DA’s Ranch: BF’s Secret Smoked American Ribs! (A Review)

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DA’s Ranch is a serious American Barbecue restaurant in BF by Sam Alcoreza named after the patriarch of the family – Delfin Alcoriza.

Ever since I’ve attended the American Barbecue festival in Guam, I’ve been looking for really good American Barbecue in Manila. Finally, a place to satisfy our craving in the south.

333 El Grande St. corner Jakarta, BF Homes, Parañaque City
Telephone: +632 825-6330
FacebookDA’s Ranch 

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Here’s what we think about DA’s Ranch Smoked American Ribs…

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DA’s Ranch Menu: Starters, Soup, Salad | DA’s Specialty | Family Platters | Sidings, Steak, Seafood Special | Sandwiches and Burgers, Pasta’s, Pizza | Sweet Corner 

DA’s Ranch is set in an alfresco setting with wooden picnic tables on pavers to set you in the mood for barbecue and beer. 


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Bono Tei Menu: Appetizer, Deep Fried Dishes, Menrui/ Nabemono, Grilled Dishes, Makimono, Pan-Fried Dishes, Donburi

If you want to enjoy your ribs in an air-conditioned room, you have to sit inside a Japanese comfort food resto. 


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This customized smoker catches your attention and stimulates your excitement for American BBQ. 


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They smoke the ribs for hours by infusing smoke from fruit-bearing trees.


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The full slab of American Ribs is cooked low and slow for a real American BBQ experience. 


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Then it is grilled upon order and finished with grilled marks and a sweet tangy American BBQ flavor.


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Nachos Overload (P248 +10% service charge)

The nachos are crunchy with generous toppings and a good appetizer to share.


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Seafoods Ramen (P270 +10% service charge)

You can order from the Japanese menu, and we ordered ramen for our soup. We were noticeably thirsty after eating it. 


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 Family Platters (Good for 6 – P1778 +10% service charge). Half Rack Smoked American Ribs, 300 grams of Smoked Pork Shoulder, Whole Smoked BBQ Chicken. 

We ordered the family platters which gives you about P142 or 7% discount if you order them individually. 


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★ Smoke American Ribs ( Half Rack – P698 +10% service charge)

The ribs are super tender but still have a good meaty texture. You can taste the smoked and grilled flavor with its sweet and tangy American BBQ sauce. The half rack is quite big and good to share for 6 people. Sulit!


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Smoked Chicken Barbecue (Whole – P568 +10% service charge)

The meat of the chicken was a bit bland and you can only taste the flavor from the BBQ sauce.


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★ Smoked Pork Shoulder (300g – P654 per 100 grams +10% service charge)

The pork shoulder is super tender, literally melts in your mouth and even a baby can easily eat it. 


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We loved the Smoked American BBQ Ribs and the Smoke Pork Shoulder!  I like the alfresco ranch picnic setup specially during the cool dry season.  

It was a bit weird eating ribs in a Japanese restaurant, but at least you also get order your Japanese comfort food favorites.

The pricing is good value for money when eating with your family and friends. Budget about P500/head.


333 El Grande St. corner Jakarta, BF Homes, Parañaque City
Telephone: +632 825-6330
Facebook: DA’s Ranch 

Operating Hours:
Monday – Thursday:5:00 pm-12:00 am
Friday – Sunday:10:30 am-2:00 pm, 5:00 pm-12:00 am

Note: Credit Card is accepted.

TEXAS BBQ in Manila Series:


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P.S. Any other tips on a good American BBQ restaurant in Manila?

P.P.S.  Check out DA’s Ranch right beside Bono Tei along El Grande in BF. 

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