RAMEN WARS: Best Ramen, Eating Habits, and Social Buzz in Manila!

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ramen infographics

OUR AWESOME PLANET in partnership with THOUGHT BUZZ present the 10 Most Awesome Ramen, Filipino Ramen Eating Habits, and Social Media Sentiments about Ramen in Manila (Infographic)! 

Thank you to the 925 foodies who responded to the RAMEN SURVEY: The Most Awesome Ramen in Manila 2014!  

Here is the infographic summary of the Ramen Survey results …

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ramen infographics


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13 thoughts on “RAMEN WARS: Best Ramen, Eating Habits, and Social Buzz in Manila!

  1. Not surprising given the kind of people who read OAP. Best noodles? Nagi doesn’t even make their own and they buy frozen.

  2. Nagi is OK at best. Weird that it’s #1 based on “flavor of broth” given that you can barely taste the broth behind the black, red, or green stuff.

  3. I agree, Ramen Nagi is ok at best. I’m not sure if its just because of personal preference but I think Taisho and Hanamaruken have better ramen than Nagi.

  4. This is what happens when you do surveys based on the market of a blog that has gutter levels of taste. Surveys should be done via sampling a certain number of people across a certain demographic. Nagi? LOL their broth isn’t even good that’s why they have to cover it up with so much strong flavorings.

  5. Look at these people indicating the respondents of the survey have substandard taste. It’s all a matter of preference–they asked people who read this blog because the results will be posted on this blog. Sorry for not being connoisseurs, guys. I happen to like Nagi, but would much prefer Kichitora.

  6. I can’t believe they prefer the overrated ramen nagi over ukokkei (which has the best noodle and broth) and hanamaruken (with their happiness ramen and gyoza)

  7. Nagi is truly overrated, there is nothing much to be adored about. Taisho is way much better when it comes to noodles consistency and broth. Anyway, what do you mean by wrong ramen in your survey?>

  8. I’m a ramen noob, and I’ve only tried out 4 ramen places in SM malls. Seriously, WTF. This review convinced me to try Nagi SM North and it’s a frickin let down. Best Noodles??? that’s not even frickin hand made! It doesn’t even hold a match against Moshi Koshi’s ramen noodles, it’s closer to half done Lucky me noodles. And that broth? We tried Original Butao and the Red king and it doesn’t justify the best. I tasted nothing but spicy. Overcooked and over marinated Aji Tamago, sub par chasu pork, forgettable “home-made” iced tea, Finally, a ginger overpowered gyoza.
    Moshi Koshi’s boss Miso Ramen is by far better and cheaper. Handmade noodles, rich broth, perfectly cooked aji tamago and melt in your mouth chasu pork. Oh boy, I’m glad I found it. Btw this shop is not perfect, once I’ve heard a nearby customer unsatisfied with the fatter noodles (udon?), I haven’t tried those but she said it was undercooked so try at your own risk. They also don’t offer a broad menu. The Miso Boss ramen is the winner for me since I prefer a rich broth. The other ramen flavors are clear broths and might be preferred by people who wants a light broth. The green tea ice cream is my wife’s favorite. Take this with a grain of salt since I’m not a tea expert but the hot sancha green tea brand they serve is surprisingly good. I prefer brewing it for a minimum of maybe around 3 minutes and up to 5 minutes and it’s surprisingly rich.
    I’m afraid to try other ramen places if Nagi is the best and some unranked Moshi Koshi is the best I’ve tasted by far.
    To the people who voted ramen nagi, I dare you try Moshi Koshi’s Boss Miso Ramen. Then tell me if nagi still have the best noodles. I can’t say for the broth since I always try a pork based broth when I try new shops and none have met my expectations and they don’t have a prok based broth.

  9. Lots of biased violent reactions here. One post is even an embarrassing marketing stab.
    Simply google for reviews written from here AND abroad to validate the survey results.

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