The Navigator: The Official Segway Tour is now in Manila! @TourismPHL

Segway Tours PhThe Original Segway Tour is now in Manila! Get ready to see Intramuros in style with these wicked wheels.

Simply Moving Philippines Inc., in partnership with the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) will be providing Metro Manila residents, visitors and tourists a fun and unique way to view the historical, scenic wonders of Manila through a guided Segway Tour experience branded as The Navigator .

Segway tours are popular around the world, locals and tourists alike have been enjoying it around Paris, San Francisco, Bahamas, Canada, Singapore and etc. One of the best use is to tour around a city as it’s a faster way to get to more destinations in a shorter period of time.

Segway Tours already established different tours in the country specifically in Boracay and Enchanted Kingdom. This year, they will be starting The Navigator Tour. This includes Club Intramuros Golf Course, Intramuros and other tourist spots in Manila such as the Manila Bay and Rizal Park.

Here are some quick tips about our experience from #TeamOAP…


The Segway experience begins at the Clubhouse of Club Intramuros Golf Course.

 Segway Tours PhThe tour inside the walls of Intramuros will start in August. But for guests, families and students who wish to have a little adventure, they already have a mini tour inside the 18 hole golf course, with some of the historical sites as the backdrop of the tour.

Segway Tours PhGuests are asked to sign waivers, plus apply for their Segway License that can be used anywhere in the globe.

Segway Tours PhWe were assisted to wear safety gears e.g. helmets, knee and elbow pads.

We watched a safety video and were given hands-on practice by trained employees.

Segway Tours PhThe Segway Personal Transporters use dynamic stabilization technology where the center of gravity of your body enables you to move forward, backward, and 360 degrees on the same spot.

Segway Tours Ph

Driving the Segway is fun and easy. It takes around 5-10 minutes for everyone to get ready. The tour starts when everyone demonstrates confidence on the Segway. Tours are good for groups of 1-9 guests accompanied by a tour guide.

For guests and students who just want to try it, they have a Segway track for P250 (regular) and P150 (students).

Segway Tours Ph
The Segway Tour will have a total of 15 x 2 Segways out on tour (including two tour guides or staff in front and at the end of the line).

Hidden Treasures of Club Intramurous Tour Fee: P1499/head (30 min tour w/ two tour guides) and P1999/head (1 hour w/ two tour guides).

Segway Tours PhBesides the mini tour, the Segways are also used by golfers. Instead of using a golf cart, golfers can opt to use the customed designed Segway, great for carrying those golf clubs around the 18 hole course. The fee is P700 good for 2-3 hours, the same price as a rented golf cart.

segwayIn the morning they caddy for golfers and in the afternoon they become tour guides. We like how they trained the caddy’s to become the tour guides for them to have added income. 

Segway Tours PhAs the tour progresses, we had a few stops for the tour guide to point out different historical sites that can be seen from the golf course.

Segway Tours PhSegways are allowed on the bike path/walkway and some parts of the grass.

Segway Tours PhWe had to ride in a single file, and for safety we had to have 5-8 feet distance between each other. The tour guide uses hand signals to forewarn guest riders of objects on the road (i.e. poles, fire hydrants, cracked/pothole surfaces, branches/low overhead), to slow down and use caution, to stopping and moving forward.

SegwayStopping also means a great opportunity for a photo opt behind the historical background. Here’s a brochure of the tour they offer so far: Page 1

Segway Tours PhThis August the tour will eventually proceed to Intramuros to see its historical sites. Other tours will also include Manila Bay and its sunset view, Rizal Park and other parts of Manila utilizing the safest areas to navigate it sidewalks, pedestrian paths, and bike lanes. The tour will go along the pedestrian/bike pathway around Manila and back to its start-off point.

Their future locations will include destinations such as Subic Bay, Tagaytay, Baguio, Legaspi (Mayon Volcano), Cebu, Palawan, Bohol (Chocolate Hills), Banaue Rice Terraces, Davao and many more.

Quick Tips:

  • Riding a Segway is easy, but first wear appropriate clothing: Helmet, Elbow pads and Knee pads
  • Keep a firm hold on the Segway. 
  • Use your balance to maneuver left, right or straight.
  • Avoid speeding.
  • Maintain a safe distance between you and other drivers.
  • To stop, just pull back a little.
  • And don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

Segway Tours PH
Overall, we loved the Navigator by Segway Philippines tour. We had an awesome time riding around the golf course on a Segway, the tour inside the Golf course was fun, but what we are more excited about is the tour inside the walls of Intramuros this August. It’s a great take to promote more fun in the Philippines, as well as a great campaign for eco-tourism in our country. Tourists are having a fun, educational and eco-friendly tour, lessening pollution in Metro Manila. Cheers!


The Navigator: Segway Tour Ph
Club Intramuros Golf Course
Bonifacio Drive, Intramurous manila, Metro manila, Philippines
Tel no:
Online Booking
Instagram: @SegwayPh
Facebook: @SegwayToursManila

Hidden Treasures of Club Intramurous Tour Fee: P1499/head (30 min tour w/ two tour guides) and P1999/head (1 hour w/ two tour guides).

Golfers Segway Fee: P700 for the whole game

Segway Track Fee: P250 (Regular), P150 (Student)

20% less promo on all tours and rides till october.

The points of interests to be seen outside the walls of Intramuros (inside the golf course) are:

1. Reducto de San Francisco Javier where the Shrine of Our Lady of GUadalupe can be found.
2. The Historic Walls of Intramuros
3. Tunnels that lead to Fort Santiago and Intramuros
4. Palacio Del Gobernador
5. Postigo Del Palacio
6. A view of the Manila Cathedral
7. Miguel Hidalgo Monument
8. One of the cells where Rizal was detained
9. A view of San Agustin Church
10. Baluarte de San Andres
11. A view of Manila City Hall

Restrictions for Segway usage:

  • Must be at least 14 years of age to ride
  • Must weigh 100 lbs. minimum and no more than 270 lbs.
  • One rider per Segway PT
  • Intoxicated riding prohibited



Live an Awesome Life, 

Abi, Sean and Boom of 
Our Awesome Planet Team

Disclosure: We are media guests during The Navigator Segway Tour. We wrote this article with our biases, opinions, and insights. Read Our Awesome Planet Complete Disclosure Policy here.


Simply Moving Philippines Incorporated (Segway Philippines) Company profile:

Segway Tours PhSIMPLY MOVING PHILIPPINES INCORPORATED (SEGWAY PHILIPPINES) is the leader in personal, green transportation, developing products that transform the way you work, play and live. Since the introduction of the Segway® Personal Transporter (PT), Segway has established itself as a leader in the emerging small electric vehicle (SeV) space. 

Our approach to congestion and environmental challenges is balanced with a strong understanding of the functional needs of our customers, enabling them to do more with less.
Today, we are focused on serving our customers by developing safe, unique products that are redefining personal transportation for consumers and businesses. Segway works with commercial and municipal organizations to realize the benefits of zero-emission personal transportation that increase productivity and utilize existing infrastructure. Together with our customers, we help government leaders create the framework to adopt these new technologies and safely and wisely integrate them into society. For our investors and dealers, we create successful new business opportunities with an exciting roadmap to the future.

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