BALAY INDANG NEW YEAR: A 2015 Reflection on What Matters Most

❗️Update May 2022: Balay Indang, The Red Ginger Farm and Garden

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We usually escape to the cool weather of Tagaytay for New Year’s Eve. For us, it’s a time to rest and spend time with the family and welcome the coming year.

BALAY INDANG is more beautiful now compared to the time we first blogged about it in 2007 (Read: Balay Indang, The Red Ginger Farm and Garden). In 2013, they put up a sister B&B named after it’s founder–WILSON’S Tagaytay: A Secret Dinner, Bed & Breakfast Place in Tagaytay.

It was the perfect place to relax and reflect on the things that matter most and prepare for 2015. 

Here’s a photo essay of the highlights of our Balay Indang New Year, and my first ever family travel video…

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Balai Indang Dec. 30-2.jpg
Balay Indang is a Bed & Breakfast place in the off-the-beaten-path of Indang, Cavite.

Balai Indang Jan 2, 2015-72.jpg
I like its resort garden feel while still keeping its bed & breakfast personality.

Balai Indang Jan 2, 2015-2.jpg
It’s a great place to commune with nature…

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-51.jpg
…and to be a kid again.

Balai Indang Jan 2, 2015-48.jpg
It’s a popular place for family and class reunions as well as weddings, with their new Elizabeth Hall expansion.

Balai Indang Dec. 30-4.jpg
We love the home-cooked food, which starts with a pampering of farm fresh salad and their signature ranch dressing.

Balai Indang Dec. 30-6.jpg
One of our favorite pastas is the tinapa with salted egg. Make sure to request for it during your stay.

Balai Indang Dec. 30-10.jpg
We usually fight over each piece of the shrimps with aligue. It’s a good thing you can always request for a replenishment.



Balai Indang Dec. 30-36.jpg
We stayed in one of the latest houses at Balay Indang–Bahay Matalino, with a cluster of rooms named after the Gospel writers.

Balai Indang Dec. 30-22.jpg
We were in the Luke family room, with a queen bed, a day bed…

2nd Floor-1.jpg
…and a mezzanine floor with a double bed. Note: The rooms are airconditioned but there’s no TV, no mini-bar, and no cabinets.)

Balai Indang Dec. 30-23.jpg
The restroom is homey and simple, with hot & cold water.

Balai Indang Dec. 30-35.jpg
Outside the Luke room is a veranda area where you can read a book or play board games.

(Tip: Make sure to use a bug spray at night. We usually bring a mosquito swatter.)



Balai Indang New Year's Eve-32.jpg
A B&B experience is not complete without an awesome breakfast. We love the fried salted fish…

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-2.jpg
…homemad sausage or longganisa…

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-7.jpg
…and their gourmet tuyo!

(Note: They make sure to not repeat any dishes during your stay, so it’s best to inquire if you’d like to know what’s on the breakfast menu.)



Balai Indang New Year's Eve-103.jpg
On the 31st, there was a community cocktail at around 5pm, with live music and free flowing non-alcoholic wines.

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-140.jpg
We had our Media Noche with the family at around 9pm, with Tita Edna as our special guest.

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-179.jpg
It was Baby Yugi’s first New Year with the family! He’s always happy when he travels to a new destination. 

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-194.jpg
At 11.30pm, we all converged at Hebron Valley for the New Year fireworks. 

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-195.jpg
Hebron Valley is near Elizabeth Hall and is also great venue for glamping or Boy Scout activities.

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-218.jpg
We welcomed the New Year with community fireworks and the traditional jumping for the kids.

Check out my first ever family travel video! Joshua and Raphael loved it, while Aidan though it was disorganized. 🙂



Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-20.jpg
Our Jan. 1 dinner at Balay Indang was the best we’ve ever had during our stay.

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-10.jpg
Chili Garlic Wings with chunks of garlic. A hit with both kids and adults.

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-13.jpg
Papaya in Coconut Milk. A special vegetable treat you don’t get to eat in any restaurant.

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-15.jpg
The eat-all-you-can Sweet Chili Shrimps is an all-time favorite at Balay Indang.

Balai Indang New Year's Eve-75.jpg
They sometimes come in Shrimp Kebab form with a mango salsa sauce.

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-19.jpg
The Barbecued Pork was also very good but often ignored because of the yummy seafood and chicken.

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-23.jpg
Chocolate Fondue dessert to cap the delightful evening.

Balai Indang Jan 1, 2015-17.jpg
At the end of the day, what matters most is a loving family that sticks with you through the ups and downs, year after year, and will support you when you need it the most.

To value the Family is one of the legacies I’d want to pass on to the next generation of Filipinos.

Balai Indang Jan 2, 2015-77.jpg
Thank you to Balay Indang for the wonderful New Year family experience! 🙂

For more info about Balay Indang, please visit their official Facebook page: Balay Indang.

88 Mahabang Kahoy Cerca, Indang, Cavite
Telephone: +632 775-6886
Mobile: +63 917 837-4261 / +63 917 866-5825 / +63 917 866-5825 (Wilsons)
Facebook: Balay Indang

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Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosures: Our stay was courtesy of our friend Marge. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. The St. Gregory the Great Church in the town of Indang, Cavite is just about 4km away (15 minutes drive) from Balay Indang. There’s usually a 5pm Mass.

Balay Indang Church-1.jpg



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  1. my sister saw your beautiful family attending the mass at St. Gregory and i missed that 🙁
    happy new year sir and to the whole family!

  2. I so adore balai indang. peaceful, quiet with good homecooked meals. their salads are some of the best i’ve had. great idea for welcoming 2016!

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