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WhodunnitWhodunnit by Breakout Ph is an interactive crime-solving game, where a group of friends play the role of detectives and take the lead in a crime investigation. The game is a two-hour crime solving game that’s full of action, drama, and deceit! After participants are briefed about the rules, the game begins before their eyes with a dramatic bang, literally. Somebody is shot, and it’s each team’s job to find out “whodunnit”.


#TeamOAP was one of the first batches to try the first ever Whodunnit event in the Philippines, and here are some tips on what you can expect from the event…

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WhodunnitThe event brought a crowd of 150 contestants grouped into teams. It became challenging as we had to compete with each other to finish first.

E-commerce center was the venue for the first whodunnit event. The whole mall also became the playground of the crime scene.

WhodunnitBefore the dinner, we were given case files with a small background of what’s about to happen.

WhodunnitEvery group is sent off to look for clues, witnesses, and evidence to piece together the intricate murder of an undercover agent. We were given pen and paper to help us right down the information we would gather.

Everyone was brought into attention to the main table where the first clues from the crime scenes were placed.

WhodunnitEach actor in the game wears a special pin. Players are expected to approach them and ask the right questions.

 WhodunnitWe had a hard time listening to the actors, due to the acoustics of the mall. I hope they can do something about it in the future.. Good thing you can ask the staff around about what happened, and we got back into the game immediately.

Under a time constraint of two hours, participants do not have the luxury to doddle. Missing a single piece of the puzzle can throw off a group.

Tip: Bring a Camera phone to take a picture of the clues.

WhodunnitFor you to finish the mission, you must ask the right questions, that will direct you to a clue. You are welcome to ask as many questions as you want. But if you’re with other teams, the actor will answer 3 questions at a time from each group.

WhodunnitThe clues were hidden all over the mall, they are dressed up like regular objects. So you better rely on asking the actors around in order to find them.


Players can dress up as their favorite detectives, and win a prize. I’m pretty sure that’s detective Conan.

WhodunnitRemember to take note of people’s names, their background and affiliation with the victim and other actors.

We were given the crime sheet where we would write all our clues, and our final answer to who the killer is.

WhodunnitSo did we find the killer? Almost? We didn’t have enough clues to support the mastermind of the murder, but we did get the accomplice. 🙂

WhodunnitCongratulations to the winning team!

WhodunnitWhodunnit went off with a bang! The acting was really good, and I like how everyone stayed in character. We had a fun and tiring day with mostly half of the players solved the crime. We liked Whodunnit, it’s a unique experience for those detectives at heart. A little improvement on the props and costume design would be nice, to make them more noticeable. But overall, cheers to a successful event!

Whodunnit by Breakout Philippines
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