MANILA IMPROV International Festival 2015: “Finding the Game” (Photo Essay) @PetaTheater

Manila Improv Fest 2015Manila Improv Festival 2015 is happening now on July 2-12, 2015. Now on its third year it has earned the distinction to set improve comedy festival standards.

Silly People’s Improv Theatre (SPIT) has partnered with Siliman University in Dumaguete and Philippine Educational Theatre Association (PETA), to bring you Improv Fest Manila 2015 with the theme “Finding the Game”- a nod to the games and exercises that improvisers use in performance, and an affirmation of the playful nature of improvisation.

We like how improvisational theatre is performed with scenes that are co-created by the audience and the actors in real time, without the benefit of a script or prior rehearsals. This same Improv discipline has produced many mainstream actors such as Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Steve Carrel, William Ferrel to name a few.

The art fair are also hosting improv comedy groups from around the world: PIP Show (Warsaw), Impro Mafia (Brisbane), Pirates of Tokyo Bay (Tokyo), Landry and Summers (Los Angeles), To be Continued, People’s Liberation Improv, 3 Dudes Improv and Lamb Ink (Hong Kong), The Improv Company (Singapore), Taichung Improv (Taichung), The Beijing Collective (Beijing), People’s Republic of Comedy (Shanghai), Bacolod Improv Group

If you’re looking for something fun and spontaneous to do on a weekend, check out Manila Improv Festival for some funny, witty and relatable acts from local and international artists from around the world.


Here’s photo essay when watched with the team, and don’t forget to check out the video highlights of last night’s event…

You can catch this weeks performances, which ends on July 12!

Manila Improv Fest 2015The show is happening on July 2- 12, 2015 at the PETA Theater Center in Quezon City. Parking is available at their vacant lot, but you need to ride their free shuttle to go back and forth from the theatre.

Manila Improv Fest 2015The show kicked off with one of the Philippine representatives Silly People’s Improv Theatre aka SPIT. SPIT is the country’s premier improvisation theatre group representing the Philippines in various countries including Chicago, New York, Amsterdam to name a few. They are also the same group who spearheaded the first Manila Improv Festival back on 2014.

Manila Improv Fest 2015

SPIT’s show is in our native tongue, and we can’t help but laugh at Filipino related jokes, taboos and humor.

Manila Improv Fest 2015We liked how they performed separate skits, and turning it into a whole in the end. They were a great starter that gave so much energy, we are proud of our representatives!

Manila Improv Fest 2015The next performers are Taichung Improv from Taiwan presenting “Tales from the Peanut Gallery”, a series of randomly improvised stories inspired by audience suggestions.

Manila Improv Fest 2015We enjoyed their playful acts, but the best part of their act was that they got the audience of Manila to participate on how the show was going to be performed. It was awesome to see how they make normal mundane life into something funny. 

Manila Improv Fest 2015The next act was the new Beijing Collective from China. Their theme was Germany, and anything you say and do will just lead back to Germany.

_DSC0713Their acts include MSG or what they like to call Musical Singing Games that adds flavor and twist to their performance.

Manila Improv Fest 2015All the shows are being played with live music by Mr. Pepe. Great job on making the shows even livelier. 🙂

Manila Improv Fest 2015The show was closed with the Impro Mafia of Brisbane. These two couples were hilarious and sweet.

Manila Improv Fest 2015Their act revolves mainly on the “Tales From the Old Country”, and they will use your suggestions to improvise new and exciting tales from the old country, taking you through the journey of how your grandparents came to be so disappointed in how you turned out.

Manila Improv Fest 2015Overall, we had a great time at the Manila Improv Festival. We liked that there were no scripts, no rehearsed skits, and no planted audience members, and just the audience and the performers as the participants. It was an enjoyable to experience to see everyone from around the world laugh at the same jokes as we did. We heard that all the teams are gonna have an improv showdown on the last day, I’m excited to see how that’s gonna turn out. Cheers to a successful opening and good luck to your future shows this week!


Manila Improv Fest
When: July 2 – 12, 2015.
Where: The PETA Theater Center, No.5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.
Schedule Dates:MIF FB Schedule (1)

Tickets: PETA Box Office / 0927 391 7379 (Jay) 891-9999


Live an Awesome Life, 

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Our Awesome Planet Team

Disclosure: We are media guests during the Manila Improv Festival. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.  

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