ArroZeria: The Best Authentic Spanish Paella in Manila! @ArroZeriaMNL

ArroZeria is an authentic Spanish paella place by Chef Chele Gonzales (of VASK fame) and Spanish chef Paco Bermudez from Valencia. 

You can enjoy your paella in 5 different ways–the classic PAELLA (Al dente and thin), CALDOSO (Soupy), RISOTTOS (Creamy), MELOSO (Saucy), and FIDEUA (Thin Noodles).

In partnership with the International Rice Research Institue (IRRI) in Los Baños, they were able to source an heirloom rice from Cordillera to use in their paella, which is similar to the Spanish arroz bomba rice.

Here are some tips to have an awesome experience at ArroZeria…

ARROZERIA – “Rice is the Hero”
Level 4, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue Makati City 
Mobile: +63920 974 4742 
InstagramArroZeriaMNL #arrozeriamanila
Website: (in construction)

I love the artistic-industrial look of ArroZeria designed by architect Carlo Calma, with hanging ladders symbolizing the great leap from the V(ask) to A(rroZeria) concept.

Reserve this private corner for your special functions or when celebrating milestones with friends or family.

Love this table with a mural of La Lltoja de Mercaders (Silk Trading Market), a World Heritage Monument in Valencia, Spain.

You can also reserve the table near the kitchen, which is like a Chef’s table where you can see your paella prepared.

La Guapa. Rose Sangria (P195 +10% service charge)

Start with a single serving of rose sangria as an aperitif and get the fun conversations flowing.

Rose Sangria Jar (P695 for 3-4 persons +10% service charge)

Make sure to order their signature big jars for a group of 3-4 persons.

ARROZERIA MENUAbout Arrozeria, Dulces |  Bocadas, Tapas, Arroces, Carnes y Pescados | Bebidas 1 | Bebidas 2

The menu is focused on the tapas for starters, different kinds of paella, and the meats to go with it.

Go easy on the complimentary bread so you can truly enjoy the paella.

An appetizer of chicken liver mousse with bread crumbs to excite the palate. 



✮ Carpaccio de Atun (P195 +10% service charge)Tuna Carpaccio, tomato hearts, with calamansi espuma, and crispy jamon.

Order light tapas to start the meal, like this thinly sliced raw tuna with a tease of jamon bits.

✮ Tabla de Pates (P395 +10% service charge)Campagne, cochinillo and mushrooms, chicken pistachio, and fish terrine. (On the side: black olive, parsley, and porcini mushrooms mayonnaise)

For a big group, order this family sharing plate of pates and a selection of gourmet mayonnaise.

 Gambas con Gabardina Negra (P395 +10% service charge)Squid ink battered shrimps with mojo picon.

This is the winning signature tapa for us, which is like squid ink tempura.

✮ Croquetas Trio (P275 +10% service charge)Fish and seafood, porcini mushrooms, and stewed bechamel croquettes.

Chef Chele’s croquetas are the best in Manila–very soft and creamy with good flavor!



✮ Paella (Al dente and thin): Abanda (P395/head +10% service charge)Boneless fish and seafoodsCooking time: 30-45 minutes.

I recommend the authentic Spanish paella cooked just right, with a thin layer of rice and a good caramelization called soccarat (or tutong).

Each grain of rice is evenly cooked and absorbs the flavor of the seafood sauce. 

✮ RISOTTOS (Creamy)Foie Gras Y Boletus (P550/head +10% service charge)Foie gras and porcini mushrooms. Cooking time: 30-45 minutes.

If you like it creamy, the foie gras with mushrooms is your best bet. It’s just a bit heavy.

CALDOSO (Soupy): De Cangrejo (P275/head +10% service charge)Crab and Snow Peas. Cooking time: 30-45 minutes.

The caldoso is also interesting if you like your paella with a soupy texture.

This reminds me of gourmet arroz caldo with a crab seafood flavor.

✮ MELOSO (Saucy)Cerdo Adobado Y Boletus (P375/head +10% service charge)Marinated pork with porcini mushrooms. Cooking time: 30-45 minutes.

