10 Reasons Why Camping Out in Wanderland will be the Highlight of your Summer.

CoverphotoFrom the name Wanderland Music & Arts Festival we immediately assume two things, music and fun. For two years, Wanderland has proved its capability to mount a lavish music festival here in Manila to thousands and thousands of festival goers both here and abroad. Three years of surreal music and arts festival experience and counting, made possible by Karpos Multimedia. Now let us dig deeper into what we can expect upon visiting the land of Wanderers.

#1 OPEN AIRArticle_#1Roam around Globe Circuit Events Ground all you want! You are not secluded in a tight area. There’s plenty enough space for your little adventures!

#2 COOL FESTIVAL THEME EVERY YEAArticle_#2In 2013, they laid a typical festival – just 10x cooler, last year (2014) you got an awesome music carnival. Now, you get to relive your Camp Rock dreams as a teen! How often does camp and music go hand-in-hand anyway? You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one! 

#3 TWELVE HOURS (OR MORE) OF CONTINUOUSLY GREAT MUSICArticle_#3They have Hip hop, Indie Pop, Indie Rock, Synthpop, Electronica, Electropop, Folk, OPM, Piano Pop, name it we have it!

#4 ELEVEN ARTISTS FOR THE PRICE OF ONEArticle_#4Headliner: Kid Cudi, RAC, Augustana, Youngblood Hawke, The Jungle Giants, Lewis Watson, Hale, SINYMA, Kate Torralba, Wanderband: The Strange Creatures, and Austin! You got all you need in once concert! We know you spend way more for a single artist, so no reason to back out on this!

#5 LIVE ARTArticle_#5

Showcasing all corners of the creative pool, we also have live artists on the ground! It’s legal to stop and stare over the exhibitions of June Digan, Kris Abrigo, and Tokwa Peñaflorida.

#6 THOU SHALL NOT HAVE DEAD AIRArticle_#6Check out the beats of CRWN, FXXXYBLNT, BP Valenzuela, The After-School Special, and Similar Objects – all in one stage!


Article_#7You’re basically in a cool place, spoiled by cool music, awed by cool art, and surrounded by cool people with common interests! Can’t imagine a day getting even better!

#8 FUN GAMES, ACTIVITIES, AND ATTRACTIONSArticle_#8-1What is camp without outdoor activities? Archery, Silly Ducky, Sling, Tug-o-War, and Step-by-Step, are all waiting for you! Own up to the challenges and win prizes! Plus a lot of eye candies like art installations and more are sure to stir up more fun at the venue! 

#9 WIDE FOOD & BEVERAGE SELECTIONArticle_#9Being under the scorching heat of the sun and spending excessive energy, you must be constantly famished, but don’t worry! You should never get hungry and thirsty, there’s plenty of fuel for you! We got all your camp cravings!


Article_#10The open ground isn’t just home for our Wanderers! You may not have won a meet & greet pass but sometimes, the artists roam around as well! So keep your eyes open for photo-ops!

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Material things aside, Wanderland has also been a summer tradition for some of their loyal crowd. The community has always been fun, easy going, friendly, and memorable. The experience is one of a kind, Wanderland always aim to bring only the best for its people may it be about the music, art, the attractions, and everything that goes on in the festival. It has been a significant part of its goers’ summer experience to the point that it already became a part of their lifestyle, and it strives to be something that people would always want to look back to.

Start gathering your friends and make a pact, put Wanderland at the top of your summer bucketlist! Tickets are up for grabs at SM Tickets outlets or visit www.smtickets.com. Wanderland Camp 2015 is a music and arts festival by Karpos Multimedia Inc., Presented by Globe & Locally. Co-presented by: Fox & Starworld. Official Apparel: Topshop Topman. Official Alcoholic Beverage: Smirnoff Mule.

For more information visit www.wanderlandfestival.com, facebook.com/wanderlandfest, or follow Wanderland on Twitter and Instagram: @wanderlandfest. See you there!  

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