FANDEMONIUM at the YOUTUBE FanFest Manila! #youtubefanfest #jaspoli #migmePH

Words by Liyora Santos for OAP x Mig.Me PH feature of the #YouTubeFanFest Manila

YouTube FanFest is a regular event the brings together YouTube’s most popular personalities in a one-of-a-kind live show. The most recent FanFest was held in Manila last June 27, 2015 and featured acclaimed YouTubers from around the world–including the Philippines–in front of a sold-out crowd of 3,000 excited fans! 

Check out some scenes from YouTube FanFest Manila…

Many fans were eager to see their favorite YouTubers perform. It’s no surprise then that tickets sold out in under 10 minutes! One group of boys in particular had everyone’s attention–Caspar Lee, ThatcherJoe, and OliWhiteTV–also known collectively as #jaspoli

These stars have grown famous on YouTube for the past several years. Bethany Mota, for instance, has been using YouTube for the past 6 years and is the most-known YouTuber for beauty!

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Caspar Lee (, Joe Sugg (, and Oli White ( are just normal guys from England who also happen to be exceptionally funny and are best of friends! All of them are down-to-earth and very close-knit. And even though they’ve only known each other for a few years, these boys make it seem like they’ve been together since they were kids!
Every Sunday, ThatcherJoe posts a “suggsundayspecial” on his channel, Caspar Lee posts a new video on his channel every Monday, and Oli White posts a new video every Saturday on his channel.
Their posts vary from showing them playing pranks on their friends to answering viewer questions. All three also have vlogging and gaming channels.

One video they posted recently that was shot in Manila is a challenge video called “The Buckeroo Prank/Challenge”. This was a twist on the game Buckeroo, where instead of putting items on a donkey, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee had to put items on Oli White–while he was sleeping! The person with the most items wins, but if an item falls off, the owner of that item loses the game.

The reason why these boys are so funny is because they always make fun of serious situations. They also give off a kind vibe, which just adds to their appeal. 

A few days before it was announced that YouTube FanFest was coming to Manila, many Filipino fans from around the world made #BringYoutubersToManila trend worldwide on Twitter for a couple of days. This caught the attention of both popular and lesser-known YouTubers.
When the official announcement was finally made, many fans were overwhelmed with excitement, so much so that some of them immediately booked rooms at The Marriott Hotel.  
On the day of the event, a number of fans gathered inside the hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse of their YouTube heroes. Many YouTubers passed by, including Macy Kate, Kurt Hugo Schneider, and Bethany Mota. Unfortunately, JASPOLI were not able to meet their fans at the lobby, but were seen waving to them while eating lunch.
Excitement was truly in the air, as the line for meeting the YouTubers snaked all the way outside the hotel, with loyal fans waiting as early as 9 a.m. By 2 p.m., the event was full to the brim, just like the crowd’s energy!
The clock was ticking and the fans were so eager to see their idols! The turnout was so overwhelming that instead of opening the gates at 7pm, they let us in an hour earlier!
There was a gigantic photo wall with all the featured YouTubers just before the stage. Lots of photos were taken and many new friends were made. Although most of the fans were young and not yet in their 30s, there were also quite a few older fans.
After attending YouTube FanFest Manila, I realized that dreams can come true no matter how young (or old) you are, and that if you believe in doing something you should just do it because you’ll never know where you might end up.
It was really nice to discover that the YouTube fan base in Manila is way bigger I originally thought. It’s also great to know that the YouTube stars I admire and look up to are just as kind as I had expected and are very loving and caring towards their fans.
Overall, YouTube FanFest is really an amazing experience and a great way to meet and make new friends! 


lol xxx,

Liyora Santos

About the author: Liyora is a 12-year old girl who loves football & archery and is Casper Lee’s, ThatcherJoe’s, Harry Stiles’, and Taylor Swift’s #1 fan–very typical for girls her age. She dreams of becoming a Senior Law partner like Harvey Specter in the TV show “Suits”. For fun, she chops Pepita’s Lechon de Leche and is also known as “Little Pepita”.

P.S. Thank you to Mig.Me PH for the access to #YouTubeFanFest and other awesome events in Manila!  

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