Best Practice in using Globe’s P599 Data Roaming (and avoiding Bill Shock) @EnjoyGlobe

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It’s very important to stay connected via Viber or Instagram with your family and business contacts when traveling abroad. Data connection is crucial, especially when navigating your way through European cities via the City Mapper App.

This is why I use Globe’s P599 24-hour Flat Rate Data Roaming. I sometime find there’s no better data usage option–neither mobile data router nor local sim–that can beat the ~€12/day of Globe. I used the service during my recent trip to Madrid, and last year’s trips to Greece, Sri Lanka, and Taiwan. 

Here are some power tips on how to set it up properly to avoid bill shock and how to maximize data roaming usage via Globe P599…

The Globe P599 Setup 

Make sure to set your Data Roaming to OFF by default to avoid roaming accidentally.  (Note: You don’t have to pre-register anymore when roaming and it connects automatically to the network when you open your phone abroad)

Turn OFF Automatic Network Carrier Selection. You have to select the correct carrier manually. (Example: Select SRI AIRTEL manually when using data roaming in SRI LANKA)

Only activate your Data Roaming setting once you’ve selected the right carrier.

Globe P599 Data Setup


GLOBE Welcome and Warning Messages

Once you activate your cellular access abroad, you’ll receive a generic welcome message from GLOBE. Take note of the official partner carrier in that country like COSMOTE when you roam in Greece.

Also, the GLOBE account will send you a warning message that you have accumulated mobile surfing charges. Don’t be alarmed but also don’t ignore it.  

(Note: Sometimes, Globe will disconnect you for high roaming usage as a precaution to avoid bill shock. It’s a hassle when that happens, but you can call GLOBE to correct the situation.)

Globe P599 Warning Messages



The P599 Confirmation Message

Make sure to keep the P599 confirmation text from 288 4. I also take a screen capture just to be sure and send it to my email. Keep it as your proof and your protection against roaming bill shock.

Take note that the data roaming charge is on a 24-hour time frame from the first instance you used it–like post on Instagram or surf the web.

During my recent trip to Madrid, I only activated it when I needed to navigate my way around the city and use the train. I also only activate it when Manila is awake and when I need to communicate with the family without access to WiFi.

Globe P599 Confirmation Message



The Roaming Charge in the GLOBE Bill

P599 is the total amount with VAT. You should see the actual charge of P534.82 in your globe bill for every 24 hours you’ve activated it.

See the photo below of the correct roaming charge in the bill. Make sure to challenge any additional or extra charges.

Globe Bill


About Globe P599

Globe Telecom P599 Infographic
Visit or dial *143# (think “I love you”) to know more about Globe Data Roaming.

Make sure to check the latest information about data roaming because it frequently changes.


Live an Awesome Life,


Disclosure: My Globe Data Roaming charges in Greece and Sri Lanka were sponsored by Globe last year. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. I don’t use data roaming anymore when I’m on my way back to Manila. 

Usually, there are free WiFi hot spots you can use in the airport. On my trip back from Madrid Fusion, there were 30 minutes free WiFi access in Madrid airport and unlimited WiFi in Doha airport.

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  1. Hi! I’m travelling to the US this 30th. When will I dial *143# for the roaming option? Is it when I land in California? I’m getting the 599 Facebook option for my family who can’t make calls to me. Thanks for the help in advance!

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