Most Filipinos prefer their paella wet and soft, so I really enjoyed the meloso version, which is just a bit saucy and full of flavor.

✮ FIDEUA (Thin Noodles):  NEGRA (P275/serving size +10% service charge)Black ink squid and octopus. Cooking time: 15-20 minutes.

For something different, order the Fideua, which uses very thin noodles that you can easily mistake for rice.

It’s like thin pancit that absorbs the sauce of the squid ink well. Very addicting! 🙂



Pollo a la Cazadora (P395 +10% service charge)Crispy chicken in white wine, serrano ham, and mushroom sauce with potatoes.

I recommend ordering a side of meat–like this chicken dish–to pair with the paella.

Solomilo de Cerdo (P425 +10% service charge)Sous vide pork tenderloin with pumpkin and white chocolate puree, sauteed spinach, and vermouth sauce.

This super tender pork tenderloin is a good match with any paella, but you can also enjoy this by itself.

Tomahawk (P575/100g +10% service charge)Angus Grass Fed with potatoes, mushrooms, mustard, blue cheese, and spinach cream sauce on the side.

If you’re with a big group, I recommend the Tomahawk steak to go with the paella!

Congrats to Jean and Chef Chele for the awesome ArroZeria concept! It’s about time we had an authentic Spanish Paella place in Manila. 🙂



Cremoso de Chocolate (P250 +10% service charge)Chocolate cremaux, streusel, tuille, ginger confit, and raspberry jam.

You can end your paella meal with this nice chocolate dessert, with ginger and raspberry flavors to balance out the chocolate.

Esponja Y Helado de Queso (P195 +10% service charge)Sponge and goat cheese ice cream.

This was just OK. It’s like a milk sponge dessert a la mode.

Cuajada Al Momento (P250 +10% service charge). Instant goat milk curd, honey, toasted walnuts, and apple compote.

This is a great interactive dessert idea where you make the goat milk curd on the spot (like taho) and top it with honey, walnuts, and apple. The flavor was a bit bland with no satisfying sweetness, but it’s a good and healthy ending to your meal.


I love the authentic Spanish Paellas and the artistic interior vibe by Carlo Calma, with different installation art pieces around the resto. 

Order the big jar of Rose Sangria or the Agua de Valencia signature drink for a taste of Valencia.

Start your meal with tapas of Gambas con Gabardina Negra, Croquetas, and Carpaccio de Atun while you wait for your paella to be cooked. You can also go for the Tabla de Pates if you’re with a big group.

I recommend the al dente and thin Paella, like the Abanda seafood paella, but I’m sure most people will still go for the Meloso variant (either with Marinated Pork or Stewed Beef Cheeks). For something unique, try the Fideua Negra

The desserts were just OK and can still be improved.

Budget about P500/head + drinks. 

Congrats to ArroZeria for successfully opening an authentic Spanish Paella concept in Manila!

ARROZERIA – “Rice is the Hero”
Level 4, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Avenue Makati City 
Mobile: +63920 974 4742 
InstagramArroZeriaMNL #arrozeriamanila
Website: (in construction)

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Live an Awesome Life,



Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of our friend, Jean Salonga Fernando. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Watch out for the Valencia Spain series in OAP!

2 thoughts on “ArroZeria: The Best Authentic Spanish Paella in Manila! @ArroZeriaMNL

  1. I had a different experience with Arozzeria last Sat.
    I ordered their Paella Valencia “Al dente thin” as well as the Gambas con Gabardina Negra. Both did not meet my expectations. Maybe, the chef that day called in sick.
    The “Al dente” paella was so aldente the rice was still crunchy. We of course had to return it. After another 30 mins we got an improved “al dente” Paella. less raw rice but still with crunchy raw bits to the bite. Im not talking about the tutong but raw rice.
    The Gambas con Gabardina Negra was nice to look at but wasn’t something id order again. The roasted bell pepper sauce meant to enhance the flavor of the shrimp was very bitter. I suspect all the bell pepper seeds were included in the puree hence lending a bitter instead of sweet taste.
    After one hour waiting we decided not to finish eating our “Al dente” paella, had it wrapped and gave it to my driver. We ended up eating our dinner elsewhere.

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