky from using Kara carabao’s milk…

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…with Rice Vermicelli + Sliced beef brisket + Fish Tofu  + Cantonese Lemon Tea. 

Best to order it with vermicelli noodles to absorb the Laksa sauce. Add toppings of balls or a smooth fish tofu with a combination of meat–either a beef brisket or pork char siu.

I recommend the hot Cantonese lemon tea for a refreshing palate cleanser in between bites.

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✮ House Special Trio (P398). Baked Seafood/Wild Mushroom/Pork Chop on Rice

Another specialty is this fried rice with three kinds of toppings–baked seafood in white sauce, wild mushroom in pesto sauce, and pork chop (like tonkatsu) in tomato sauce.

The creamy sauces complemented each other very well, providing three flavor dimensions to this dish.

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✮ House Special XO Sauce

Don’t forget to order their signature XO sauce for a memorable, spicy meal! 

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✮ Crispy Pineapple Snow Buns (P128/3 pcs.).

For dessert, I recommend their snow buns but with their sweet pineapple filling.

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The buns are thin and crisp with a sweet pineapple filling that isn’t too overpowering. It’s just the right sweet ending to an epic Tuan Tuan meal.

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Fried “Black and White” Milk Bread (P168).

We also ordered this for dessert, but it was already too much with the condensed milk. 

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We loved Tuan Tuan! I really admire the Lugang Group’s formula of providing authentic Chinese food with a higher end yet youthful ambiance.

I recommend the US Premium Beef Rib Curry, Malay Laksa Soup, and House Special Trio with House Special XO Sauce. The soup serving size is good for sharing. Don’t forget to order the Grilled Ox Tongue with any of the soup sets. 

Ask for the baked buns as an appetizer and the pineapple baked buns for dessert. You can also order them to go as pasalubong

Budget about P500/head.

Congratulations to Tuan Tuan for a great Chinese Brasserie concept!

3rd Floor Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, Philippines
Telephone: +632 632-7483 
Mobile: +63 915 500-8026
Operating Hours: 10:00am – 10:00pm
Email: tuantuanmanila@gmail.com
FacebookTuanTuan Chinese Brasserie
Website: http://www.tuantuan.com.ph/

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P.S. Let me know what your favorites in Tuan Tuan are in the comments.

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