CAFE DUA: Cafe by the Ruins 2 Baguio Dinner! (A Review) #CafebytheMarios

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CAFE BY THE RUINS DUA is the first branch of the popular Cafe by the Ruins in Baguio after 25 years as a standalone establishment. Its new location beside Mario’s Baguio on Upper Session Road will serve as the main bakery and commissary for baked goods and pre-cooked frozen pasalubong.

It’s a relief that you can now enjoy Cafe by the Ruins without braving the traffic of Session Road and Burnham Park. The “ruins” charm is lost in the new branch, but the modern-hip interiors are in tune with its double purpose as a gallery for Cordillera arts and culture.

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Here’s our Cafe by the Ruins Dua experience during our recent trip to Baguio…

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The first floor is cozy, with the baked goods display on one side, and open kitchen on the other side.

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You can buy their signature breads as pasalubong for your loved ones in Manila.

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Handmade egg noodles for their pasta, prepared in-house!

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The open kitchen setup gives a sense of transparency and excitement as you wait for your order.

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The second floor serves as a gallery for Cordillera artists.

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It has more space for bigger groups.

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CAFE DUA MENU: Cafe Espresso, Siphon Coffee, Teas & Infusions | Cold Drinks | Chocolate Treats, Special Breads | Breads & Spreads, Salads | Appetizers, Soups | Slow Foods | Vegetarian Fare | Pasta, Soup & Sandwich | Merienda, Cafe Desserts, Strawberry Festival | About Cafe by the Ruins

The menu is the same except for some entree items that are exclusive to Cafe Dua, like the Slow Food specialty selection.

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Lamb Satay (P320). Grilled lamb skewers marinated with yogurt and spices. With a side of cucumber raita and peanut sauce.

The satay flavor was good, especially the refreshing cucumber raita dip with sweet peanut sauce. The lamb meat was just a bit tough.

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✮ Forest Stream Soup & Tann’s Burger (P280). Shiitake and watercress soup in gingery broth with Tann’s beef burger with mushrooms and pate in a Cafe bun.

The soup tasted clean with a good mushroom flavor. A healthy dose of watercress in a subtle ginger sauce was also a nice touch. 

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The burger mixed with mushroom and pate sandwiched between a potato onion bun was quite fun to eat.

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✮ Mrs. Lim’s Noodles (P240). Green spinach noodles with shrimp and mushroom cream sauce. 

I like this simple pasta with light mushroom cream sauce, bits of shrimp, and warm focaccia bread on the side. We loved the taste of the flat and thin hand-cranked egg noodles–not too heavy to eat.

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✮ Duck Mami (P200). Like a Viet pho, this one has egg noodles in tasty hot broth with slivers of tender roast duck, dried mushrooms, and bokchoy. Add basil leaves, chili, lime, and fish sauce to complete the experience.

The broth was light with flavors of duck and mushroom. 

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You have to add a bit of lime, some chili, and fish sauce to get that nice salty, sour, chili flavor from this duck mami soup. 

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Fruit Lassi (P120). Yogurt blended with the freshest fruits of the season.

For dessert, I recommend the strawberry or mango lassi drink. I personally prefer the mango. 

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We’ve always loved the food at the original Cafe by the Ruins, with their light and healthy flavors, and this new branch is no exception.

You can savor the freshness of the ingredients and really tell that there was no artificial seasoning used. You won’t go wrong with their bread and pasta that are all made in-house. And we also recommend their clean-tasting soups!

The ambiance is tastefully done, with proper tables and chairs that are heavy and fit the concept.

Their meats are sourced from the Baguio market, but we find them tough and not as flavorful. 

But it’s a great place to enjoy your last dinner in Baguio before heading back to Manila. Budget about P350/head.  

Cafe by the Ruins Dua
Upper Session Road, Baguio City
Telephone: +63 74 442-4010
FacebookCafe By The Ruins
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Disclosure: We paid for our meal. I wrote this article with my biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

P.S. Don’t forget to buy bread that you can eat on your trip down from Baguio. Here are our favorites…

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 ✮ Pan au Chocolat (P95)
Cafe by the Ruins Dua-8.jpg
 ✮ Big Ensaymada (P90)
Cafe by the Ruins Dua-10.jpg
✮ Camote Bread (P30)

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