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I’ve always wondered how authentic paella from Valencia, Spain would taste like, and how it differs from the “Filipinized” version we grew up with.

Finally, I was able to visit Valencia early this year and try one of the best paella places in the city. 

Here’s the secret to the best authentic paella from Arroceria Duna in Valencia, Spain…

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Arroceria Duna is a destination paella restaurant located on a beach in Playa El Saler, 7 minutes away from the city. 

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Arroceria Duna Menu: Entrantes Frios, Entrantes Calientes | Frituras, Producto de la Lonja | Arroces Melosos | Arroces Secos | Fideuas, Pescados, Carnes | Postres | Vinos Dulces

It has a relaxing, minimalist white beach resort ambiance.

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The view of the beach area is nice and you can eat your paella with the sound of waves crashing on the shore.

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These are the authentic ingredients of the signature Paella Valenciana.

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The secret is in the rice they cook with–they don’t use Bomba rice.

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They just allow the natural flavors of the ingredients to shine and just add water.

Watch this video of The Secret of the Authentic Spanish Paella!

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The paella is cooked from scratch upon order. You have to wait around 30 minutes. 

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Croqueta de jamon (2€ ~ P95)

Best to start with some tapas like their croquetas.

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Croqueta de bogavante (2€ ~ P95)

Both the Jamon and Lobster croquetas were equally good–very soft with a good crunch and flavor.

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Pulpo a la llama con patata y aceite de pimenton picante  (15€ ~ P711)

The pulpo was very tasty. It’s a good, light appetizer while you wait for the paella.

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The paella is served in the paellera and proudly showcased as an artistic creation.


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Paella Valenciana  (17€ ~ P806). Pollo, conejo, pato, verduras y caracoles.

You can see the ingredients pop out with a thin layer of separated rice.

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The best paella I’ve tasted though was the Carabinero version, using these Scarlet Shrimps…

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…with big heads loaded with lots of umami flavor.

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The paella rice is cooked in a seafood stock, with saffron and fresh tomatoes.

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Paella de Rojos (21€ ~ P995)

You have to squeeze the brains of the carabineros over the paella rice for the ultimate umami experience!

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Tomate Valenciano (6.50€ ~ P308). Servido con anchoa del cantabrico, mojama de atun de la almadraba, bacalao desmigado, ventresca de atun y queso fresco de bufala.

We also ordered a tomato ensalada with bacalao, buffalo cheese, and tuna.

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Calamar de anzuelo a la plancha con cebolla en texturas  (14€ ~ P663)

Order the calamari with black ink squid rings to go with your seafood paella. 

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The best part of the paella is the caramelized or “burnt” portion of the rice.

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The rice absorbed all the flavors of the seafood stock but they don’t clump or mash together.

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Awesome thanks to Miguel, our Valencia Tour Guide, for bringing us to Arroceria Duna! Check out his blog:

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The Valencia paella has a more subtle taste, best eaten by combining all of the ingredients.

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The rice by itself is delightful to eat. Notice how thin the layer of paella rice is!

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Postres (Dessert Platter) 

End with a chocolate or light dessert to complete your paella experience.

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Eating an authentic Valencia paella should be part of everyone’s foodie list!

In Manila, the best place to eat authentic Valencia paella is in Arrozeria by Chef Chele.

Paseo Pintor Francisco Lozano módulo 3 s/n 46012 El Saler (Valencia)
Reservations: +34 96 183 04 90
FacebookArrocería Duna
Twitter: @ArroceriaDuna

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Best Paella Places in Valencia Spain:

  • Arroceria Duna
  • La Barraca de Toni Montoliu 

Valencia Beach Promenade:

  • La Pepica,
  • La Marcelina,
  • El Coso and
  • La Alegria de la Huerta
  • Casa Carmela

El Palmar (in Albufera Lake) 

  • Mateu
  • El Palmar

For more info, visit


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Disclosure: Our meal was courtesy of the Valencia Tourism group. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. The paella can also be enjoyed Melosos-style, which is like a soupy paella.

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Arroces Melosos (21€ ~ P995)

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