BORACAY: My Time with Yugi and Chatime Summer Travel Diary by @MrsAwesomePlanet

YG March 2015

It started in the wee hours of the morning. Woke up excited but feeling hesitant. Did some last-minute packing of my and YG’s things anyway–we were off to the little one’s first trip to Boracay!

It’s also another first for me, as it was just the 2 of us for this beach trip. (I try my best to bring YG wherever I go. I’ve pledged to provide him with the best milk in town, and if I leave him even for just a couple of days, his supply will not suffice.) 

I was excited because we would be riding a seaplane! I never expected to be on one as I’ve only seen those in adventure movies! How cool is that?  

ChaTimeYeah, baby–ride on! 🙂 We needed to take off by 7am. Our landing area was at Shangri-La Boracay. But you need to book with them to be able to land within their area of responsibility.  

One advantage of booking flights with AirJuan is the reduced waiting time, since you won’t be boarding at any of the NAIA terminals. Of course, there’s the part of being delivered right to the beach of your choice. You go to the Royal Star Aviation Hangar for your boarding access. It’s like going to El Nido or Balesin Island where you need to board at a separate hangar.  

This seaplane is a 9-seater plane owned and managed by AirJuan. You could literally just walk up to the 2 pilots. With the limited number of seats of this plane,  you can be assured of intimacy and exclusivity. They have been in operation for just a few months, so you can also be assured of the good condition of the leather seats and cabin interiors.

ChaTimeThe best seats (besides the pilot’s of course) would be at the 1st row. Each row has 3 seats–1 single seat on the left and 2 seats on the right. Aside from seeing the actual action of flying a seaplane, an aerial view of the entire Boracay island is showcased. It also didn’t hurt that our pilot was such a good host. 🙂  

It was just too bad YG and I were seated at the back. But I really had no qualms as the plane ride was so smooth, he just slept the entire one-hour trip to Boracay. One thing that is beyond your control though is the landing time and the wait for your boat transfer to Shangri-La Boracay, which could take about 30 minutes to an hour. 

photo.JPGOur Shangri-La Boracay restroom moment–I just had to! Thanks to my IndigoBaby’s baby pouch for the help in carrying YG throughout this trip–just look at how happy and contented he was. This baby pouch has been my helper my 2nd (JX) and 3rd (RA) sons. Even when carrying my baby, my hands have the freedom to do whatever I need them to.

ChaTimeThis is what our room looked like–not Shangri-La Boracay level but good enough for us. As long as the room is clean and can be our home for 2 nights, I’m cool with it.  

After our siesta, YG and I trooped to Chatime’s ribbon cutting of their Boracay branch, located between Stations 2 and 3 along the beach front.  

From left to right: Teresa Wang (Vice President of La Kaffa International), Henry Wang (Chairman of La Kaffa International), Mina Elechicon (Chatime Boracay Franchisee owner), Johnlu Koa (CEO of Teabros), and Harrison Lan (Director of Taitra).

Chatime Boracay is officially open! 

photo 2.JPG
The perfect place to chill and watch the sunset…

…while sipping on the new Chatime drinks–Tea Air (carbonated mojito drinks), Milk Tea Smoothies, and Fresh Fruit Tea drinks. Who would’ve thought of all these variations of tea? Great for non-coffee and coffee drinkers alike.

Their Beach-themed flavors include PassionFruit, Grapefruit, and Strawberry Mojito Tea (Mojito, mint leaves, green tea, carbonated water, and the flavor of your choice). It’s Chatime’s version of handmade sodas. Available globally.  

From the bestselling milk tea flavors, Chatime came up with these 3 distinct variants for their milk tea smoothies–Strawberry, Banana, and Honey Oolong Milk Tea. I’d definitely go for the Strawberry Milk Tea Smoothie.  

Also try their Green Teas–made with real and fresh fruits! Flavors are Watermelon Lychee, Banana Mango, and Mango Green Tea. I love the Watermelon Lychee Green Tea beause of the watermelon texture as you sip it. Feel it cool down your throat in this hot summer weather–refreshing! Available only at Chatime Boracay.

(Note: I noticed that Chatime prices in the province are slightly higher than those used in Metro Manila. Possibly due to added logistical expenses.)

My latest discovery is the Halo-Halo made with Chatime’s own toppings–pearl, grass jelly, pudding, coconut jelly, rainbow jelly, red bean, and aloe vera–with buko strips and buko juice. Coming soon!

YG March 2015
The next day, YG and I played at the beach while waiting for our ride. One of my pet peeves is having sand on my bathing suit. So it’s a good thing I remembered to bring our Lagu towel, which is so beach friendly you won’t be taking any sand with you. I love how it always looks new even after so many uses by our family. 

Excited to board a private yacht for the first time with YG! 🙂 

The good looking guys are (L-R) Mike, Chris, William, and Mark (middle). The beautiful ladies are (L-R) Karen, Fran, and Abi. 

The gang had their class picture while we looked on. 

Having my non-alcoholic mojito tea drink here…with matching pica-pica over there! 

After an hour, we already had to go back to the island. Look at what greeted us…

100 Million Chatime cups sold in Asia–what a feat! Franchise owners from all over the region were present to celebrate this wonderful milestone. 

Of course, a celebration is never complete without Lechon from Cebu!

Another must when you’re at a beach setting–seafood! 

More seafood selections to choose from.

From left to right: Johnyan KoaChristopher Cua, Teresa Wang, Elisa KoaMichael Koa, Henry Wang, Honorable Ambassador Dr. Gary Song-Huang Lin, Johnlu Koa, Marilou Koa, and James Shih.

Nothing like a big toast to end a wonderful night of celebration. Cheers to the Chatime team! Here’s to a billion more cups and innovative tea drinks to taste. Congratulations!


黄朱 铃

P.S. Chatime Boracay is located at White Beach, Beachfront, between Stations 2 and 3.


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